The alliance is cruel enough to finish talking, but you can wait until the tribal warriors are polished. The alliance is also worried about foreign invasion. It can pull out this force so quickly. Some brains in the tribe think that the alliance is kind.

Now the situation is not good, it’s not good, stupid insects can’t intercept, the alliance supplies railway arms, and the situation keeps coming. The ratio of fighting to damage is still very bright
It’s often that a giant worm who dies a hundred times higher than an orc has to sacrifice an alliance or a tribal warrior alliance. The pastor’s regiment is so powerful that it can be saved even if its head is cut off on the spot and dragged to the rear.
Therefore, when Duke did say that they would take further action after they took care of Naxxramas or Zulgrab, Sal and Woking voted for it with all their limbs raised.
It’s not every day that a dead man can give young orc soldiers valuable practical experience.
There is nothing wrong with worrying that the normalization of alliances and tribal alliances will increase the possibility of tribal annexation.
Just as Grom was about to retire, suddenly Sal heard them screaming, "Warning, there are legionnaires!"
The legion level is to unite the whole legion to kill the super blade.
As soon as Sal and Grom turned their heads, they saw the huge beetle like a mountain in the distance.
"Again! ? Damn it! This thing has become more and more recently! " Grom spat bitterly and then picked up his blood roar and turned to walk.
"Wait! We are together! "
The legion level also means the terrible vitality of the worm. Although the attack power of that thing is not too terrible, the existing artillery beetle of the base epidemic will greatly affect the defense line if it is rushed to the edge of the fortress.
Once the front line collapses, it will cost lives to fill it.
If the main force of the alliance does not fill in the situation, it will naturally be the life of the tribal warriors.
At this time, the clouds suddenly came, and the boom gun was obviously far more than all the guns in senario fortress, and the giant gun overturned the legion-level giant worm with one shot.
To the duke laughed "yo! It seems just in time! "
Chapter 129 Floating fortress brings …
Huge ships and cannons count men’s dreams
Sal and the tribal warriors looked up at Tiangang, and they were also flying giant ships like Skyshatter.
It is obvious that they are wrong.
Flying is right, but it’s not a huge ship, but a whole huge fortress
No one will forget the terrible figure that once ravaged the major cities of all races. In the eyes of many ignorant tribal people, it was almost a scourge.
It’s so huge that it can’t find a way to fight against it. Every citizen can hide in the most defensive main city, shivering and listening to the terrible death cry hovering in the sky, waiting for the extinction judgment.
Cannons can’t reach magic, and sending a few biped dragons will be brutally destroyed by ten times Gargoyle.
You Zi, a warrior of every tribe, clearly remembers the humiliating day when he could be beaten painfully and fight back.
Now … What is this?
Senario fortress is just south of Naxxramas fortress, which slowly descended from the sky. It violently sank a large number of clouds, and it stopped the insects flying from the south more easily than domineering to stop the Coalition forces and insects.
In the sky, the Naxamas fortress still has that terrible huge skull relief, but it is a bit like a tumbler. It is a pyramid fortress with four edges, and the lion flag with blue background and gold edge flutters in the wind at the four corners of the fortress.
Even though Naxamas looks much worse than before, there is a very big hole to the north, which should be said in the alliance’s bulletin to the tribe that it was bombed by the floating city of Dalaran
Even so, Naxxramas is still a formidable fortress.
Soon the fortress was on fire.
First, the dense barrage beat many insects to pieces and limbs, from which they fell in succession.
"Huh?" Sal frowned for the first time.
"Big chief, you also found out?" Woking interface
"yes! Naxxramas’ firepower is much weaker than I remember. "Sal just finished and found Jaina coming.
"That’s because after the alliance captured Naxxramas, many shadow magic talisman were found." Jaina’s crisp and slightly intellectual line theory always sounds sweet.
Sal doesn’t know that because of Du Mou’s appearance, he and Jaina are destined to be two parallel lines that will never intersect.
How could Sal not know the result when he saw Jaina, the core figure of the surprise troops, appear so calmly? It was he who asked in disbelief, "Did the alliance really completely seize Naxamas?"
Jaina nodded. "Well, the evil spirit of Kel ‘Thuzad, the great lich, has been completely purified. From today on, Naxxramas, the fortress of natural disaster, is the property of the Alliance."
Sal and other tribal chiefs have unspeakable taste in their hearts.
Once upon a time, the westward journey to Kalimdor was able to get rid of the control of the alliance. If this slightly barren land was firmly established, it might be able to compete with the alliance across the sea.
If the establishment of Seramo is a nail in the hinterland of the tribe and the night elves join the alliance to further oppress the expansion of the tribe, then this floating fortress is obviously a death sickle hanging from the top of the tribe
Since Naxxramas can come to hang the major cities of the tribe before the Natural Disaster Corps, the alliance can also do it.
When the city of Tal in Dulong was first built, the tribe was very excited. At that time, the tribe’s territory was also small. Who would have thought that Duke’s layout had been so far-reaching, and the north and south were flanked by the orcs’ new main city?
At first, I didn’t think that as the tribes competed for resources and continued to expand the settlements to the whole continent, I found that there was a noose tribe neck slowly strangling the tribe!
The partial alliance did not take the initiative to attack the tribe. After all, the tribesmen who are killing now are worms. On the contrary, the alliance or the ally and savior appeared in front of the tribe
"oh! Then it depends on the alliance. "Sal is both an answer and a sigh.
In a word, the tribal situation can be shaped, and people will worry about it in the near future!
There’s no alliance threat until we get rid of the worm.
The huge floating fortress in the middle suddenly dismantled itself, and it seemed that several huge outer wall decorations fell from it.
"That’s …" Sal murmured.
Jaina smiled. "How can the League want that kind of decoration again?"
At this time, it was clear to everyone that Naxamas had lost the large skull relief on the outer wall of the fortress half by himself, which was the size of ten football fields
Yes, the alliance is not a pirate, and it is not a scourge.
This kind of scare people to decorate the alliance is definitely not
A huge stone carving shook the earth when it hit from a height of 1000 meters to detain it.
Of course, the effect is also remarkable. There are 30-meter-thick stone carvings pressing on the scene. In the eyes of the insects, the sky is falling, so huge that it seems that the marginal shadow is pressing directly. In the middle of the attack, the worms have nowhere to hide, and they are pressed into paste on the spot.
"Pa" Sputters the worm slurry from the crack of the broken stone carving, which is ten stories high.
Almost every allied soldier who witnessed this scene in the fortress two kilometers away couldn’t help showing his teeth, and immediately they gave the warmest cheers.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
"good! Fuck those brainless worms! "
"Long live the Alliance"
While hundreds of allied soldiers were watching, Naxamas moved again and slowly flew to the southeast of senario fortress. Two fortresses formed a corner potential with each other, one on the ground and one on the ground.
Naxamas came down because the landing speed was very slow, even if it fell to the ground, it didn’t make the ground shake much, but it squashed several large sand dunes.
Toward the side of the railway fortress, a super gate with a height of at least 20 stories was made, and a ramp with a 30-degree angle with the ground was lowered.