Looking at this situation, Lin decided to continue to observe one

Let’s see … What the hell will the algae do?
By the way, if the mental state of Chlorella is extremely poor, continue to look for the source of its …’ strength’
Lin’s drill-shaped arms are still wandering in the sea of algae
Besides algae, there are many interesting creatures here, and some of them can speak the Kirsch language.
Because they … contain a lot of information about the people of Ershi.
But no matter what creatures or algae can know the specific location of the target through them.
Suolin has to find it slowly.
Now I have swam to a depth of 600 meters, and it seems that I have reached the seabed.
If Lin let the arms shine, you can see that the seabed here is made up of a lot of gravel and there are many bones in the sand.
These bones are all Ershimin bones … Less modeling is.
They spread all over the sea floor. Obviously, they are specially made by dark algae to resist extrusion. Although it seems to have no effect, they are still being made.
Lin can see the creatures that make bones. They are a group of creatures like shrimps. These creatures are constantly devouring and chewing the gravel on the ground. It seems that they are dissolved and mixed to make bones.
They are the non-cellular creatures of God’s eyes, and there are also many cellular creatures here.
Gravel is full of archaea, which is the main food of algae.
But what are these archaea? Lin found that there are still many nutrients hidden in the gravel, which makes the fungi proliferate here.
These nutrients can be consumed for a long time, but they will be consumed sooner or later.
I don’t know what to do with the algae after consumption.
But Lynn felt that the secret of algae power should be this seabed … So Lynn let the earth-boring arms drill in.
In the mixed environment of a large number of archaea and gravel, the arms drill deeper and deeper, and at the same time, a wide range of detection is carried out
Lin can feel that there are some strange things in it …
This is it
Lin’s arm came to a standstill because it touched a very hard object.
The actual terror area of this object has also been found, which can convey the consciousness of … algae.
These objects are usually tombstones or other things in the terror area, but here … it seems to be a big cylinder.
Lin found that one end of it was connected to the algae colony and the other end was connected to other places.
Looks like this is it.
Lin followed it and went deep into the other end of the connection. After drilling for a while, Lin found that … there was a strange feeling.
Inline initially detected that the cylinder was 30 meters long, but when she approached its deepest part, she found that it was more than that.
When testing again … I can feel that its length has doubled, which is 60 meters.
If you drill to the bottom, you will feel that it has increased to 90 meters. If you continue to go, it will be the same result.
It seems to have entered some kind of … weird hallucination, which affected Lin’s brain.
So Lin didn’t test the brain of the drill-shaped arms, but felt it through her … consciousness.
At this time, Lin can feel this cylinder … It has been extending to a very deep place.
It doesn’t seem to have a tail
This phenomenon is quite interesting.
But Lin has a way to reach its tail in a flash … and find out what it is connected to.