The partition saw didn’t really cut the satellite. It put half of it into the solidification void and left the other half … outside, and it won’t last long.

That’s because the partition saw has lost its effect
It seems that the mechanical satellite has been successfully stopped. At present, it is in a virtual solidification state … but most things in this world have not been solidified because machinery and many things are composed of solidified substances.
The rescuer also continued to observe the state of the partition saw.
This circular saw is currently in a sea of dust. It easily cut the surface and flew into the sea of dust.
By this time, it has played its role, that is, just now, it seems that the satellite has been cut in half.
This is to put half of the satellite into the solidification virtual space, which will last for several days and nights under normal circumstances.
If it is allowed to successfully cut the gaseous star and keep it for a long time, the gaseous star part in the semi-normal virtual will … collapse away.
The main reason is that the whole gaseous star in the half-solidification virtual keeps the original’ complete’ gravity.
But also may appear that one side is solidified or decelerated while the other side continues to operate normally.
On the collapse of gaseous stars, for example
But it’s this satellite that’s being cut, which won’t have much impact on it
This is mainly because … it is almost completely solid.
….. This mechanical satellite has almost no’ active’ structure from the surface to the depths of the core, which makes it irrelevant even if half of it enters the solidification void.
However, this structure makes Lin feel very interesting. We should make some arms to drill deeper and have a look
The main reason why the circular saw maintains such a short’ partition’ is that it was polluted by dust when it flew in.
This made it wrong, and it didn’t last long before it disappeared.
Although the surface of the earth has been ruined by the storm, it has finally saved the gaseous star.
Of course, gaseous cyclone creatures may also have some ways to defend against partition saws, but rescuers don’t want to bet on it
It intends to stop the circular saw by doing everything it can.
"what! I can’t believe this will happen! " "What would cut that!" "Is that the reason?"
Phoenix on the other side of the star also noticed this phenomenon, and they also looked very surprised.
Lynn thinks it’s surprising that their circular saws are automatic, not who controls it.
Because if a phoenix control them, they can completely avoid this situation.
This may be because the circular saw control system can’t directly control it.
Now Lin has let some arms find the circular saw in the dusty sea and test it.
The circular saw body can be said to be a’ solidification crack generator’, which can instantly create a huge solidification crack, and its … function source is not mainly from itself but from the star side.
The star has many platforms, and the circular saw, a crack generator made by Phoenix, plays a guiding role.
The main interesting part of the circular saw body is a … Phoenix wreck.
Like the dust from the wreckage of the Phoenix, even the wreckage Lin can find that every debris contains a wonderful … power.
This is’ cohesion’, that is, I don’t know where the power comes from.
Generally, when a phoenix dies, its body material will lose this power … and the way to kill a phoenix is similar to killing ordinary creatures, that is, destroying its body.
But this odd phoenix wreck … seems to maintain a strong’ cohesion’.
The circular saw body has the function of guiding out the’ power’ inside.
Although its ability to open and solidify cracks comes from stars, it also needs Leech Phoenix wreckage to do something, that is, … to maintain.
Is to maintain the external strength of the cut target half frozen and half empty.
Of course, this force actually comes from the star’s gravity, which can be greatly exerted by the odd phoenix wreckage.
In what … Lin intends to investigate now.
During Lin’s investigation, Lin found that the rescuer became nervous again.
It just breathed a sigh of relief for saving the gas star, but now … it seems to be more nervous than before.
"Is that … coming?"
Now the satellite floats alone in the dark and solidified virtual space.
But it seems that it is not lonely soon.
Because of this, the devastated world shook again, and Lin found that all the factories on the surface seemed to be crushed to pieces under … great pressure.