However, it is not completely frozen during this period. It sometimes wakes up and sometimes freezes.

Every time it wakes up, its position will be different, but the last few wakes are in this static field.
And the reason why it wakes up … is that some kind of solidified organism will approach it.
Although it wakes up in different positions, it is this solidified creature every time it approaches it, but it will soon leave, so it will be solidified not long after it wakes up.
It seems that … is the creature.
Lynn suddenly noticed that a creature appeared in the detection range of Nautilus.
This creature looks like a skull … Tyrannosaurus Rex skull.
Almost exactly the same. It seems that it grew out of the shape of Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skull. It is more than 30 meters in size and half the size of this Nautilus.
However, it was not afraid of Nautilus, and it rushed over here directly … and Lin also turned Nautilus and fled to the distance.
It immediately followed and kept getting closer.
At the same time, Lin also found that the special creator cells … sensed the skull solidification outside.
They seem to have some connection with each other, and this Tyrannosaurus skull-like creature can obviously sense the creator’s brain cells.
It came after because the creator Lin … decided not to run.
Look at about 3% of the’ anti-coagulation oil’ left. Lin stopped Nautilus to face Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skull head-on.
The skull found that it slowed down after Lynn stopped, and at the same time, it lit up.
There are many holes in the skull of Tyrannosaurus rex, and these holes emit light one after another. If you look closely, you can find that there are quite a few small creatures flying in it, which are like a fire.
However, it doesn’t seem to be connected with the way it shines and attacks. It attacks like a real Tyrannosaurus rex, with its mouth full … and its teeth bite over here.
And its approach to Blink Lin made Nautilus suddenly move to the right and spread out a large number of tentacles to tightly wrap around it.
When Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skull struggled, Lin sent … armor troops.
There are ten of them, but they don’t go out through Nautilus’ mouth, but through a small gate behind the shell.
After flying outside, these armor quickly approached Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skull and flew in through its … eye bone hole.
Lin found that the skull was as heart as the real one, but it was full of jack-o’-lanterns.
Actually, it’s not a fire. They are creatures that look like burning small flames, but they are not aggressive.
So Lin let some armor show the breastplate … and jumped on some jack-o’-lantern and put them in the breastplate.
Suilin took them back to the Nautilus-like room and released the skull of Tyrannosaurus rex.
Tyrannosaurus rex skull didn’t continue to attack, but flew away quickly, as if it were just attacking at random.
So … Lynn studied these new visitors.
This kind of jack-o’-lantern … is actually a group of tiny luminous substances that keep beating. Let Lin first contact a group with the creator’s brain cells and see what will happen.
As a result, Lin saw an interesting situation.
Chapter two thousand two hundred and five Gathered debris
This seems to be a kind of creature that can … really suit the name of jack-o’-lantern.
They are very few coagulated organisms that can die in a static field.
But it is not enough to make this place move to prevent solidification.
And to be able to pretend to be … Death.
The main effect of death static field is not’ stillness’ but death.
This is a place where many biological remains are gathered, and there are quite a few normal virtual biological remains in the center.