"There are several task forces in this attack force who are responsible for going deep into the enemy front to search for information. Our operations are mainly their cover.

Although we know the risk of this operation, we must take the risk in order to achieve our goal! "
Gillard’s face looked seriously around everyone. "There are many foreign legions participating in the operation, but half of the loss fleet this time is our department!"
Although many people still have some dissatisfaction in their hearts, the other side’s reasons are too sufficient, and most of the strategic goals are their own fleets. This practice really makes others blame.
"So what’s the final result?" Someone quickly asked.
At such a high price, people are eager to know whether they have achieved their predetermined goals.
"Well … can be half the battle! Please have a look, "Beckman said, displaying a three-dimensional model.
Black vortex slowly rotating field professionals can see at a glance that this is a wormhole thumbnail.
Then three red dots appeared around the wormhole vortex in an equilateral triangle, and the red dot in the center of the wormhole continued to emit annular ripples.
It seems that the central wormhole is slowly expanding under the influence of some shape.
"As we all know, in the initial stage of our contact, Woolf sent a considerable fleet to invade us through the unique’ wormhole charging technology’ to a certain extent, depending on the traffic restrictions of narrow wormholes.
In the end, this fleet was discovered and annihilated by us, which also made us know this magical technology for the first time.
However, it is a pity that our scientists have issued similar technologies today, but the accumulation of technology is not a gain.
Not long ago, our scientists worked out a preliminary guess about the’ wormhole expansion technology’ by relying on the wormhole charging technology for a long time.
They believe that the wormhole charging technology can not only supplement the lost energy of the wormhole and increase the maximum throughput of the wormhole, but also make the stable wormhole overflow with energy under the limit charging condition, thus achieving the effect of unnatural expansion of the wormhole.
According to the theoretical basis of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, our task force finally confirmed the three main charging nodes that the other side affected the wormhole expansion with special equipment after paying huge casualties! "Beckman three red dots.
Mm-hmm I see! Xiao Ji, come!
Yun Nie listened with relish and quickly focused.
Although it is a few words, there is a truck full of information in the eyes of professionals!
Years of research efforts by binary scientists were inadvertently revealed …
Chapter five hundred and forty-four You look good when you smile.
"So we can stop the wormhole from expanding by destroying these three charging nodes?" Someone asked excitedly
It doesn’t matter if a battle fails. What matters is that it must be a meaningful failure!
Beckman smiled and shook his head. "It is not accurate to say that if we destroy one of the nodes, we can destroy the triangular stability structure of the charging device and prevent the wormhole from expanding!"
According to the Academy of Sciences, once the sustained energy support is lost, the wormhole is likely to slowly shrink back to its original size. "
"Wow ~" Everyone’s eyes are full of surprises. If we can really find a way to curb the expansion of wormholes, then most of the strategic advantages of the other side will be lost and both sides will return to the same starting line.
Less can also curb the other side’s offensive, and our own forces will fight for more time.
"So did our task force finally succeed?" Someone asked quickly.
"It’s a pity that these three charging nodes are hidden in the enemy’s defense. Although we found their positions, the other side also arranged heavy guards.
In fact, most of the other party’s secret mecha units are hidden near these three nodes, which can be described as heavily guarded. Before our task force could get close, it was forced back by the surging enemy mecha. "Beckman said.
Everyone was disappointed when they heard this, but Beckman smiled and said, "Although we failed to destroy the node this time, we gained the most valuable information. Destruction is much easier than protection, and we choose three!"
"yes! Knowing the node coordinates is much easier to break through one node at a time, "someone agrees."
At this time, everyone’s mood has relaxed, and the atmosphere in many conference rooms has eased.
"In that case, why not tell us the truth?" At this moment, the peacock man sitting opposite Yun Nie did not readily ask, and his tone seemed to be full of bitterness
If I had known that this operation was to spy on intelligence, I might not have exchanged information with that guy. If I didn’t exchange my fleet with that guy, I wouldn’t have suffered heavy losses. Even I had a narrow escape. In the end, I would have to thank each other for saving my life and getting into a precious mecha.
But when’ tis once spoken, Peacock Man immediately regretted it, and everyone also looked at the Warriors and looked at him …
Of course, telling everyone about the risks before is to fool a group of newcomers into taking risks!
However, people dare to talk in their hearts, even if they are dissatisfied, they will never dare to come out in front of Gillard.
But I didn’t expect anyone to dare to question and express their dissatisfaction in public. I have to say … Have guts!
"Huh?" Gillard general heard peacock man faint with questioning tone mouth gently well a look suddenly sharp.
How? Are you questioning me as commander in chief?
Peacock man behind a cold sweat swish came.
He is remorseful and impulsive. It’s the devil! If he can, he just wants to slap himself on the spot!
"Goo ~ I … I mean, if we know the real purpose of this operation, we can better cooperate with the task force to complete the node destruction!" He swallowed … Second unintelligent!
Then Beckman looked at Peacock Man and suddenly smiled. Isn’t this the guy who exchanged with Arthas?
Himself hidden behind the scenes but sent a younger brother to attack their prestige … This guy is really cautious and doesn’t give people a handle!
He inadvertently glanced at NieYun direction.
Yun Nie’s strong spirit and keen sense of five senses naturally perceive Beckman’s meaningful glance just now.
He looked at Beckman strangely. He always felt that his eyes just now were … informative …
"Ha ha! This is the head of Renault, right? " Beckman naturally won’t let the other party casually send a "younger brother" to run wild in front of Gillard and take the initiative to take over the conversation.
"We kept it a secret because we were afraid that SIRS accidentally exposed the target in the action. After all, the key point this time is that once we let the other side be alert, it will be much more difficult if we want to take destructive actions.
On the other hand, we didn’t confirm 100% in advance that the Chinese Academy of Sciences came up with this theory. Wouldn’t it be a big mistake to tell you before to distract you from the battlefield and finally prove this theory wrong?
This is also the reason why we only sent a small task force to secretly carry out this time. "
Beckman’s words are very reasonable, and there are good reasons. Even if people are still dissatisfied, they can’t say that the decision makers are not coming.
"oh! It turns out that it is a safe policy for a general to think about this week! " Renault hurriedly wryly send an ass to try to save himself.
Beckman sneered at Renault’s self-help line.
Ha ha! You still want to leave at this time? It’s late
Since you dare to take the initiative to jump out and provoke, I’ll cut off your dog’s paw and see if your master will save it or not!
"Ha ha! It is no wonder that Renault Pavilion is dissatisfied. It is said that the fleet of Renault Pavilion suffered heavy losses, and even the flagship of the legion was almost sunk.