And then they’re here … facing random life.

At present, this place is in a very unstable state, and the energy supply continues to "churn" here. Not a lot of things are sent in, but things may also be sent away here.
And this kind of energy … often cuts objects.
That is to say, it will send a biological half-length away and leave the half-length.
However, this kind of situation is relatively rare and common, that is, it will destroy … all kinds of buildings made by creatures.
Often, after those creatures finally made a building, most of the building was sent away.
This makes it difficult for them to accomplish anything … There are also many creatures who want to escape from here, but like buildings, it is difficult for aircraft to make anything.
So the creatures who came here were forced to adapt to this extreme environment and live hard.
Because they can’t make any big buildings, these creatures all live a life of … Rujiu.
And the wind here is to send energy to form a storm.
It’s hard to live in this place, let alone develop anything.
There is a creature that lives here … not bad.
That is, the original group of divided species minced meat, which constantly moved and devoured other meat pieces and creatures.
Many sent creatures are edible for this group of minced meat. When there are more and more creatures, these minced meat are aimed at the incoming creatures rather than the same kind.
By devouring them, they continue to grow
But the bigger it grows, the higher the chance of being cut. No piece of meat can grow too big.
They generally go through the process of growing-getting bigger-being chopped up-growing again.
However, they will not die after being chopped up, so they are the best of all creatures.
They have also been given many names by other creatures, such as what deformities, dead bones, and pieces of meat are sent to increase creatures, and so on
These pieces of meat are also like the original synthetic creatures. They have no thinking and know how to swallow them.
They won’t reproduce either, but the number is increasing. Cutting them up is tantamount to splitting them.
These pieces of meat are a symbol of terror to all creatures forced to live in this place, but there are a few creatures … who can catch these pieces of meat for a living, but they can also catch some small pieces of meat because they can’t make any big weapons.
Meat can be said to be the most adaptable creature in this environment.
This phenomenon continued until … the only bridge drifted away.
The only bridge is actually moving in virtual all the time.
As it moves, it is farther and farther away from the battlefield.
Those random crazy sending phenomena of the only bridge should be influenced by the’ storm’ of the battlefield position.
The farther the total distance is, the less various sending phenomena there are.
And when the phenomenon of random delivery gradually decreases, the advantage of meat pieces disappears
Meat pieces are almost entirely dependent on random delivery to suppress other creatures
Without sending other creatures, you can slowly build large buildings to resist their attacks or assemble some large weapons and so on.
The threat of meat block method against these assembly tools becomes smaller and smaller.
And when these creatures noticed that meat was no longer a threat, they immediately … turned back into a debris pile and built territory everywhere.
Because there are many kinds of species here, they immediately took other species as rivals and fought.
However, because they are all newly manufactured weapons, no one immediately gains an advantage.
There are pieces of meat … It has become a complete disadvantage.
Without cutting them, they can’t even reproduce, and other creatures have been afraid of these pieces, so they keep chasing them.
Just when the meat was almost extinct, there was a group of creatures … who suddenly noticed the value of the meat.
Because meat can decompose a lot, they can’t eat. In fact, meat can’t eat living things.
So they immediately put a part of the meat in captivity as livestock.
They found that meat is really a very convenient kind of livestock. If they keep feeding it, it will continue to grow and then it can be cut and eaten.
Moreover, it is not necessary to raise a large number of people, so that it can grow and harvest a lot of meat through continuous feeding.
So it is also popular to raise meat pieces as livestock.
Although some creatures worry that if sending energy moves again, raising this kind of thing will definitely suffer.