Besides Spy and Bilu, there is also a …… Bus Man, which is called’ Drinking Man’. Most people like to drink wine, but Lin thinks that bus creatures should not.

Because they are not affected by the composition of the wine … but it has not changed the name.
And the drinker is carrying a big bucket with high-energy fuel to refuel the rocket.
For what reason did it carry to the spy? It was because the former spy … tried to send some signals.
Lin mainly asked the spy to try to send some brain wave signals and take an experimental attitude to see if anyone would receive them. I didn’t expect that a man actually received them.
That’s this drinking man
Lin believes that these chivalrous men can receive some signals from far away, and each chivalrous man can receive different signals … All acceptable signals are their common ground.
Lin thinks that when their brains are mutated, they have specially specialized the function of receiving distant signals, but it is not clear … what is the standard? What can they receive different signals?
No matter how much, Lin always needs to find out the situation first, and she has to take a rocket to send the organs there, and this drinker seems to have more strength than other bus riders
It’s perfect for carrying fuel. Although the spy has enough strength, it’s too light to carry, so it’s a little troublesome.
"That’s enough."
Lin thought that by then, the drinker had carried the last barrel of fuel to the rocket and stuffed it into the first floor of the rocket.
"All right, let’s go." I boarded the rocket with spy Billu.
Now the first floor has been filled with fuel, and the rocket is equipped with an automatic mechanism, which will automatically extract this device and the rocket flight engine from the fuel barrel. According to vampires, it is called a group of kappa biological suits.
It is said that this creature is a mythical creature, but it is quite good at … engineering.
"Without it?" After arriving at the third floor of the rocket, Bilu looked out in a daze and drank chivalrously. "Maybe it’s … very rich!" "
"No," said the spy, "its brain continues to mutate, and its signal may fail."
Said the spy started the rocket engine …
This part of flying is done by … manual operation, but Lin can set a target for it to fly to the birthplace of sending energy.
If you want to fly in this direction, you should be able to find the delivery organ. Through this organ, Lin can detect the overall situation here
Actually, Qian Lin has almost figured it out. After all, Lin has always had … star bus organs to test and study the information obtained here when exploring here.
Lin thinks that it won’t be long before she can take a direct star bus … to the passage here.
With a roar, the rocket flew high on the rooftop, and now there are many bus creatures floating around like mud.
They almost look at rockets, and they have never done anything but float here.
Lin also temporarily regarded them as controlling the rocket … and flew into the distance.
During the flight, Lin could see that it was completely dark outside. If the rocket lights were turned off, she could barely … see the wasteland outside.
The rocket is getting faster and faster because it doesn’t want to stop halfway, so it is adjusted to the fastest speed.
The college has long since disappeared, and the main scenery of the wasteland can be seen far away …
Occasionally, we can see some big things in the wasteland, such as stone heads, buildings and some …
Seems to be some kind of huge creature.
"Veronica classmate! The scenery outside is really terrible … "Bilu has been sticking to the rocket window and looking at the situation outside." It feels like a desolation … I told you it was a hell before hell! "
"Hell …" The spy paid close attention to the outside environment. Although it was a little scary for the people of Ershi, from the biological point of view …
It’s also a good place for many kinds of creatures to live here.
"Hey, where have you been?"
Suddenly there was a vampire sound in the rocket, and it seemed that there were some questions that could not wait.
Vampires have a way to control the rocket from a distance, so they can rest assured that spy and Bilu will let the rocket go.
"We still fly! How can it be so fast! " Bilu immediately responded, "You don’t help yourself, and we won’t call you when we arrive!" "
"I helped you a lot by giving you the rocket!" The vampire said, "Hurry up. It’s a little … crackling here …"
There was a strange sound behind, and the vampire’s voice stopped
It seems that what happened to them … Lynn thinks those bus creatures may have finished … The strange’ ceremony’ in front of them.
But for now, regardless of the college
As the rocket continued to fly, Lin found that it was more than 100 kilometers away from the college, and she could feel it here … the distance to the organ donation was getting closer and closer, and the energy donation could be clearly felt.
We have to fly higher here …
The rocket spy control flies to the high school, and the ground scenery becomes smaller and smaller, but the sky scenery has not changed much.
No clouds, no stars, no matter how high you fly, it seems to be dark.
But the energy in this darkness is getting stronger and stronger, as if … right here.
The spy slowed down the rocket, and slowly slowed down in the sky, so that the spy also saw something ahead.
This thing … is to send organs? It looks like a … Ershimin … heart?
It’s really like the shape of a heart, and it feels like it’s specially designed according to Ershmin … It’s much bigger than a normal heart.
It’s about 100 meters in size, and it’s black, which conforms to the sky color. It looks almost invisible from Ershimin’s vision, but its body energy and surrounding air tremor have exposed its position.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and sixty Changes
I see. There is not only one kind of heart …
Now somewhere in the dark, Spy and Bilu are riding a rocket and watching … an object in the sky.
This object used to be the shape of the heart of Ershimin … but now it is another shape. Although it is also a heart shape, it is just a biological heart shape called’ locust’