At this time, the front person has rushed to the front of Lin Dong, and the iron pipe has hit Lin Dong’s head.

"Bang …" He suddenly flew backwards when he waved his iron bar because Lin Dong had already kicked him in the face.
Then Lin Dong’s body suddenly took a step forward, and this step was instantaneous. It was four or five meters. When those people didn’t come over in vain, Lin Dong had reached them with his hands and found out that he had caught two guys with machetes, just like an adult carrying two chickens and shaking them gently.
Two screams, the two men’s arms suddenly burst into bone, and the moment Lin Dong turned around, it was a foot that kicked off the arm of a guy who had just reacted and turned around.
Knife elder brother, who looked at his hands and rushed to chop down people, walked forward with a fierce knife behind him. When he went near, he was already stupid. It was only ten seconds when his dozen capable hands fell to the ground.
At this time, Lin Dong has walked to the front of the blade after solving the dozen people. He is almost like Lin Dong, but Lin Dong is looking down at him at this time.
"The technique is very old, isn’t it? You’ve cut a lot of people, right? You have a lot of courage to cut people and police at the hospital gate. You just don’t know if you can bear it." Looking at the knife there at this time, he was shocked. He was an ordinary person, just a little biting and fierce than others.
The policeman’s knife brain suddenly swelled with mosquitoes. Didn’t that bastard say he was a doctor? Why is he a policeman again?
At this time, the three mosquitoes in the distance turned around and wanted to run when they saw the situation was wrong.
"Bang …" Lin Dong lifted it and kicked the knife out directly. The knife body flew out directly and hit the mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes, they came to scream and the knife didn’t even scream, so they fainted. Although Lin Dongyun was clever, he also had many fractures.
Lin Dong took out the words and called Lao Zhang after kicking the flying knife. "Lao Zhang had a trip to the Third Hospital to find someone to deal with a dozen gangsters at the door. It’s nothing that the hospital stole. Later, I found someone to cut me at the door. It’s up to you to deal with it. By the way, check the security guards in a hospital. They should have it with these guys."
"They really don’t know how to cut you. Haha … OK, I’ll take people there …" Lao Zhang said with a heart that a group of punks wanted to cut Lin Dong. That’s really a kid who doesn’t know how to die.
Now the long-distance running should be no problem, right? Thinking about Lin Dong, I ran to the distance.
In a blink of an eye, when Lin Dong agreed with Wang Qiang, he had arrived at Niutou Mountain in the western suburbs at 11: 45 noon. At this time, it was already winter and the Spring Festival was coming, but the coastal areas were a little cold, and the sun shone at noon and the temperature was more than ten degrees, which did not feel as cold as snow and ice in the northern winter.
Chapter DiYiQi Before the decisive battle
Niutoushan in the western suburbs
Pilo, Zhang Renhua, Tian Wei and Du Shan are sitting in an open-top off-road vehicle, which is transformed from military vehicles and hung with local cards, but everyone with a little eye knows that this car is extraordinary.
"There are still ten minutes in the skin. It seems that this Lin Dong won’t play until the last minute." Zhang Renhua said softly and looked at several big trees in front
Mao Yizheng, the iron cock of the big tree, was smoking while the tip of another tree was holding Wang Qiang.
"I don’t know if I will come by rocket this time," Tian Wei joked.
"This Mao Yi in Pi Chu won’t really be a master of Qitian realm, will it?" Du Shan has been staring at a branch at the top of the tree that is less than the thickness of the little finger and sitting Mao Yi.
"He’s definitely not as simple as a man with a limit of nine, but this miser is strange. He is one of the few people who often appear, but doing things has always been a gray area. No one knows his specific depth until now. I specially applied for and reviewed the files of his office, and there is no specific data and information. I suspect that several people in Qitian realm may have died with him." Pilo also smokes at this time, but he smokes cigars. Authentic Cuban cigars.
Zhang Renhua and Tian Wei couldn’t help but take a look at Du Shan when they heard Piluo. There are several people in the field office who are very limited. They are the most active in the Secret Service field. Except Piluo, they don’t know who Du Shan is.
However, in recent days, Du Shan has grown by leaps and bounds. This month, Piro has helped the Secret Service to train Du Shan, so that Du Shan’s strength has reached the limit. They also see that Piro attaches great importance to Du Shan’s intentional cultivation.
"Another weirdo and I don’t know if he will be despised." Du Shan felt that Zhang Renhua had the same eyes as Tian Wei, and he didn’t ask any more questions. In his heart, Pepilo was grateful. From the most self-withdrawal to the return to the Secret Service field, to the present, he became a right-hand man of Pilo. This transformation made him see the real ability of Pilo people to live.
Du Shan knows that he can never quit in this life. Maybe someone like Lin Dong can be free from the control of the skin.
Du Shan dialect made Piro and Zhang Renhua three of them couldn’t help smiling, and they were all white. If these people are extremely limited in judging people and people, they are very disdainful, so there is a feeling that they are all ants when they look at the monkey realm.
As a matter of fact, all the things related to the master of Qitian realm will not be handled by root cutting, but the master of Qitian realm will not deal with ordinary people easily. This ordinary person also includes the master of human extreme limit, unless you are looking for death to provoke them, because they are disdainful to be able to go beyond human extreme limit and enter Qitian realm, and the master will enter a new realm just like extraordinary holiness, completely surpassing human extreme limit and being as high as imagination.
Qitian realm masters have their world, and there are also weirdos like iron rooster Mao Yi in their circle who do such things. It’s just as weird as a master with a group of younger brothers holding iron bars to help people stand out and fight for territory every day.