However, even though Wei Chi was asked to take the glass of Wei Chi back to the casting sword villa, the two children still have a hidden danger, which is like a fixed bomb. No one can predict what kind of environment and when the bomb will be detonated. This bomb is Qin Gang’s death theory. Qin Gang is still dead. Even if people originally wanted to help their old buddy, if one day Qin Yu learned that his father was dead, Ling Jian Zong Jian, then he would.

But then again, all things were caused by that Yun Ze handle, which has been a magic weapon since ancient times. The orthodox blood of Wei Chi Liuli Lingjianzong naturally has its inheritance. From the talent shown by Wei Chi Liuli at this moment, Mu Xuan and Mu candlestick are convinced that it will take time to wait for Wei Chi Liuli to really grow up. I believe that sooner or later, this child will return to Lingjianzong’s father, Wei Chi, and revenge will become a nightmare of Lingjianzong, because this child will recapture Yun Ze and reclaim his own heritage.
It’s like a double-edged sword. If Weichi Liuli left the casting sword villa for further training in the future, she wouldn’t be the sharpest blade in Muxuan’s hand to cut a bloody road for the casting sword villa. If she and Qin Yu were to be separated from the casting sword villa, it would be a great loss for the casting sword villa.
This should be good.
Muxuan thinks more and more, and the more waves he makes, he cites the hypothesis again and again and overturns the hypothesis again and again, while he yearns for the candlestick, but the atmosphere is afraid to come out. So he looks at Muxuan straight. After he changed the new candlestick for his father several times, Muxuan gradually has some ideas.
"I’m reasoning. We’re afraid that Qin Yu and Wei Chi’s colored glaze dolls can’t just keep them together for a long time. This small villa is a big day and a big fate. You and I even don’t have that thing to design this future road for conjecture. They need to experience it first hand."
Muxuan then shook his head deeply and then sighed several times.
"Dad, do you really think so? After all, the two of them are still young, and perhaps among their peers, their kung fu is enough to envy others, but the Jianghu is different and masters from all walks of life emerge in endlessly. If they are really so far away from here, their current strength may not even last for a round, and they will suffer a big loss. After all, she is a foreigner, but Qin Yu, but you kiss your grandson with a lonely heart. Will it be cruel for you to make such a decision? "
Listen MuXuan decided to longed for the candlestick and quickly said that because in his eyes, these two children are not only his disciples, but also his children. He promised that he didn’t want Qin Yu and Weichi coloured glaze to be hurt, even a little bit.
"I don’t know why MuXuan lived so long and tasted it? But when we have these two children in the future, we will have to do it according to what Jiemen said. Even if I don’t believe in myself, Muxuan won’t believe in this, and even if I don’t have confidence in myself, I won’t believe in it. As predicted by Jiemen, it will be impossible for me to understand my destiny. "
Listen to MuXuanGang say that finish longed for the candlestick and see the original was MuXuan firm handshake heart Yu Pei has been quiet at the moment was put in front of his wooden table through the dim light of the house will be the reflection of Yu Pei candlelight mapping gloomy.
Zhujian Villa is located in a very small building.
Weichi coloured glaze slowly hold Qin Yu and went in.
"I said, Lao Qin, you didn’t work too hard today. You are scared when you look at your bloody hands."
Weichi coloured glaze will help Qin Yu at the door of his house with his shoulder that is not too generous. Although she is constantly criticizing Qin Yu, she is still very skilled in helping Qin Yu bind up her hands so that the other party can feel better at the moment.
"I can’t fight without fighting. It’s not that I can beat Mu Miao before. I took some psychological hints to him before. That’s why I took the lead. If there is no means to fight with him recklessly, I will win in the end, but the process is not so simple. After Mu Miao, my opponent is probably Liu Luoluo. Although you are my closest relative in Qin Yu’s life, I can see that there is still a lot of gap between you and that crazy woman Liu Luoluo. For this crazy woman, I am. I don’t have any confidence at all, let alone you. I don’t want to see you get hurt, even if it’s a scratch, because I will feel sad when I see you being wronged, and my heart will ache when I see you unhappy and sad with you. I don’t want you to be sad. I want you to live happily. When you face Liu Luoluo, you can abandon it, and then you can rest assured that Liu Luoluo will be handed over to me. I will definitely find a place for you. "
Looking at squatting in front of your face and carefully dressing your hands, Weichi coloured glaze Qin Yu explained patiently.
"You said you told me to abandon it, or you could abandon it, but if we don’t fight, it’s you and me who are not the kind of people who value those false reputations. Isn’t it good to live so freely? What I’m saying is that if you don’t give it up, it’s not a shame. After all, the name of Zhuang is not so good these years. "
Listening to Qin Yu’s words, Wei Chi coloured glaze was very touched, but she didn’t want to reveal too many personal feelings in front of Qin Yu. Although she still maintained a face of disgust, the tone of her words was very gentle.
"That can’t be done. I hate Qin Yu most in my life. Whether someone bullies you in front of me or behind your back, I can’t wait to pull out that person’s tongue. Over the years, we have worked so hard to live up to now. We have always chosen the peace of mind strategy, which perfectly explains what people don’t commit crimes against me and I don’t commit crimes, but it also makes other room teachers and brothers look down on us. I really treat you and me as a bully. This time, I don’t want to be so timid and give in. I just want to let those dogs in his room see people and be low- Let’s see if Xiaoyao Pavilion is not so easy to bully anyone and dare to beat you around. Pay attention to bullying you and the path. Just ask me if the gun in my hand will answer. Ouch, ouch, glaze, hurry, hurry, I twisted my waist. Help me sit down quickly. I can’t move … "
Qin Yu’s words haven’t finished yet, then he saw a sudden turn of temper, and then he made Weichi glass giggle and giggle.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Inscribed Yu Ai
Qin Yu flashed her waist.
It is because of love and bravado that I am caught off guard. I am stunned by my face. I am giggling and flashing my little face.
Qin Yu has already collapsed because he was overdrawn during his previous practice. If he hadn’t been supported by Wei Chi glass, he was afraid that his feet would go limp and he would fall into a squat. I didn’t expect that he would even swear in front of Wei Chi glass at this time. Although his intention was good, he ignored his current physical condition. The result was obvious. Before Wei Chi glass could react, Qin Yu had already made his body present a very strange shape. Seeing that he was pouting his butt and his legs stood like crabs, his limbs were stiff and motionless. His left arm was supported by Wei Chi glass, so his right arm was supported.
"After all, you still have the heart to be handsome. I think you just don’t feel bad and deserve it."
Weichi coloured glaze is full of banter and a kind of unspeakable meaning, but her heart is still very heart. He sees that she is very careful to help Qin Yu sit on the edge of the bed, and then sticks her palm to Qin Yu’s lower back and rubs it for the other side over and over again. From time to time, she slaps her palm and rubs it hard. Occasionally, she will secretly glance at Qin Yu’s face and enjoy it, and she will not lose a chuckle.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, it’s not like me. You’re still so hard. I said, do you have any sympathy? It’s really …"
Real Weichi coloured glaze didn’t increase her strength, but Qin Yu still seemed careless and complained to her. Soon she figured it out in the doorway and stared at Qin Yu with an unhappy face and stopped moving.