"But IG is a team battle with four fights and five wins."

"Rkie didn’t come to support him, too. If he stays in the middle to eat soldiers, then this wave of IG is a small profit, but a vampire’s trip in vain is also a team battle. Just be Rkie and pull it."
Miller turned his eyes when he heard this. He looked at the side and smiled at the doll. The expression was very solid. Miller also felt that the two sides really tied the economic wave.
However, after this wave of team battles, the morale of IG side is even higher. After all, they won the team battle four times and five times, and Ah Shui’s performance can also be called Tianxiu ES side, which is a miserable victory at most.
But after the two sides returned to the line, everyone found that the road 369 was a big loss, and Nuoshou went to take a head. Not to mention that Nuoshou P was in the state of controlling the line before, so when Nuoshou returned to the line again, a large wave of soldiers just entered the tower.
The 369 alignment completely collapsed. Two people have promised to add a big wave of experience and economy. Jeannot’s hand is one and a half years ahead of the crocodile.
Doll and Miller never imagined that the biggest loser after their analysis for so long was that the road 369 played a wave and returned to the line 369 to suddenly find that their game was over.
Holding a huge advantage in eleven minutes pushed the crocodile back and easily pushed off a road of blood. The economic gap between heshy and the opposition has reached two thousand yuan.
Two minutes later, Ning Wang ran to the road gank again. This is ES. There are no two P’s to bring rhythm. Before the team battle, he got a head. ez could watch Ning Wang and Ashui tear down a tower.
Fifteen minutes later, IG completed the line change again. Ashui came to the middle road, Rkie went to heshy to develop. At this time, the two commentators suddenly found that the IG economic gap actually pulled more than 3,000 yuan.
"This is a bit outrageous. IG’s fifteen-minute economic lead has come to 3,000 yuan. Did their money really change?" The doll looked puzzled. He turned his head to look at Miller.
Miller pushed his glasses and then carefully analyzed that "nearly 2,000 of these 3,000 pieces were obtained by Lu heshy, and the remaining 1,000 pieces were led by Ning Wang and Lu duo, and Rkie was still a little behind."
"I understand that if IG can get the advantage on one line, it is easy for them to expand snowballs. Even if it collapses all the way, he will come out on both sides. This is why IG can always get the early advantage. Few teams can resist the pressure of IG on three lines."
"ES relied on his left hand to barely resist the pressure on the line in the middle, but there was no way out for the two roads. Even if ES chose to target the IG road, heshy still came out."
Miller shook his head, as if feeling that IG was too solution, and Ning Wang performed well in this game. The blind monk helped IG drive the early rhythm, and there was no mistake after getting Baolan to Morgana.
Ning Wang found the state, Baolan played soft auxiliary IG, and after losing the short board, the fighting capacity soared, and the trident looked sharper.
After coming to the middle road, Ah Shui’s level is a little behind the plane, but he is not empty at all. Instead, when there is a wind wall, he directly e to play a set of consumption-free vampire planes, which is gradually unbearable
Nai Neng, the left hand, switched to the road to develop. As soon as the plane switched to the road, he was not protected by the defensive tower, and then he was kicked back by Ning Wang to cooperate with Rkie vampire damage, which directly killed him.
Miller sighed gently when he saw the tragic death of his left hand. "ES should pay attention to it. Their roadside development is very dangerous and they may be arrested by IG at any time."
However, Miller’s voice did not fall. heshy seized an opportunity to hide in the grass and broke the crocodile e skill with an iron hand, and then easily completed the single kill with a set of tricks.
Seeing that 369 crocodile was killed by iron blood and big promise, Miller was very unusual. He just woke up with his left hand and killed ES by mistake. The continuous problems on two sideline lines directly lost the initiative of the mid-term rhythm.
When the two sideline lines are obscene, the middle of ES becomes very dangerous. Neither ez nor Tamta feels safe because they have been hearing iss messages from various teammates.
