Oooo ….. Udi hands out like a ghost cry in the wind, and Oriental Yunying suddenly has a trance in his mind. At the same time, Dong Fang sends his force to Udi, and his strong strength is faintly visible all over his body, just like the waves beating and breaking the Oriental Yunying’s seven-star renju in an instant. Dong Fangkou quipped, "So much for seven-star renju!"

As he spoke, Udi castrated and then covered the hidden cave, trembling cave, dove’s tail and the gate of the East Yunying’s chest. Oriental Yunying could not help but be shocked. Although his swordsmanship was not successful, it was not easy to break it. Who would have thought that Dong Fang was so easy to break his sword?
"No …" He suddenly shouted at the sky, but he was impatient to break the enemy just now, but his strength was insufficient. He stepped one step less, and the seven-star position became a six-star power. What’s worse, this trick is the most taboo. He needs to breathe in until he steps on the light star position to reach the peak of the seven-star gas gathering, and then he will attack like a volcanic eruption. However, he stepped one step less from the seven-star Tian Shu star to the cat star and then directly crossed the star until Yuheng star finally stopped shaking the light star.
Dong Fang is sharp-eyed, and it is easy to attack from his star position without stepping one step. Besides, Dong Fang has been fighting skills and has been walking in the Jianghu for decades, and he has rich experience in the enemy. How can he not be caught with such a good opportunity?
A strong move is broken, and Yunying in the East is completely hopeless. I will never let you be captured alive, imprisoned and forced to be humiliated.
Blood rushed to the top, and he was screaming at the silver fern. He tried to wipe his neck and commit suicide. Dong Fang’ ah’ exclaimed. I didn’t expect Oriental Yunying to be so bloody and flash like a flute, and he clicked the point of Oriental Yunying’s Jiuwei acupoint. Oriental Yunying was always one step behind, and the acupoint was clicked and a hemp silver fern fell to the ground.
"Oh, no" Xiao Yong explodes and calls for a crazy attack, but he can’t resist the other side when he’s "riding the wind" to the extreme, but he is in a passive state because of impatience and confusion.
Xia Yuanzhong and Shen Chaoyang are both outstanding swordsmen. They won’t be Xiao Yong’s opponents on their own, but there is a tacit understanding between them. It will take some time for Xiao Yong to break them even if God fights them, but he can’t wait. What’s more, Shen Chaoxuan, the famous swordsmen, is eyeing up and running away. It seems impossible that Yunying in the East is suddenly caught, so it is only a matter of time before he is caught.
"Brother Yunying, you have to live well. Everything is my fault." Xiao Yong swept a knife and suddenly raised his hand and stabbed Zhao-yang Shen in the throat and said to himself, "One life for another. Brother Chao Zhuo, let’s renew brotherhood in the grave."
Zhao-yang Shen was puzzled by the changes in Xiao Yong’s stab in the face, which made him exposed. If he squatted down and hit Xiao Yong directly, he would be suspicious. What would he do? This is Shen Chaoyang’s first reaction.
You can’t see the change in Xiao Yong’s sword. On the contrary, Shen Chaoyang didn’t dare to hit the enemy directly. He didn’t want to think about Shen Chaoyang’s hurry and jump a few meters. Xia Yuanzhong’s oblique auxiliary didn’t notice this change in Xiao Yong. He suddenly stabbed Xiao Yong’s left waist with a sword.
Du Feng’s keen eye saw Xiao Yong’s sudden change, and it was a white heart to say that he was going to commit suicide.
Xiao Yonggang just said that if he dies, Oriental Yunying will blame Xiao Yongshen, so that Oriental Yunying has hope of survival.
Xiao Yong’s generosity in saving my brother also makes people admire him, but Du Feng will never let such a thing happen. He just calmed down Yin and Yang, and suddenly worked hard again, prompting his body to flash suddenly and move like a flash, inspiring a light achievement to the extreme blink of an eye. Others have bullied and raised their hands and raised their swords to pick Xia Yuanzhong’s sword.
Xiao Yong’s knife followed by Shen Chaoyang’s retreat. Shen Chaoyang was angry and shouted, "Do you bully me?" Wave a sword and stab Xiao Yong.
"Peony, I can’t protect you anymore. Your wish that I can finish in the afterlife" Xiao Yong closed his eyes when he showed his single knife in the palm of his hand and slammed his chest to the tip of Shen Chaoyang’s sword.
Shen Chaoyang immediately looked at Xiao Yong in amazement. "Do you want to die?" Zhao-yang shen suddenly, Bai Hey, quickly withdrew his sword and shouted, "Son of a bitch, it’s too cheap for you to die so easily."
