"All right, let’s call it a day." After playing for more than an hour, I stopped training.

Oliver looked up at the sun strangely. "What’s the matter? It’s still early? I still have strength. "
"I’m going to class," said Xiaotian with a smile. "It’s time for me to be a tutor. Don’t worry about training to this point. I’ve taught you everything I can in a short time. It’s up to you to practice for a while after I leave. The focus is on those moves yesterday."
"Well, you go quickly," Oliver said solemnly, wiping his sweat. "Thank you, Jack!"
The next day at Lin’s house
"Light rain turns on the light" said Ji Xiaotian climbing on the ladder.
On the other side of the room, Xiao Shiyu stepped on a chair, otherwise she couldn’t reach the lamp.
The wall lamp on the roof flashed a few times, and the light rain climbed from the chair and clapped his hands excitedly. "Bright, bright!" Uncle Jack is great! "
"It’s really great." Mr. and Mrs. Lin looked at each other and smiled. The tramp they invited was really worth it
This value does not mean that Xiao Tian has done earth-shattering things, that is, taking children to talk with her and repairing light bulbs, but everything is small, but it is not easy to add up.
Fixing light bulbs, weeding, repairing fences, dredging pipes … These chores are not vagrants’ jobs, but he did them conveniently when he saw them. What is commendable is that he is not only proficient in everything, but also extremely quick to save the couple a lot of things.
Of course, the key lies in the workers of the tramp-the most satisfying thing for the couple is that Jack the tramp didn’t throw their daughter aside when dealing with all kinds of chores, but took her to work and taught her many new things in combination with the labor scene.
Language has a strong practicality. Language is to make all kinds of communication in life, but education in a small world is not just about teaching language. In that case, he feels that the efficiency is too low. He actually teaches her various skills in daily life, such as mathematics, history and astronomy. While telling these knowledge, Xiao Shiyu naturally learns the language, which not only makes Xiao Shiyu learn happily, but also the learning speed is quite amazing.
Almost every day, the couple will be shocked by the new knowledge their daughter has learned. They say that when Luo Shiying calculated 11 times 36 in the accounts this morning, it turned out that Xiao Shiyu gave the answer first-396.
This calculation is very simple, but after Luo Shiying worked out the answer, he couldn’t believe that his ear poem rain was right! Except that tramp Jack taught her informally, she never had a day of math class! Moreover, even if Jack is teaching Xiao Shi Yu, she hasn’t learned much. Luo Shiying knows that she should know some simple addition and subtraction now, and she can’t even calculate the multiplication and division of two digits.
Luo Shiying asked her daughter at once, and sure enough, she didn’t know how to multiply, and she didn’t get the multiplication just now. She made Uncle Jack teach the method of "two sides and one pull and one middle add" to calculate the result. Just now, 11 times 36, and the head and one tail are 3 and 6 respectively, while the middle is 3 plus 6 equals 9, so the result is 369.
"What about 7 times 11?" Luo Shiying asked
"Seven plus equals …" Xiao Shiyu counted with her fingers broken. "It equals 15. One end is seven and the other end is seven. That’s one hundred and fifty mothers, right?"
"Yes," Luo Shiying also calculated the results with pen and paper, and suddenly he was happy from ear to ear.
Jack said that the principle of mental arithmetic is actually very simple, but for children, these are the best knowledge, and Xiao Shiyu can learn these words from Jack?
Obviously, before Xiao Shiyu learned something, she could understand it, saying that she had made great progress in English, and it further said that Jack was not an ordinary tramp, and they spent the money well.
Suddenly, Xiaotian ran over nervously and asked, "Is the clock on your wall accurate, Mr. Lin?"
"oh? This clock? " Lin Jie said, "It’s accurate, but I’m too lazy to adjust daylight saving time for an hour."
It’s 7: 54 p.m., 6 minutes before Oliver’s race, and the venue is 20 or 30 kilometers away from Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s home. According to his normal subway ride, it takes about 4 minutes to get there, but I’m afraid the traffic situation in London is more than that when taking a taxi.
Go to watch the game on time. That’s the plan. Xiaotian promised that if there was more than an hour by the wall, Xiaotian would arrive, but now he has six minutes.
It has been more than ten seconds since I said these words.
Chapter one hundred and six Three hundred and forty-three seconds
Chapter one hundred and six Three hundred and forty-three seconds
"There are still 343 seconds" Ji Xiaotian didn’t say any more nonsense. The whole map of London clearly emerged in his mind, including the traffic conditions of various roads, the actual distance of each road and the flood of data.
In Lin Jie’s amazing eyes, Xiaotian was close to one meter nine, but she deftly went out through the window and into their yard.
"Jack, you …" Lin Jie’s voice did not fall, but he saw that the tramp grabbed the bicycle and leaned against the courtyard wall, threw it, and then followed him over the fence to catch the bicycle in the middle, and immediately jumped across the bike and rode up quickly.
(of a writing style) like floating clouds and flowing water—natural and smooth
It’s flowing water that appears in Lin Jie’s mind. In addition to wonder, there is this word. Look at the tramp’s whole set of movements. It’s smoother than chic. There’s nothing redundant. There’s not even a moment when the waves are perfect. Everything is so natural. At this moment, Lin Jie has an illusion. He is now watching the gymnastics final in the Olympic stands.
