I’m afraid that if I don’t take this punch hard, my body will hit my heart and burst on the spot!

Although it is late, it still exerts a type of "a majestic gait" in Tiger Boxing to try to avoid it.
But the shadow has locked the trajectory of the land separation, and this blow can be avoided!
"Shit, how can there be such a tough enemy? Can’t I abandon the incarnation and escape?"
The thought flashed through the foot of the mountain and cracked the stone, slamming the land from the chest and heart-
Previously, Lu Li was full of confidence in boxing, but I didn’t expect that Tiger Boxing would actually fail. If the body fell like a lotus fairy, Yuan Ling would wake up like an impact on the fairy!
White this blow yourself as well as the method to pick up this moment. I am ready to give up the physical Yuan God to escape. I can’t say that I can’t die. I swear that I am tied down because of that dream.
However, in a flash, the mysterious shadow suddenly disappeared and shattered with a punch …
Chapter one hundred and forty-three An old friend gives directions
"The mysterious spirit of the land-leaving boxing spell is not a sword tactic, and if the knife tactic is painstakingly practiced, it will still have a great success. It will shake the heavens and the earth with a shocking blow, and it will also change color to shock the heavens and the sky!"
A mysterious man in black who is familiar with the sound system and has been pointing out the way before.
"Was it just a senior shot?"
The pride of the land is as good as the cold sweat.
This time, there is a sense of life-and-death fighting and tempering. Instead, it tastes like you are a defeated person. If this shadow kills the assassin, it will be a distant place, and there is no escape.
"It’s good to look back on the past and look forward to the future in the twilight years. Your destiny should be controlled by yourself, and people should not interfere easily, even the sky will change color!"
The mysterious man’s tone changed and he said such words, which made Lu Li also a shock.
Lu Li realized for a moment and then said, "The elder’s boxing power is amazing. That strange punch seems to have a single move, but it actually has an unpredictable machine that makes people avoid it. It’s like being watched by death to escape."
The mysterious man laughed. "If you learn this skill of stealing heart and killing the door, you can get amazing results by combining the tiger fist with strong and overbearing, and the snake fist with quick and agile."
"Shadow kill the door? Haven’t you ever heard of it? "
Lu Li asked
The mysterious man shook his head and said, "No, no, this shadow killing door has a special origin. At this moment, there is no need to say more about stealing the heart. After the first world war, you can understand it yourself. There is a boxing formula to help you understand it."
Mysterious man said that it was another stream of consciousness in boxing formula, which directly entered the brain domain of Lu Li and was absorbed by Lu Li.
After a slight ceremony, he once again said, "What kind of fate does the elder have in helping each other?"
The mysterious man looked at Lu Li and said with emotion, "Everything in life is predestined. Even if you cultivate immortality, you will have to go through many disasters for thousands of years and ten thousand years. Since you are congenial, you will give up all kinds of worldly thoughts."
The two of them got the message and smiled at each other. Mysterious humanity: "Just now, the Buddha who stayed overnight hurried to the Cuihua Temple, but he didn’t catch up with the inspection meeting. It seems that he also paid great attention to you. The high-level vibration frost fairy in Taikoo Gate is also in a high position. He has entered the virtual world and mysteriously cultivated you and meditated to prepare for the technical meeting."
After that, the mysterious man slowly left and walked to the depths of the bamboo forest, and his figure gradually left the sight.
I went back to the small bamboo building and looked at the Lotus Fairy. The latter fell asleep deeply, which made the thoughts of the Lotus Fairy return to the past. The Lotus Fairy became an adult and was as calm and serene as the lotus in the water.
Gently grasp the lotus fairy’s small hand and leave Judo. "Lotus cultivation is a lonely road, and you will regret it in this life." Then Lu Li quit the fairy array to recuperate and prepare for future practice
Every day in the future, I will leave early and return late to practice three kinds of boxing to consolidate the melting array of the Five Elements.
Haotian Holy Spirit rewards this array guide. A famous moral Buddha in Taikoomen.