Xiao Yong felt wrong and suddenly opened his eyes. Du Feng, at this time, people also came to him. Xia Yuanzhong’s blade was picked by a knife, and he reached out and pointed out like the wind into the front of Xiao Yong.
"So fast" Xiao Yong was shocked by a shoulder that was a pain. Du Feng suddenly appeared and hit the shoulder well point. Suddenly, he squinted and sat down in the whole body. He tried to raise his head and drink, "The gentleman does things alone when I do everything. Kill me!"
Chapter 46 makes the winner and defeats the enemy.
Du Fengli’s blow once again draws Yin and Yang, instantly making the body and the body collide with each other again, violently impacting to the main points everywhere. Venus in front of him is in a flurry of dizziness and tinnitus, and suddenly he inserts a knife into the ground, holding the handle with both hands and strongly supporting him. He sings like ice and fire for a while, and it seems to fall into icehouse’s support for a while, and suddenly he fainted when the flowers died at the moment.
Xia Yuanzhong was startled, flew with one step and held Du Feng with one hand. Shen Chaoxuan flew over in shock and grabbed Du Feng’s pulse. "How could he be so seriously injured?"
Help Du Feng to sit in Shen Chaoxuan’s busy exercise to help him heal. The palm of his hand touched Du Feng’s body and felt a chill. He hesitated and quickly withdrew from the palm, but he couldn’t understand the coldness of his body, and then he tried to exercise, but it was a scorching gas. This ambiguity made Shen Chaoxuan wonder but he didn’t dare to work again. He bowed his head and thought for a moment, but the clue could shake his head.
Dong Fang saw slowly come over to each other and passed the etiquette. He squinted at Du Feng and thought that this little god was so vulnerable. Before testing Du Feng’s injury, Dong Fang was also surprised. At that time, he also had a clue. "It turned out that he was injured. I said how could he be so vulnerable?" He shook his head slightly to help others.
Have a moment Du Feng himself slowly open your eyes while Zhao-yang shen urgent way "are you ok? You can’t just leave. You found an enemy who killed your younger brother. I haven’t confessed to you yet. "
Shen Chaoxuan solemnly said, "Second Junior Brother retires."
Du Feng exhaled a foul breath and said with strength, "You don’t worry about my self-conditioning."
When there is no other way, several people can nod to Du Feng while sitting on their own, but several people are still very understanding of Du Feng’s physical injury, especially the alternating breath of cold and heat
Xiao Yong and Oriental Yunying each sat motionless. They covered their faces with hats and silks, and they couldn’t see the expression clearly at this time. However, when people looked at them, they all felt sorry. They were not only good at martial arts, but also heroic and dry. They had an unruly and cold temperament, but it was this temperament that hurt them.
Dong Fang ordered people to uncover their hats before revealing the true face of Lushan Mountain. Shen Chaoyang couldn’t help but exclaim, "Is it him?"
Shen Chaoxuan asked, "That him?"
Zhao-yang Shen stared at Yunying in the East for a long time before he told Dong Fang about the peony boathouse that night. After a little meditation, he naturally came over in vain and asked, "What else do you have to say?"
The two men looked up with a righteous look. Xiao Yong said, "It’s a pity that we couldn’t kill you, the imperial eagle dog."
Dong Fanghe sneered, "I tried to kill me too much but I didn’t succeed."
Oriental Yunying rolled her eyelids and tried to look at her eyes. Dong Fang sneered, "The famous arrest of jade noodles is far and wide, but I didn’t expect it to be so cunning. Are most people in your court like this?"
Dong Fangdao said, "I have a lot of insights, but what can I say?"
Xiao Yong looked calm at this time. He looked at Yunying in the East and said, "I’m Xiao Yong alone, so please take me away."
Dong Fang said with a smile, "You can’t do this. Someone will judge it when you get to the yamen."
"Talk nonsense with them." Oriental Yunying looked back at Xiao Yong seriously. "Brother Xiao doesn’t need to protect his brothers everywhere. Since I’m here, how can I fear death? Ten years later, the two of us are a hero."
Xiao Yong Zheng immediately laughed and said, "It’s important to have a brother like you with you when you die." He said it was refreshing but his face was not bitter.
At this moment, Xiao Yong and Oriental Yunying seem to have turned their backs on life and death. They heard a few laughs and looked at each other in astonishment. The laughter was hard but full of lofty sentiments, and the forest echoed.
Dadada several horses appeared and looked back. Xue Sanping and Jin Buhuan took the lead in escorting Li Jun.