It only took three seconds from Ji Xiaotian wearing a window to his cycling.
Left foot, right foot, arm … Leg force direction, output, body forward angle …
Ordinary cyclists, even the world cyclists, rely on their bodies to form their body consciousness through years of training, but Ji Xiaotian works out the most perfect and accurate movements by combining all the movements with the reality of the body, vehicles and roads.
Thanks to the fact that there are few people on this trail, otherwise they will find that the starting acceleration of this bicycle is far beyond their imagination, far exceeding that of most sports cars. In less than ten seconds, it has accelerated to a speed of about 22 meters per second, which is almost a code speed. Although this speed is nothing to a car, it is absolutely terrible for a bicycle to take such a narrow path. It is almost two or three breaths when the bicycle goes from alley to alley.
A perfect tail-swinging bicycle turned a corner and drove a spacious road. After turning, the speed dropped a little in the morning, but he quickly increased the speed again, even a little faster, and finally stabilized at about 24 meters per second, which was close to 90 kilometers per hour.
For this ordinary bicycle, the speed has reached the limit, and it can be said that it has surpassed the limit speed that normal people can reach.
At this overload speed, the bicycle creaks, and it seems that it will fall apart anytime and anywhere. However, Ji Xiaotian seems to care nothing about continuing to maintain his speed. Thanks to Xiaotian’s exercise for so many days and his physical control has reached this level, even if a professional driver comes over, he will not last long at this intensity.
In a blink of an eye, the sky passed two small intersections, and in front of it was a sign that slowed down greatly, but if it didn’t see two legs stepping on the pedal like a whirlwind, it passed the sign like a gust of wind
Because this is a dangerous place, the London traffic police specially set up such a sign, and it happened that a speed camera was installed on this day. Two traffic police were debugging the system in the monitoring room when suddenly the speeding warning light came on.
"Hey Michael, someone was speeding so soon? Who doesn’t know that we have a new camera? " A traffic policeman asked casually, but he didn’t get an answer. He turned to look at his partner and saw him staring at the screen motionless.
The screen is a swinging street with nothing.
"Michael, are you stupid? What are you doing? " He pushed his partner to bring him back to his senses.
"What’s the matter? What do you see? "
"See for yourself." Michael cut the camera back to half a minute ago and started the slow motion mode.
Immediately, the traffic police also froze. The speeding root is not a precious sports car. It’s not even a car speeding. It’s just a bicycle.
Despite the slow motion mode, he still felt the flying speed. "Can a bicycle ride so fast?" The traffic policeman was so incredulous that he glanced at the instantaneous speed. He was even more stupid. The instrument clearly stated-523 miles per hour.
At this time, Ji Xiaotian had already driven a main road, but just as he swung his tail and turned the car, the rear tire finally couldn’t bear such a load. Bang, it exploded, and then the wheel rims were severely deformed after rubbing on the ground for several times.
If the average person had fallen half to death at this high speed, but Ji Xiaotian had jumped out of the car and sprinted with this momentum, I’m afraid every athlete would be ashamed to participate in the world 100-meter race at this speed, even if the world record holder saw it, he would lose the courage to participate in the race. Of course, the official race will not let you accelerate to 90 yards first.
Ji Xiaotian’s goal is a 14-hard-top ordinary beetle parked on the side of the road
It takes less than 20 seconds to break the door, pull out the wire, light the fire and start it until the beetle hits its maximum speed of 230 yards per hour, and in these 20 seconds, the beetle has crossed two intersections.
It seems that some sedate cars are planning to maneuver in a small world, but they are soaring flexibly in the pile of cars. The squeaking tires are shocking. After the Beatles galloped, the road was in chaos. Fortunately, there was no real traffic accident.
When Ji Xiaotian saw the car, he ran all the way beyond the red light. I don’t know how many traffic policemen were shocked. I don’t know how many police cars were dumped, and he didn’t know how many passers-by were stunned and how many motorcycle racing people burned their fighting spirit.
"Look at Jenny, look at Jenny," shouted a fashionable girl who was driving an extremely eye-catching Brady Veyron 22.
Compared with her companion, the girl named Jenny is more fashionable, avant-garde and better looking. She asks lazily, "What’s the matter?"
"Look at this man’s skill."
Jenny also stayed when she followed her companion’s gesture-she happened to see a beetle edging past two rows of traffic.
Although this new Brady Veyron was not produced to hit the world’s first high speed, except for those special pure-speed vehicles and a few F1 cars, this Brady Veyron is definitely the first in the world among mass-produced sports cars. It is the world’s first big sports car with a speed exceeding 3 miles per hour, which has a maximum speed of almost 49 yards.
Now, the driving girl’s speed is quite low because she is not skilled, but even so, she has a speed of 100 yards now, and they can hardly see the beetle on the overhead.
"That guy is really amazing," the car girl praised.
"Hum what’s this? I can do it, too. "Jenny is a little dismissive sitting in the co-pilot." And how fast can he get to the top with his broken car? I’m embarrassed to come out with this broken car. "
"Hey, everyone is a big lady like you?" Driving girl laughed