"Pay attention to the middle road. A promise has entered the wild area and may have caught it."
"Pay attention to the middle of the road. A vampire may have been caught in the river."
"The blind monk’s middle road is outcropping. Be careful. He really wants to catch it."
LkeN felt that his teammates were not reporting information, but threatening him. On a hot day, he broke out in a cold sweat as if his life were in danger at any time.
Ten minutes after listening to the story of sheep coming for a long time, LkeN was really caught. After a wave of decisive eye contact in front of the second tower of Ningwang, Yasuo flashed with Mogana’s big move, and the Q skill control chain was connected accurately. ez was directly killed without even handing over a displacement.
Watching the screen turn black and white, I don’t know how much LkeN suddenly felt relaxed. He didn’t worry about it. He was really caught this time.
IG took advantage of the situation to push off the first tower in the middle road. The left-handed plane took the explosive charge back and barely held the second tower in the middle road, but the little dragon was easily taken by IG, although it was a man who hated dogs and hated dragons.
In nearly 20 minutes, ES and IG got two little dragons, which is the charm of the wind dragon and the water dragon. If it is the fire dragon and the earth dragon, they will never live for a minute. Sure enough, the ancients can live longer without waste.
After getting the hose, the economic gap of IG has officially reached 5,000 yuan. At present, this advantage is already very low for IG, but it is still very valuable to think that they are facing the economic gap of ES.
After losing the three-way tower, the ES economy has stabilized, and some three lines are hiding from the tower to make money, which makes IG unable to find a good opportunity.
Just plundering the economic roots in the wild areas can’t satisfy IG’s appetite, so they set their sights on the dragon.
"Shall we try a wave of dragons?" Ah Shui tentatively made a wave of suggestions. Since the demolition of the central tower, ez has become even more obscene. Yasogen can’t touch ez’s hair.
So Ah Shui marked a big dragon, and soon two arrows also marked the big dragon pit, one was a blind monk and the other was a promise hand.
"Fight! Without the big dragon buff, it is difficult for us to push the highlands in this array. "Ning Wang is very much in favor of playing the big dragon.
Because IGad is the main force that Yasuo lacks to push the tower, IG array is very fierce, but its ability to push the group is very poor.
Only by winning a wave of team battles can they quickly push the tower. Ning Wang felt this dilemma, so he strongly agreed with Ah Shui’s idea of fighting the dragon.
At this time, it has been 22 minutes, and it has been four minutes since IG guessed the tower, but the economic difference of IG is less than 6 thousand yuan.
Entering the medium-term operation stage, IG’s snowballing ability will suddenly decrease, which is not as sharp as their performance on the line. If it can play a team battle in the medium term, it is good that IG can roll snowballs through team battles.
However, once the opponent’s tower is obscene, there is not much for IG to do. The operational ability is indeed the short board of the IG team. In the face of this situation, the only choice for IG is to fight the dragon.
That’s why IG plays the bIG dragon player so hard, because it is an advantage for ig to play the big dragon regardless of the final result.
If you don’t come to IG from the opposite side, it’s easy to fight the dragon. If you come to the group from the opposite side, it’s a correct multiple-choice question for IG whether to fight the dragon or hit people first.
When I saw the dolls in the big dragon pit of IG, I noticed IG’s intention at a glance to "fight the big dragon! IG is going to move the dragon. "
"Isn’t it a little fake that their vision is not clear?" Miller looked at IG with a moving expression and Gherardini. He was a little puzzled by IG’s thoughts. He thought that IG must want to lose the dragon in seconds.
However, I have never seen a few times when I directly exposed the IG moving part to the ES field of vision and hit Dalong Miller so hard.
"ES everyone has already rushed to Dalongkeng, but it’s a pity that the plane doesn’t have an explosive charge. A wave of watchtowers on the left hand has already put the explosive charge, which is a little pity."
"They can make it? IG hit Dalong soon, and Dalong was already half-blooded, 5 thousand! Four thousand! Will IG stop? "