"You … you said Shen Nuo was pregnant?" Shen Qing was shocked and looked at Tang Wei. "Mom, how do you know?"

"How should I know? Your father went to see Shen Nuo today. I followed him secretly. I heard it with my own ears! " Tang Wei cold snorted.
"Dad is not never like Shen Nuo? How is it possible? " Shen Qing was very surprised and asked
"You don’t your dad, your dad looked at Shen Nuo backer is Lu Xiusi and quickly went to somebody else!" Tang Wei was very angry and said
"Mom" cried when Shen Qing heard it. "What should I do now? Shen Nuo is pregnant and my dad doesn’t want us both!"
"Why are you crying, you worthless!" Tang Wei gave Shen Qing a disdainful stare.
"That … that what should I do now!" Shen Qing cried and looked at Tang Wei.
"Don’t panic" Tang Wei calmly analyzed that "it’s not too late to wait until we have a plan."
"This … this line?" Shen Qing looked at Tang Wei
"Now … that’s it!" Tang Wei looked dignified.
Just then Shen Fu crept back.
"Come back, husband!" Tang Wei saw that Shen Fu came back and asked in the same tone as before
"Well, I’m back!" Shen Fu was relieved to see that Tang Wei’s look was nothing strange.
"Today … how about talking business with manager Lu?" Tang Wei deliberately asked
"Well … very good! Hugh’s recommendation of the boss is really awesome! " Shen Fu deliberately said to Tang Wei
"This Lu Xiusi is really fierce, even more fierce than Qingzhou!" Tang Wei deliberately said to Shen Fu
"Oh, what are you talking about?" In order to hide his discomfort, Shen Fu sat on the coffee table and kept drinking water. "It is best to say that these two sons-in-law are Qingzhou!"
"What you said is still true!" Tang Wei looked at Shen Fu and asked in surprise, "Why do you drink so much water today? Are you thirsty or have something to say?"
"What can I do without telling you that most of your family finances are in your hands? I dare not say anything on weekdays!" Shen Fu please look at Tang Wei.
Tang Wei gave Shen Fu a contemptuous stare and stopped talking.
Shen Fu saw that Shen Qing had never done it and asked, "What’s the matter with my daughter? Why is there no sound? "
Shen Qing looked up with tearful eyes and looked at Shen Fu, who got a fright.
"My good girl … what’s going on? Why are you crying like this? " Shen fu is very heart asked
When Tang Wei saw that things were going to be exposed, she quickly said to Shen Fu, "She was very expensive just now. She broke her makeup and cried. Don’t cry. Mom can buy it for you later!"
"Yes, dad makes money just to spend it for you. Take the money and buy it later!" Shen Fu also chimed in
☆, Chapter 222 Mother knows the accident.
Shen Qing glanced at his mother and stopped talking and silently returned to the house.
"Wife," Shen Fu asked ingratiatingly, "How much money does our family have now?"
Tang Wei was very alert when Shen Fu asked about this. "Why do you ask this?"
"No, I’m just asking," Shen Fu looked at her please. "I’m not thinking that I’ve made a lot of money for so many years. I just want to know how much I have left!"
"Oh, don’t ask, just spend enough anyway!" Tang Wei was very impatient and said, "Don’t always think about those things that don’t cost you enough to support the elderly for both of us!"
"Okay, okay, I won’t ask!" Shen Fu stopped talking when he saw that he had been shut out.
However, Tang Wei, who is very sensitive, knows that Shen Fu must want to do something about money.
In the hospital
"Little darling, mom is coming again!" Lu mother took a bunch of things and sent them to Lu Xiusi.
"Mom, come as soon as you come. Why do you still take so many things?" Shen Nuo was very embarrassed to look at Lu Mu. After all, Lu Mu brought things and forced Shen Nuo and Lu Xiusi to finish eating and drinking every time.
"Mother … I really can’t eat!" Lu Xiusi’s eyebrows are twisted together. Now he understands what Shen Nuo was so resistant to Lu Mu’s nutrition before.
"How do you think my craftsmanship is not good?" Mother Lu looked at Hugh Lu and frowned.
"Why? Mother, your craft is the best! " Lu Xiusi said with a wry smile
"That’s good," Lu Mu couldn’t help smiling. "Then try your mother’s craft quickly!"
Lu Xiusi smiled bitterly at Shen Nuo and Shen Nuo also smiled awkwardly.
After Lu Xiusi finally fulfilled Lu Mu’s requirements, his stomach was full.