But one of them communicates with the screen and then hides.

Yinlin had the idea of taking it away as soon as she got there.
When a lot of fluff wraps around the screen … they can help Lynn lock the screen position.
Then the large pompoms can send the screen directly to …
The whole process went very smoothly.
In an instant, a large velvet sphere appeared on this screen.
It was very shocked by this situation … and Lin continued to ask it questions when it was shocked.
For example, what does it want to do with painful energy and what kind of creature it is
Like its birth history class
"You can’t do that!" And it said, "If it loses my control, it will go crazy!"
When Lin wondered, Lin noticed the needle battleship … as if she were really crazy.
It suddenly spun in place.
Just like the hands of a clock, it keeps spinning in place and the speed is getting faster and faster.
Then it suddenly flew out in one direction.
Lin asked it and told Lin … This warship is actually’ prepared’
That is, if it leaves or dies for some reason, this standby consciousness will control the warship instead of it.
Of course, it is normal to be conscious, and it is no different from its thinking.
But now, because the warship has been eroded by painful energy, it will be very … abnormal if it is directly handed over to the consciousness.
As it is now, it will go crazy.
But when it goes crazy … where will it fly?
The screen doesn’t know either.
But it tells Lynn that it may not be able to control this warship any more … Everything … is over.
In that case, Lynn decided to follow the warship and see where it would go.
At the same time, Lin continued to try to ask a screen about it.
But it has said nothing. It means Lynn can kill it, but it won’t reveal anything.
Suolin still adopts the former method … Pain crystallization tests its thinking.
Lin found some interesting information during the test.
This parasite … receives pain energy in order that it intends to’ fuse’ two kinds of energy.
Because … it already has the fear energy.
Actually, it didn’t receive it. In memory, Lin found that it had the same kind, and this kind also parasitized Wen.
And this same kind has received … the fear energy seems to be obtained by its parasitic tattoo.
Its purpose is to mix fear energy with pain energy and then create an’ explosion’
This may lead to an unpredictable channel.
In this parasitic body, it should be regarded as a bus enemy, and the other side belongs to a creature who knows war.