When Lin sent this history of memory collectors and intelligent machines to scholars and imams, they expressed different views respectively.

Scholars expressed their desire to come to a warship for research and observation, while the imam was more interested in another thing. It felt that the small nuclear protector was indeed quite effective … weapon.
So the imam gave Lin some ideas to further modify the small nuclear protector device and then create different weapons, such as the’ nuclear protector missile’, which can make the surrounding enemy forces suffer’ mental interference’
There is also the’ nuclear guardian ray’, which is similar to a light weapon. It can directly inject a small nuclear guardian into the other person’s brain or thinking structure from a distance to kill the target nerve.
Of course, these things were conceived by the imam, and they have not been actually made, but they have been tried to be made now.
Lynn thinks this idea is very good, although it may be … not very reliable.
Moreover, Lin thinks that there are other ways for small nuclear protectors, not only to torture them, but also to continue to explore many of their characteristics
Always go to dream food first.
At present, many pompoms warships are slowly speeding up and flying with them to connect with the world jungle.
There are no trees in the jungle, but there are many giant objects shaped like trees or tentacles. A pompon is attached to the head of the warship while enjoying the strong wind blowing ahead and looking at the environment.
Although the giant objects in the jungle are huge, it can be found through recent research that they are not a whole creature. There are a lot of creatures mixed in and on the surface of each object, and there may be some’ texts’ in these creatures.
Lin also found that most of these areas are inhabited by small creatures, and few large creatures are seen here only occasionally, but the places are crowded with dense microorganisms, and there are many creatures several centimeters larger than microorganisms.
And after flying in one direction for a while, this scene will change slightly.
Lin noticed that the square jungle had changed. The’ trees’ in the original jungle were all hundreds of meters high, but they became several meters high here.
Their shapes are more abundant, such as tree tentacles, square or spherical, and cylindrical things, and some are still moving slowly there
Lynn felt that she was almost at the target location, so she made the warship accelerate even more.
"Question what to go there? Your eyes? Advice don’t control me, don’t tell me what to do, I must let me go. "
The intelligent machine is not very willing to carry out Lin’s order, and occasionally says such things to Lin.
"Are you something that can be guarded?" And Lin said something to it, so that it would be carried out immediately.
After flying for a while, Lin noticed that Fang’s short objects became less and less. In short, Fang became a plain environment.
Then it should be about the same … There it is.
Lin noticed that there were many familiar things on the ground more than 200 meters ahead … those were some wrecks.
Inca swarm remains
Lin can see more clearly after the warship flies near, and the number of debris is small, including two kinds of creatures. Its shell is reflecting the shining light and its body is lying on the ground angrily.
It’s just a shell, and the flesh and blood in it has already disappeared, and this shell is expected to disappear soon because … half of it has fallen into the ground.
Although the ground here looks like a rocky wasteland, it is actually made of liquid like a swamp, which will make things slowly sink in.
In addition to the ripper, there is another kind of arms, that is, the new arms of the Inca swarm. Lin is not very familiar with it, but she is smaller than the ripper. She also has a shell left and slowly sinks into the ground swamp.
The Inca swarm troops have been attacked here, but some of them have been lost. The remaining troops are still moving forward, and they may meet them soon.
They are heading in the same direction as the dream food place. Lin thinks that the dream food may not be on the other side of the door.
Is that … the door?
After flying for dozens of seconds, Lin Rongqiu saw a stone in the distance. This stone should be what the door looks like … The Inca swarm has entered.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three The door over there
This seems to be a dark world.
There is no light, almost no gravity, a temperature that can almost turn oxygen into liquid … and there is a dusty gas.
Not long ago, Lin passed the gate of …
According to the previous statement, this is the’ No.3 Gate’. A warship has arrived at this gate … The dark world behind the door shows that Lin has not found any creatures here yet.
Although I didn’t see any creatures, the thing that brought Lin in was already very scared.