The dragon flame lasted for a short time, but after the flame lasted, the whirlwind whirled away.

"Do a good job of stealing treasures! There are flying dinosaurs! " "Maybe we will be a little lighter when we bite you later!"
The brainiac watched the sky move forward, and because of the cover of scorpions and dragons, they were close to the hundreds of meters of the brain building.
"Is this …" Scholars and Susumi were surprised to see the scene of Feilong spraying fire on the fire every day, and scholars suddenly said, "This should be …’ Fire against fire’, but I didn’t expect Feilong to do this."
"I think it’s strange, too," said Susumi. "It’s not the fire, but what will these dragons do to help us?"
"Maybe it’s with Maya," the scholar said. "Maya raised a flying dragon a long time ago, and the brain wave environment of that flying dragon for a long time will lead to some influence on itself, and this influence will be passed on to its descendants. Maybe its descendants will become able to understand the brain wave … This is my guess, but their intelligence is high …"
Bang!’ Before the scholar finished speaking, several small balls of light suddenly appeared in front of it like fireworks, which exploded in front of it.
"Look out!" Scholars exclaimed, and at the same time, it rode a flying dragon and howled, flapping its wings to fly high and hide from these light balls, and these light balls flew into the group of standing scorpions, and a large number of standing scorpions fell, including a flying dragon, whose wings were directly melted out of a big hole by the light ball, and it flew and crashed into the ground.
"They have changed the way they attack!" The scholar looked at a hemispherical building, which has become like a honeycomb. The scholar immediately shouted to the sound reinforcement function in the surrounding biological facilities, "Those buildings emit scattered light balls! Be careful! "
"Our hearts are not small!" "But we will kill them!" "This is tantamount to giving you a return!"
A group of brain monsters rushed to the hemispherical building, and suddenly a brain monster sent a strong signal, "Go! Goo goo trapped it! "
Boom!’ Suddenly, a lot of huge worms burst out of the building, and they opened their mouths and bit the spider-like legs of the building.
"Very well its leg has been killed! Make that plan! We want to make it insane! " "I see!" "Which plan?" "I don’t know if it has been discussed before?" "It’s not white, but I will do it."
Chinese scholars and Su Sumi found that they had formed a strange’ formation’. First, a group of brain-building monsters formed a circle, then a group of brain-building monsters formed a triangle in the circle, and the last brain-building monster climbed to this group of brain-building monsters.
The crawling brain monster has a shiny crystal in its mouth. After crawling, its body keeps shaking and sends a message saying "Destruction!"
At this moment, both scholars and Su Sumi suddenly heard a very sharp sound, which seemed to go directly into their heads.
At the same time, they saw that the hemispherical building in the distance shook as if it were drunk, and the worms bit its leg and then let go and drilled back to the ground.
Boom!’ And the building collapsed during the shaking process. Although the surface was not hurt at all, it looked as if it could not move.
"What is this?" Susumi asked, "What did those … brain monsters do?"
"It’s Maya …" The scholar said, "These buildings are not controlled directly by the brain spirit, but by some method, and this control method … can be influenced by brain waves. Maybe Maya told the brainmaker this method."
"Go on!" "Bite and kill everything!" "Even huge scrap iron can’t stop us!"
After seeing the building fall down, the brainiacs were more excited than they were, and the strange triangle slowly turned and aimed at another building.
Hum-!’ The sharp sound made the building fall to the ground in a flash.
"Hoo …" But then something else moved.
This huge whirlwind has never moved before. After several buildings were destroyed, it moved and roared with the strong wind. It swept away to the brain monsters.
"It wants to kill us!" "It won’t kill us!" "Run!" "Help!" "Don’t!"
The brain monsters that make up the circle and triangle suddenly dispersed, and they fled to the snowfield like a group of frightened Mao Yu.
The storm seems to want to take them away, and the number of ice, snow and debris chasing the ground behind it is hovering with the storm and getting closer and closer to the brain monsters in the rush.
It chased the brainiac, and there were many small storms around it. They flew around and attacked the scorpion and the dragon.
"Go! Bite it! " Suddenly, a brain monster turned around. Suddenly, a huge worm suddenly rushed out of the ground and rushed directly to the huge storm.
Its shape was quickly covered by the storm, and it was not swept away by the storm because the back half of its body was still on the ground, but it can be clearly seen outside that the worms in this storm are being torn apart bit by bit.
Its shell slowly burst, and then the flesh and blood inside quickly dissipated in the storm.
But seeing such a horrible scene and running away, the brainiacs stopped.
"I am white!" "I see!" "What do you know?" "I see" "I know" "I don’t know yet!" "Bite it!"
A group of brain monsters suddenly formed a row before the storm and fled in panic. Now they are afraid. This group of brain monsters has a crystal in each mouth. They are biting hard in their mouths and the crystals are quickly crushed by them.
And a lot of debris was spit out by them and swept into the storm in front of them with the airflow.
Although these debris are shiny, they have been lost after being caught in a huge storm, and the brain monsters are still there and send out their brain wave signals again.
"the storm! Listen to my call! " "the storm! Don’t bite us! " "What are you doing?" "the storm! I’m hungry! "
These brain monsters sent a lot of different messages to the storm, and then something wonderful happened. This huge storm didn’t move on, but stopped at the same place.