When Lin thought so, the crack at the top of the cave spread instantly throughout the cave, and there were a number of loud noises, and mud and stones collapsed, and Lin’s assassin and everything here were buried in a few seconds.

Lin’s vision is now in darkness … but the vibration has not stopped. Lin has left some assassins outside to observe the ground situation. Now even the island is constantly shaking and spreading all over the island …
The cave structure is very fragile, and Lin suspects that it may be specially designed for the first plague.
Boom!’ Suddenly, a large number of cracks suddenly appeared on the ground, spreading from the middle of the ground to the surrounding area, accompanied by more and more intense vibration, and a plague head stretched out from the burst ground!
"Oooo …" It resounded through the island, and the surrounding surface collapsed with its appearance. The cracks have extended to the outside world, and those tall mushroom trees also shook and then even three collapsed.
The assassins were also hit by waves on the ground, but they had a special way-flying from two pairs of wings to high school to continue observation.
When the plague first came out, it was followed by the neck and body. The ground was getting higher and higher, and it felt like something really pushed it … Finally, it lifted its body out, but its legs were still in the soil. The plague first did not stop. It pulled out its left leg and stepped on the ground, and then pulled out its right leg from the ground.
When this huge monster stretched out its legs, it was high enough to overlook the whole island! This plague is sixty meters high, which is even bigger than what Lin had seen before.
But it’s not a good thing to get up on land. The plague first stood for a few seconds. Its whole body leans forward and has two legs. It can control this tilt by root. It can watch itself getting closer and closer to the ground …
With a loud noise, the plague head crashed to the ground, its huge body crushed several mushroom trees, and the island smashed a huge pit. At the same time, it smashed itself, and all kinds of fragments flowed out of its body with blood-like liquid …
Lin has long known that this kind of body shape is not suitable for land …
But the vibration didn’t stop, and with the surface bursting, two other plagues first rose from the ground.
They wouldn’t fall to death like this, would they? Lin looked at the two plagues, and when she first saw them rise to the bust and almost finished, she didn’t move. With them, she slowly bent over and let her body lie on the ground, and then slowly wriggled her legs out.
So that’s it. It seems that they know how to "learn lessons"
After the plague first removed its legs from the ground, their whole bodies lay on the ground and their legs were slowly pushed behind them. Although it seemed awkward, it was indeed an effective way for them to move.
But it doesn’t make any difference to Lin. The assassins rushed to the nearest plague head, and Lin thought they had no chance to climb out of the island.
When the assassins approached, suddenly a large number of small holes appeared in the head of the plague. These small holes immediately slammed and splashed out, and several liquids were stained with the assassins by these liquids, and hyphae grew wildly. These hyphae wrapped the assassins’ wings and bodies.
The head structure of this plague seems to be different from before, and this attack method is actually prepared?
The assassin didn’t carry any special epidemic arms. They managed to resist the sudden increase of fungi and fell to the ground.
It seems that the assassin’s method is the only way to stop them, but it’s not just that Lin came to sneak attack the troops … Besides, Lin has already killed one of the first plagues and killed one, and it’s still easy to leave these two …
As Lin thought so, the ground shook again. As the ground burst, several plague heads rose from the soil again.
Chapter 57 The last army of the plague
Actually … There are so many?
There are also some fellow shield assassins who have not been shot down. In its view, Lin found that plague heads rose everywhere on the ground of the island, and there were actually more than ten …
Lin Qian saw that there were only four caves except those unfinished. Is it … that the whole island is a place to put them?
It seems that this is indeed possible, but Lin is more worried that these five’ plague five islands’ may all be the first places to place the plague! In that case … there are quite a few of them.
Lin and the sneak attack troops are located on the edge of this island. They are now dispersed to his four islands to check and see if this is the case.
The scattered search troops soon found out that each of the four islands kept shaking, and many plagues first emerged from the ground. Their number may be about 30, which is the present number, and there may be more.
Moreover, they also found new discoveries on the island. Every island has a’ fungal Lord’, but they are not located on the ground but on the ground.
The signals sent by these fungal lords are not as strong as Lin saw before, but Lin thinks that they should not be the role of "leaders" but "officials". They are responsible for sending the signals of the leaders to these plague leaders. How can the real leaders have no guards … It may be hidden deeper? What Lin’s troops will do next is to find it, but they must wait for these plagues to leave first.
I don’t know whether the plague fungus was created a long time ago or it was created to deal with Lin, but some improvements have been made to Lin. Anyway, it is obvious that they have great abilities, such as high hardness, anti-corrosion armor and devastating’ plague spray’. Now they may each have the ability to prevent small units with bullets …
If they attack together with the fungal monster army near Fungus Island … Lin Fungus Island troops may be able to resist it. If it falls here, one of their goals must be the dinosaur continent.
Lin must attack first!