"It’s over so soon?" When Xue Sanping saw the captured two people mutter a word, he immediately scanned a Zhou Lin, where the fallen leaves were covered with snow for more than ten feet. Xue Sanping in Fiona Fang repeatedly regretted turning over and jumping on horseback, and kept muttering, "I missed the good show. How can I not have my share?"
Looking at Xue Sanping, I smiled secretly, but my heart was filled with emotion. I have always been afraid of imperial eagle dogs for half my life. Today, I stepped in to help them. It’s hard to think.
Du Fenggong has been healing for a week. After listening to Xue Sanping’s heart, he was so happy that he vomited one mouthful blood. Xue Sanping saw that he had eaten a lot and exclaimed, "Brother, what’s wrong with you?" Immediately, Du Feng accepted the work and reluctantly said, "If it doesn’t matter, it will affect the strength and the method of pranayama will be smooth."
Xue Sanping saw that his face was white and his shoulders were covered with blood. He quickly grabbed his wrist and his hands were hot as boiling water. "Did you get hurt by the fire?" Suddenly, Du Feng’s wrist became cold and biting. Yi added, "Is it an ice palm? How can you be hurt by both hands at the same time? "
Du Feng shook his head slightly. "It’s my own practice that conflicts with each other. Brother Xue doesn’t have to worry."
Li Jun got out of the sedan chair and saluted several people. Bi Lijun took a few steps and looked carefully at the captured two people. They were surprised and asked, "These two people have never seen them promise to kill Li?"
Dong Fangdao: "Li’s adult will know the answer after I ask."
Du Feng has long known about this, but he is too busy to expose it. He wants to see how many complicated things Dong Fang knows.
Li Jun nodded his head. Dong Fang came to Xiao Yong and really looked at him. Xiao Yong’s facial features were angular and very determined. He was a handsome man. Maybe his skin was rough and he stayed in the western regions for a long time and suffered from wind and sand.
Dong Fang looked at Fang Tao for a long time. "You are the apprentice of Xiao San, the Emperor of Knife, right?"
Xiao Yong’s heart snorted and said, "I don’t deserve to be his apprentice. I have to say that his old man’s house is not."
Everyone heard that Xiao San, the Knife Emperor, was frightened. Although he has been hidden for many years, many people are in awe now. Everyone here has never heard of the Knife Emperor’s apprentice.
"Is he really a knife emperor? How is that possible?" Someone is unbelievable.
Everyone at the famous sword gate looked at Xiao Yong with both surprise and resentment. The thought that Shen Chaozhuo was killed by him was angry, but they couldn’t kill Shen Chaozhuo with the white knife. They want to go to torture, but because of the inconvenience of the imperial court, all eyes stare at the hateful eyes as if they were going to pierce Xiao Yong to death
Dong Fang saw the origin of Xiao Yong’s art of using saber before the enemy, and after listening to his name, he had guessed that he was a man. In those days, Xiao San, but his apprentice, a once upon a time in america knight, should also be such a person. But after listening to his words, Dong Fang understood his words and thought that Xiao Yong must have gone astray against Xiao San’s life.
Dong Fang stopped talking about Xiao San and simply asked, "Did you kill that famous Shen Chaozhuo?"
Xiao Yong’s face flashed a dim and low way "good"
Dong Fang said, "He has a grudge against you. Why did you do this?"
Xiao Yong was ordered to move, but there was a cold light in his eyes. He said angrily, "He came to be a good brother of mine, but he should die when he is angry."
"Put your mother’s shit on you." Zhao-yang Shen wanted to personally kill his brother’s murderer. Now it has been confirmed, but because the court was arresting him, he kept on hearing Xiao Yong slander his teacher younger brother. When he couldn’t help it any longer, his anger suddenly broke out. He pulled out his sword and was going to kill Xiao Yong.
Xia Yuanzhong is also furious. Before pulling out a sword, he followed the footsteps of Zhao-yang Shen.
"Give me a refund." Shen Chaoxuan drank them back when he saw something bad. He is also angry now, which is more than their anger. But he can bear that this is not the time for revenge. He swept his eyes in the previous step and said, "Today, if the imperial court catches the fast, they will pay back my name."
Zhao-yang Shen bit his teeth and angrily spat at Xiao Yong. His eyes gouged out Xiao Yong mercilessly, and then he turned and sat down to the ground. He turned his head aside and sulked alone.
Xia Yuanzhong in situ, alas, with a sigh, returned his sword to its sheath, but his fists were clenched tightly, and his grip rang.