Lin is interested in how they make this temporary tunnel, and she has the opportunity to study it.

Now, before the death battleship, a large number of phoenixes have already attacked them, and they have instantly combined into another shape.
That’s their favorite shape, which means … they shape themselves like a phoenix.
This hundred thousand phoenix is not as big as a star seal, but it is also several kilometers in size.
They directly spread their wings and crashed into the death battleship, which did not move.
So … The whole warship shook at the moment it was hit.
A huge number of phoenix wings are like blades, which hit the death battleship and cut its body at the same time.
It can be seen that a large number of rooms of warships and passengers of various solidified creatures gushed out from the cut surfaces. They did not escape, but tried to wrap the giant phoenix wings.
However, Phoenix big wing didn’t stop it from moving on until it cut the whole death warship completely.
Warships gush out solidified creatures, just like warships Explosicum bleed blood. They splash the wings and bodies of phoenix. If you look closely, you can see that these creatures are attacking every phoenix that constitutes a giant phoenix.
"We made it! Justice has won! "
Although the giant phoenix was covered with solidified organisms, it didn’t care about it, but spread its wings and crashed into the death battleship again
Once again, it was cut into two sections, and one of the death warships was cut again by Phoenix from two sections to three sections.
The phoenix didn’t stop. It went back and forth around the death battleship many times, as if to cut it into pieces.
But these pieces of the death battleship suddenly exploded.
They seem to have turned into a dark giant hand and instantly covered the whole giant phoenix.
This seems to be … they caught the liquid ship trap.
And when the giant phoenix was captured, Lin found that there were 999 death warships left …
All moved at this moment.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and thirty-six Predicted drill bit
"The catastrophe had predicted …"
"Your star will melt the powder in the void, dissipate the light, and the darkness in the middle will cover everything."
"There is one thing you can do … and that is to find them!"
This is … a platform of Phoenix Star.
A group of phoenixes are surrounded by a transparent square, which contains a creature called heterophony.
Or a small part of a different sound.
Not long ago, Phoenix installed a new translator for Yinyin, and Yinyin informed Phoenix through this translator … that this war was coming.
Now it continues to tell Phoenix about the war.
It means that the phoenix can’t win if it fights like this. If it wants to win, it must be beheaded.
That is, to break into the Midgart virtual and destroy the key target inside.
Phoenix is hesitating to do this, while Lin is a little strange. What seems to suddenly know a lot of things?
It seems to have received some signals and let it know a lot of information.
Lynn wants to try to find out how it knows so much.
And at the same time … Another war is almost over.
More than 900 death warships are surrounded by several solidified structures, which are constantly advancing like a dark wave.
The battlefield has almost been completely submerged by them, and there are no more than one phoenix left.
But this is not because all the phoenixes are dead, but because they have retreated.
In the former war, Phoenix continued to combine into huge bodies to attack death warships. They destroyed dozens of death warships, but it also caused heavy losses to Phoenix.
After the recognition method continues to support, the phoenixes quickly retreat in the direction of the stars
The death battleship troops have occupied the original battlefield position, and instead of continuing to attack, they have been calling for a large number of reinforcements.
These death warships are making one solidification channel after another, and the solidification channels are constantly pouring out of the tectonic army.
Lin has found the manufacturing location of these solidified structures at present … Actually, captain Meadow transformed some docks into synthetic structure factories.
The shape of the dock is similar to a large number of floating islands, but now these islands are all centered and form … an object shaped like a pipe, which is constantly swallowing solidified substances from one end and making several structures from the other.
Lin thinks that since they can make so many … Why must the army control the Phoenix?
After all, they control the Phoenix and come to do … handyman things.
Or what’s special about Phoenix? Lin hasn’t found the real purpose of these captain creatures yet.
In general, these troops will enter a channel to reach the solidification virtual and then pass through a gap from the solidification virtual … It takes two channels to reach the normal virtual to attack Phoenix.
At present, there are more and more virtual structures, and they look like a dark cloud that lasts for thousands of kilometers.
The former fighting phoenix has retreated to the star several times, and their various observation tools have observed the distant situation.
"What should we do?" "Are we going to adopt that method?" "This may be …"
Every phoenix keeps talking about this battle key.
They know that their opponents are very difficult to deal with, so they all discuss it calmly
"Yes … that way" "Yes, that way" "That’s the only way and the best!" "This means the last word."
Suddenly Lin noticed that all the phoenixes … agreed with a method.
Although Lin didn’t find out what any of them said this method was, the phoenix on the platform suddenly issued a "discourse" of approval.
"Then let’s leave and go to that distant country and that distant … mysterious world!"
Lin noticed that the number of phoenix groups suddenly flew up when the platform discussed it.
There are a lot of platforms to follow them.
Hundreds of millions of phoenixes and a large number of platforms flew in the imaginary direction at this moment, covering the stars in the sky, and Lin could see that they were quickly combined.
All the phoenix and platforms are pieced together at a virtual high speed, and each platform collides with each other to form a larger shape.