That’s right. At the beginning, she felt the breath in Pan Huishen. At this moment, she was particularly strong and familiar. She was still in the dragon egg. She personally hugged her and sent her to the world!

"Did you send me here?" Aoqing went to the place where Pan Hui was still three feet away, and she murmured and asked such a sentence.
Pan Hui nodded with a smile and gently found out that a little white light flew out of his fingertips and directly sank into Aoqing’s eyebrows.
Aoqing felt that the eyebrows were cool, followed by the constant filling of fairy power, which scared her to look around quickly and was afraid that the thunder would gather again.
Pan Hui appeased, "Don’t be afraid that I just returned the immortal power that belonged to you. In those days, I sent you to seal most of your immortal power so that you wouldn’t be found out by the apocalypse. Now that you have finished returning the immortal power to you, you can make your own decision when you plan to go back to the celestial world. I have strengthened your body and forbidden you to show it yourself, so you will never reach the immortal."
Chapter 525 Time (1)
"I want to go back."
"Where to?" Aoqing looked at Pan Hui curiously, knowing that the other party was now a goddess of time, and she still couldn’t look back.
Or that good friend or the one who need her protection.
"Inexplicable Pavilion" The sound of the goddess of time is calmer than the ice in the Arctic ice sheet for ten thousand years. "Mohe died because of me, and I should go there. It is also an account for the inexplicable pavilion."
This body is Pan Hui as well as her, but it was left a mark by Mohe.
It was a teardrop with a smile in my heart.
Now Pan Hui’s injury is so serious that she has to wake up temporarily. She can perceive Pan Hui, but she may not be able to perceive it. In the end, she will definitely grow into a demon in her heart.
Once the demons grow up, even if she wakes up completely, it will be hard to cut them off.
From the day of her birth, she will naturally have no demons to clear the obstacles. If she is reincarnated and gives birth to demons to clear the obstacles, she will not be able to go back to the throne and be reincarnated again.
This is what she doesn’t want to see.
She has been reincarnated for two lives and can’t have a third life, because reincarnated for the third life, there will be love roots. Once there is worldly desires, there will be something that you can’t want, and it will be difficult to ensure that you are not biased.
The goddess of time can lust or control time.
"I’ll go with you!" Aoqing firmly way
The goddess of time said, "Don’t let Mu Yan follow me. Go to Changxuan and tell Duane Panhui that she went to the inexplicable pavilion."
"Aye …" Aoqing stretched the sound and the boss didn’t want to "what? I don’t trust you to go alone! "
Aoqing, although she looks reckless, is actually a careful child. She knows very well that the body in front of her is in control of the goddess of time. Sooner or later, she will return to Pan Hui because someone told her that Pan Hui’s fate is neither death nor rebirth.
Now that she is not dead, she certainly hasn’t really woken up, but it’s only temporary. It’s not impossible for Pan Hui to faint halfway now when the goddess of time is silent again.
So Aoqing angrily pointed to Mu Cong and said, "You go to Changxuan and tell me to accompany her!"
Mu Yan’s mouth pursed and turned over a supercilious look directly, ignoring Aoqing.
"Hey … your little skin itches, right?" Aoqing directly rolled her sleeves and was instantly honest by the time goddess. Just want to argue, she was blocked back by the other party’s words.
"Do you still want to go to the inexplicable pavilion to steal fire?"
The reincarnation of God is three souls and seven spirits, but it has always been independent, but it is usually in a deep sleep. Once awakened, everything that this reincarnation has experienced will lie in her memory, and Aoqing naturally knows about stealing kindling.
The child was somehow sent to the world by her own hands, and no matter how hard she was, she could not watch Aoqing make trouble.
Aoqing vomitted to stick out tongue trying to argue "I didn’t want to ask for advice to express pavilion sword array …"
Without much nonsense, the goddess of time turned to Mu Cheng and ordered, "Keep an eye on her and don’t let her make trouble again. If I don’t return to Changxuan on the fifth day, you will go to Wansheng Island to report."
From the beginning, she didn’t expect Duane to go to the inexplicable pavilion to meet people and ask Aoqing and Muju to send a letter. She was just telling Duane that she was going back to other …
She owes this man a lifetime of engagement, and now she needs to pay off this drop of debt left by Mohe, so that she can end all earthly love and return to the throne after the disaster.
She never figured out whether her robbery was a love robbery. Is it because of her natural affection that she should experience the love-hate entanglement between the two worlds?
It seems that after going back to the celestial world, she will go to Si Ming Shu to see what life the God of Si Ming wrote to her!
