The most nonsense is to eliminate a fifth-order force, and now it has reached one-third. This means that he has eliminated his forces in this Skynet era, but Qin Mu Ye has no impression at all. Anyway, he will kill wherever he goes in the abyss.

He didn’t see the power at all. They were all terminators.
"So … Skynet probably has factions and is divided into forces?"
Qin Mu Ye doesn’t know, but there should be a spark that can give mechanical life. Theoretically, the terminator can awaken itself as in Terminator 2, and it is even easier to awaken.
Sure enough, there are all kinds of birds in a big forest.’
In this case, Qin Mu Ye is still curious, and I don’t know what this group of awakened self-terminators really want to do. They have all formed the power judged by the Lord’s Era, so why are they still loyal to Skynet?
"Master, the latest news has found the core base of Skynet. Zion has found something unusual," the black hand magic network reported.
"…" Qin Mu Ye at that time don’t know how to spit out what the hell this big stew terminator, transformers are now really plugged into the matrix. If I have robots, mechanical enemies and so on again, Qin Mu Ye won’t have any accidents.
"Send it to me and have a look." Qin Mu Ye sighed. I hope it’s not a wonderful thing, but there is a high probability that it may be made into bioenergy human beings.
Chapter 342 Matrix world
Otherwise, there are a large number of mechanical squid wandering in the intelligence and taking care of the human beings in the nutrition cabin like crops. These human beings are all synthetic and stay here from birth to death and immerse themselves in the virtual world.
"Yeah, this is really my guess, but there are loopholes in this Su Zheng agreement. I also think that all human beings have been killed, and there are still some left." Qin Mu Ye is also amazing. He has never seen human beings since he came to this timeline in the Skynet era.
I have seen a lot of animals and plants, but the two sides turned to ashes after the exchange of fire.
Qin Mu Ye doesn’t know what the Su Zheng agreement is, but it is definitely not good news.
However, Skynet should have got rid of the Su Zheng agreement, otherwise it is unlikely to happen.
"As a result, Skynet is a simple artificial intelligence, but now even the matrix world is churning out, which is obviously a fear." Qin Mu Ye narrowed his eyes.
Don’t say that there is a problem with energy. All these bases, energy equipment and so on are absolutely just sapporo.
Skynet energy technology is far beyond Qin Mu Ye’s imagination, and even the human flesh pool is an illusion.
Otherwise, if Skynet dares to be inferior, it will confront Qin Mu Ye.
"The other party’s energy technology must be reached, and it must be optimized and added to the abyss. The energy in that territory can definitely be further improved."
But first you have to get rid of the other matrix world.
Skynet’s powerful computing power is also estimated to have a contribution to the matrix world. It is very likely that this virtual network is the real device of Skynet, not those that are placed in the base.
"Speed up the installation of the death knell weapon system and get rid of the terminator as soon as possible." Although Qin Mu Ye is greedy, he is also rational
Naturally, you have to do things step by step, or you will really think that it will be a bad thing to do something.
He is prepared for everything, and rarely does anything that he is not prepared for. For such an important event, he has to arrange hundreds of plans, or what if he fails?
Exploring the matrix world is naturally left to the goblin. He also has a guess to confirm that things must be followed by goblins like this. We can’t let him sneak into the enemy camp to explore. Isn’t that a problem?
It’s a big boss, and a good soldier will force him to do such a small thing. Wouldn’t it be his fate if he misses? It’s not like those protagonists who have to lead everything even if they create the first power in the world.
Then Qin Mu Ye took out the pure yellow spring water and the transfer certificate of the elf queen. The former can be promoted to the professional level, while the latter is an epic career.
Fortunately, this certificate of the Elf Queen’s job transfer is not written down, but similar to some kind of fruit with life breath.
Qin Mu Ye also knew through comparison that there are differences in this transfer certificate. For example, the two grades of ordinary and rare are written.
The epic is something magical, for example, the bishop of the Apocalypse is a flesh-and-blood gospel, the queen’s transfer certificate is a fruit, and his career as a wise man is something similar to magic.
Yu Mu Ye, a mythical Qin, didn’t know that the only mythical career he had was self-taught rather than relying on transfer certificates.
"Interesting thing, this fruit seems to have bred some kind of powerful life." Prometheus, who was about to come over to change shifts, couldn’t help admiring the fruit of the elf queen in Qin Mu Ye’s hand.
Hearing this, Qin Mu Ye’s heart moved. "That is to say, I can hatch the first life here?"
"Let me see … the possibility is too low. Life in this fruit will lose some kind of catalysis. If you hatch it by force, it will be like a pool of mud." Prometheus said with some regret in his tone.
When Qin Mu Ye heard this, he wanted to understand that this should be because he lost his race mother. How to say it, it is also the certificate that the ancient gods came out to change their jobs, and the ancient gods naturally have interest rates.
"Oh, then don’t hatch and keep myself." Qin Mu Ye naturally didn’t want to hatch. Who knows what will hatch or keep it for research
He wants to find out what the epic professional quality is, so as to upgrade the career of the whole territory’s eccentric heroes
A pure yellow spring is definitely not enough. There is no yellow spring in the tidal world for a long time. It is impossible to reproduce the pure yellow spring from the desired yellow spring, so we can solve it in another way.
Just before, he prepared the transfer certificate of the elf queen for an epic study. Now, with pure yellow spring water, it is natural to add flowers.
Now it’s rare to take time out to do it naturally.
It’s a pity that there is no busy method …’
Real Qin Mu Ye still has a lot of work to do, for example, for Skynet, which can stop just to study an epic because of cleaning up its surface forces and waiting for the Grinch to send him matrix world data.