Now the coast of Fungus Island is still burning with fire, and the fungal strange army has stopped attacking. They are all blocked by this fire.
Lin must first destroy this army of fungi and monsters, and then send troops to attack them when the plague first reaches the bottom of the sea. Lin also regards this war as’ entertainment’, but now she must be serious
All the Styx cannons lifted their guns high and fired a special explosive bomb at the sea of fire. After the explosion, the burning flame suddenly became smaller and then went out …
After the flame was extinguished, the army of fungus monsters appeared. They noticed that the flame disappeared, but they didn’t seem to react for a while. It was not until a few seconds later that they recovered their former madness and rushed towards the island …
Once again, the war was accompanied by the roar of the Styx cannon, and a large number of small fungi monsters rode infected fish and arthropods and roared at the front. They instantly broke into pieces and splashed everywhere, but more fungi monsters rushed here crazily after them.
Several explosive bombs were sent to the beach from the ground bomb bay. The artillery roar never stopped. Every time they hit, several fungal monsters were blown up, but the fungal monsters still came by storm. When they approached hundreds of meters, a Styx giant gun was sent to a special explosive bomb by the ground bomb bay …
Turn it into art!
With the power of Styx cannon, the artistic creator flew into the funguses like bees. At this moment, the funguses were instantly crushed into powder by the powerful airflow. When they flew away, even the sea exploded, forming a huge tsunami art force in the center. The plague army appeared a huge gap like the head was blown off.
After the explosion, there were several pieces floating in the shaky sea, but then some huge black shadows appeared, and the dead bodies were all over the sea …
That’s … a rare large fungus monster that Lin has ever seen-these creatures used to be a large marine salamander, which is rare, but this salamander has grown to more than ten meters long and is now a member of the plague fungus.
At the same time, there was a purple cloud all over the sky, and the plague fungus army attacked again
Fungi are almost completely dependent on the number of close to Lin, but’ bang!’ In terms of explosive bombs, the Styx cannon is almost inexhaustible. A large number of explosive bombs are shot out again, and the batteries around them are also shooting at the exhibition together! All the debris, the limbs, the torrential rain, the hurricane again, and …
When the explosive bomb approached at high speed, those huge salamanders in the sea managed to flick their tails and hide from the explosive bomb. The explosive bomb landed beside them, splashing a lot of seawater in the water, but they were not injured. With the limbs falling from the sky, the salamanders were getting closer and closer to the beach with fungus monsters, which was 100 meters away!
The Styx cannon has been replaced with armor-piercing bullets. These high-speed rotating warheads can turn themselves. They will touch the salamander from beginning to end. The fungus monster on its back also fell into the water, but more salamanders rushed out behind these debris!
The distance is tens of meters! Styx cannon accelerated the firing frequency …
This kind of salamander is called’ sword salamander’ and its speed is quite fast. Their fragile skin is easily blown to pieces. They have the speed to make up for the explosion and roar. Their companion’s body pedal rushed to the beach crazily. Two sword salamanders successfully approached the edge of the beach, but the moment they rushed to the shore, their bodies were smashed to pieces by several bone spurs …
Lin fort can not only shoot at the center.
This time, the salamander-backed fungi monsters finally didn’t fall into the sea. They stepped on the purple beach that had been dyed by the wreckage and roared wildly and rushed in the direction of the giant gun …
But they all fell down in a second, and some of them were blown up, leaving no residue. There were traps and bombs on the edge of Lin beach.
During this crazy war, dozens of fungi headed for the sea slowly from the plague five islands …
Chapter 50 Landing Campaign
Lin Styx cannon is located at the seaside, which is more than 70 meters away, and the cannons are all located in a sand dune more than 6 meters high. Even if they are close, they may not be able to attack. Besides, it is very difficult to connect them close.
"Quack quack quack!" A group of two or three meters reptile fungus monsters landed on the coast. As soon as they stepped on the beach, the ground suddenly exploded. This group of reptiles flew high with the impact. When they landed, they left a pile of wreckage limbs …
"Whoo!" At the other end, the fungus monster stepped on the beach on a large sea creature. Its huge body rushed to the beach, and its feet suddenly made a loud noise. The explosive power instantly blew off a large piece of its thick feet, but it still bumped forward and its feet exploded.
Boom … boom … boom …! !’
After the continuous explosion, the leg of this troll was blown to pieces. It walked out of about ten meters and then fell to the ground. At the moment when it fell to the ground, a sharp thorn suddenly protruded from the square sand and directly penetrated its head.
This beach area is called trap area by Lin. As the name implies, there are traps everywhere. Ten meters in front of it is the’ explosive trap’, where a large number of shock-wave explosive bombs are buried. These explosive bombs do not mean that they will be lost if they are blown up. The pipeline through which they can pass is constantly replenished with fungi and monsters, and a large number of small troops will be consumed.
And there are more interesting things in the back …