It’s only a few meters away, but it’s quite remarkable for its never-moving body.

And its effort have not been recognized.
Because the metamorphosis creature has no heart, it
The shapeshifter and the white star are still trapped in the cave, and the shapeshifter is in extreme panic and anxiety.
Because … the weapon is about to start.
During this period, it tried to find a way, but it didn’t work. It ended up in this position.
By now, the shapeshifter is desperate, and it is lying motionless, waiting for destruction …
Ten seconds … five seconds … one second. It’s time for the weapon to start.
"Boom-"The whole cave is very whole, and an earthquake occurred at this moment.
No matter which city is shaking, residents are once again in panic …
The mood of the metamorphosis creature has been completely covered by despair, and the original tired fainted, and No.1 also woke up. It felt the vibration around it, and its thinking was also full of panic and doubt.
At this moment, all living things recognize that there will be a huge accident in this building, so they are all afraid of what will happen next.
But … they have been afraid that things have not happened.
Because there was an earthquake, there was no collapse, no explosion, nothing.
After the vibration lasted for tens of seconds, it became mild and then slowly stopped.
"What is this?" The metamorphosis creature was the first to ask this question … It looked around in surprise at the cave that stopped shaking.
It remembers that this weapon is powerful enough to destroy the whole thing, and it is impossible to avoid it anywhere.
But what … what will stop? The reason for this … can be known through No.1.
No.1 unplugged the life-support device that fixed itself, but it certainly wouldn’t unplug those’ syringes’ connected to the system without actually unplugging them.
After the vibration, No.1 received some new information.
Just now, when the vibration occurred, the system started the engine.
"This … this is …" No.1 is now a face of shock. Actually, it doesn’t know that the metamorphosis creature wants to start the weapon.
But it’s all known now.
Tong said that the engine has just been fully charged, and it has now been fully started.
And this engine … is a metamorphic biological weapon to recharge.
This makes Lin wonder what a metamorphic biological weapon is, but now this engine seems to be quite noteworthy.
Because there was no engine for this, it was not in the history book before.
But now all of a sudden, it means that there is an engine and it is beneficial to recharge the metamorphic biological weapons …
After starting the engine, this one moves and goes to a target.
This goal … is obviously the flash biological mother world.
After the earthquake, all these materials entered the mind of number one, so number one froze …
But number one didn’t faint. Its brain is not as fragile as its body.
However, it doesn’t know that if it handles these messages, Lin thinks it may tell the shapeshifter.