Aoqing heard the mystery from the words of the goddess of time and immediately asked, "Why do you have to go to the inexplicable pavilion?" Mohe is dead. Do you want to check his life? "
Goddess didn’t deny a slight moment. "There is something wrong with his life, which can be sheltered by the secret. His life is not in the seven realms of reincarnation, and he is naturally not in life. He said that since he can forcibly change Pan Hui’s death by his own life, his life has been tampered with and obviously he knows it."
Aoqing was surprised to open his mouth. Obviously, he didn’t expect Mohe to be so passionate about Pan Hui that he would give up his life and change Pan Hui’s life. He was surprised and didn’t give birth to a trace of admiration.
In this way, even if the opportunity is in front of her, she will never do it
Aoqingning can live alone to find the reincarnation of her lover, and don’t leave regrets to her lover.
This is the main reason why she was willing to help Xie Suixin seal the body of night pupil frost. Of course, at that time, she didn’t know the story of night pupil frost Xie Suixin, otherwise she would definitely shoot Xie Suixin directly.
AoQing yum two mouth way "this world is not a lot of people go against life? Just say that cat cliff, they didn’t also change their lives through self-harm. "
"They just gave up a part that belonged to them and replaced it with another part. It can’t be called fate change." Time Goddess said lightly, "It’s not really fate change with my sister and me in this world unless …"
Unless it’s my sister, because the whole order of the seven realms is in the hands of the two sisters, since she is reincarnated, the only thing that can be done is my sister.
So she didn’t want to go to the inexplicable pavilion to see where Mohe was born, which should have belonged to Mohe’s life.
She doesn’t believe that her sister will break the rules and order. Since she has done so, there must be a reason to do so.
That’s why she’s looking for it
"Well, I won’t go. I’ll help you go to Changxuan to inform you." Aoqing’s flat mouth is reluctant to express the fire in the pavilion, but it’s also a white time goddess’s thing to do. It’s not that they can watch. Even Mu Cong is just brought to protect Pan Hui.
Yes, once the goddess of time finds out the reason, she will definitely fall asleep again and return everything to Pan Huimu. Pan Huiming’s life is naturally to follow her master’s side to protect her.
The goddess of time nodded with satisfaction and said to Mu Yan, "Let’s go."
Mu Yan is very clever to say goodbye to his brother and leave the ice field behind his master. He doesn’t forget to look back at Aoqing and grimace. Aoqing grinned with anger and he laughed cheerfully.
I looked up and saw that the goddess was looking at him faintly. I immediately stopped laughing and looked down at the staggered steps.
Chapter 526 Time (2)
"Have you ever complained about being suppressed in the human world for 1,600 years and giving a small hill a local vein?"
Mu Yan’s heart was shocked and he suddenly looked up and found that the speaker did not look at himself, so he lowered his head and went on watching and watching.
"Don’t talk? Still have a grudge! After all, it is not a big deal to destroy the root of a mountain near the gods. You think so in your heart! "
The sound of the goddess of time is always faint, and it sounds without the slightest emotion, which still makes Mu Cong feel deeply ridiculed.
Mu Yan’s youth was finally aroused by this sentence. He said, "In those days, the melee between ghosts and gods was destroyed, and only one mountain was near, and no other fairies were punished …"
"Well, there are no other fairies punished. They are all dead. Do you want to die, too?" The goddess of time succeeded in fighting back the unwilling and wronged department in Mu Yan’s heart in one sentence.
As she walked against the wind, she said, "Have you forgotten what made you and Muju in those days?"
"No" Mu Yan was unwilling to return. "The Four Holy Beasts world is to welcome big princess back to the divine world."
"Then what did you do?"
Mu Yan looked up and looked at the side face of the time goddess and asked questions for more than a thousand years. "I … I didn’t do anything! Didn’t I just be deceived by The Hunger and lead the God of War to split the mountain range in two? "
The goddess of time answered irrelevant questions, "When time can be reversed, only the strength of father and sister can shake me, and if they are hurt, I can also repair everything."
Mu Yan didn’t blink in the blink of an eye, or he didn’t have the power of the time goddess. What did he do wrong in those years?
The goddess said slowly, "You are near the mountain, so it is called" God is near "
"Because there is a god living in it!" Mu Yan still knows this.
It is said that many years ago, the Shenlin Mountain Range was still located outside the imperial city, which was then unified by the heavenly saints, and was forcibly carried to the southwest by the god who lived in the mountains.
"Not one but two." Time Goddess reached out and drew a cloud to sit cross-legged and drove the cloud to continue on her way. "What I forced to move the mountain was just to let my sister feel at ease and warm her soul. When she was warmed up, she could return to the throne. When the result was almost complete, the mountain near the gods was chopped by the sword of the god of war. Once the Great Guardian Array was destroyed, even the whole mountain vein was completely destroyed, which almost hurt my sister Yuan Shen. Do you think you should be punished? "
There’s one thing she hasn’t said yet