It first took the first step, which made the whole cave violently shake-it seemed to contain a lot of power.

Then it charged at the pompom.
When Lin saw it, she also asked the fluffy ball to lift two hairs and aim at it. These two hairs should be able to clear away its fear and know what it is.
Chapter one thousand and sixty Order creatures
This thing … This creature is really like this.
"It is really unguarded!" "So we can’t protect it!"
Lin Rongqiu is looking at a backward creature. This creature has no’ orthodox’ name and is usually called’ cult’.
And this cult creature is in a state of collapse after being attacked by two small nuclear protectors.
But it’s not mainly because the words of the small nuclear protector make it crazy, but because the small nuclear protector cleans up all the other body … fear energy.
At the moment she met it, Lin found that the organism was full of fear energy as if it were a fear energy body.
In fact, it is also true. After testing, Lin found that some structures of the order organisms are very similar to those of the mayor.
Simply put, they can absorb fear energy, which makes them be used as fear energy bodies and even use fear energy as weapons
Maybe so for the mayor, but not for this cult creature. Fear has eaten into its brain …
Order creatures are not cellular creatures … although they look alike, they are not cold stone creatures, but a kind of … Lin has never seen … new creatures.
Their bodies are very soft, and some parts, such as legs, are covered with solid carapace. There is no liquid, but they are all solid but soft substances.
Although Lin saw this biological composition for the first time, she could still tell where their brains were and their dirty ways.
Unlike ordinary creatures, they have those things that break down food’ stomachs’, but Lin also noticed that there is a dirty one with a lot of … explosives.
That is to say, this creature will explode itself, because it seems that this explosive can’t be shot out by way, so it is piled up inside.
Does this mean that they are born to move with an explosive bomb?
Apart from normal dirt and self-destructing dirt, there is nothing strange. In addition, they have some subtle troops to clean up.
Now the main thing is that fear energy has eroded this cult creature … and it’s not just the brain. It’s full of fear energy.
It seems that fear energy can have a great influence on this creature. At present, Lin doesn’t know how their memory works, but she can see that fear energy seems to have replaced the command function in their brains.
That is to say, the fear energy is under control, and this cult creature can command them like a micro-machine.
And the cult creatures may also have some connection with those who attacked the fan stone to appear in this passage.
Then Lin left some micro-arms, the biological corpse of the cult, to continue to detect, while the pompoms continued to move deeper into this passage.
After moving for a while, Lin found that the passage became vertical, as if it led all the way to the depths of the earth, and the temperature became higher as it went further.
The cold stone creatures in this place can’t stand it anymore, but the order creatures should not be afraid of hot Lin’s discovery that their body material composition should adapt to a wide temperature range
By …
If they base their hot spots, they are unlikely to be attacked by rocks.
The fluffy ball stopped moving.
Because it came to a big place, this place is also a cave, and it is 100 meters wide and more than 10 meters high.
The fluffy ball just flew over the passage connecting the ceiling here. When looking from the ceiling, Lin could see that the cave was full of dense … cult creatures.