He will never be soft on the person who bullied the sound, but his lesson is only directed at the party concerned. At worst, he will give cold treatment to the people around that person, such as blocking the economic and industrial activities.

Can kill this
The thought that he saw the Du family’s information about the murder of the Du family, the servants and children, and the relatives and friends who stayed in the Du family that night.
Jinze felt very chilling at night.
He never denied that he was cruel and ruthless, but he was still ashamed of himself for being cruel like Jun.
"Don’t you want to make a small fight like you?" The corners of your mouth evoke a bit of sarcasm. "Yeah, it seems that the fox family temple is so much."
? Dujia tragedy? ?
So it’s really Du Weixue’s house?
Light tone suddenly froze.
But then listen to the conversation between two men, and she is stunned by the whole person.
What? what’s going on?
Just because Du Weixue bullied her husband, she killed the whole Du family?
But, but Du Weixue just mocked her a few words, didn’t she?
The light tone was completely shocked.
the other side
Hear you blurt out? Fox clan temple? At night, Jinze’s face suddenly changed, and the pupil color instantly dyed a little awe.
Damn it!
Night Jinze consciousness looked behind the person with a sullen face.
"Yuesheng!" Jun suddenly looked out of sight in the direction of the courtyard gate with a face of dissatisfaction. "Didn’t you say that my little pet hates night Jinze most now? But look at the two of them now. Is this disgusting? It seems that you are not at home! "
Chapter 4 His little pet (3)
A word out of the hospital in the middle of the night JinZe and light tone at the same time a surprised and looked behind him.
A man in a white doctor’s line of sight is quietly falling in the yard, and there is a faint doubt in the female fox pupil.
At night, Jinze looked at Yuesheng at the door and was full of murder.
Bastard, is this guy finally willing to show up? !
the other side
Light tone is a face of curiosity to look at the door eyebrows tiny cu cu.
So this fake fox-like smelly thing hypnotized her? !
"Yue Sheng, it seems that you have missed." Leaning against the door, Jun sneered and grinned. "It’s rare to see it ~"
Jun’s words fell on the moon, and Sheng’s eyes moved and glanced at the night Jinze’s expression beside the woman.
"Well, bring the people first." Jun suddenly rose to the outside of the yard, and soon a woman with a big belly and a robe was carried in by an agile orc from the side of the wall.
? Pop? Half of the orcs’ metal feet were steady, and the huge momentum on one side of the yard smashed their feet out of a small pit.
At the same time, pregnant women on their shoulders were also thrown to the ground as if they had already fainted.
At the same moment
Another man in a suit was thrown in from the other side of the wall and rolled for several times in the small yard before he stopped whining.
"Mr. Dasu?" The line of sight fell all over the mud, and the man’s face was frightened. Suddenly, he was shocked. When he was trying to help people up, his arm was suddenly pulled by the night Jinze.
Light tone and sluggish body shape
"Miss light, light tone?" When Su Dafu heard it, the beast’s pupil suddenly lit up and he was about to pounce for help, but suddenly he saw a side night, and Jinze was frightened and climbed back.
"Dian Dian?" Su Dafu a surprised palpitation after a moment seems to want to understand what quickly got up with a face of panic and knelt down constantly at night Jinze knock XiangTou eyes immediately red up and tears rustling to fall off "temple! Temple! I was wrong! I was really wrong! Please adults don’t remember that little people love their children. Now they are crazy. If, if you don’t want to recognize that child, oh, no, no, no,no. That child has absolutely nothing to do with the temple. Please, please leave us alone! Let go of your love! "
At night, when Jinze heard the words, his face suddenly became ugly. His eyes fell on the other side and his tone was faint. "What does this mean?"
"Can’t you see?" Your eyebrows slightly pick "I help you! Do you really want a crazy woman to have an illegitimate life? "
The night Jinze frowned, and the line of sight glanced at the bottom of the pupil slightly behind him.
Looks like he’s hiding his fake identity again tonight
You really are a gentleman. You not only like killing people, but also like killing people.
Knowing that the most important thing is that Sue’s baby’s biological father has kicked out the problem.
If he doesn’t get Sue’s son, he will definitely die, and then he naturally can’t prove his innocence.
But if he comes to the rescue,
"What do you want?" Jinze asked coldly at night.
Jun Bao’s eyes are full of smiles. "I just want to see if you are going to save your illegitimate life or just stand by and ignore it?"
Chapter 5 His little pet (4)
"I saved" the man almost without hesitation.
Of course, if you want to save it, you must save it!
Otherwise, whether the sound is awakened from the enchantment will become a horizontal line, and he will never be separated from the sound.
The words sound just fell and the side light tone turned sharply and looked into the night Jinze with a face of shock.
"You actually" actually think so and don’t want to show weakness? Isn’t this deliberately putting your weakness in front of others for people to attack?
Light tone complexion suddenly looks ugly, eyes suddenly sink, then raise my hand to get rid of the night Jinze had dragged himself not to let his former hand walk towards the other side without looking back, as if he wanted to be alone and calm.
Why are you so nervous about talking to that woman? !
Asshole! Did this guy really have an affair with that woman?
It’s a pity that as soon as this idea came out of my mind, I rejected it myself.
These days, two people get along with each other day and night, and memento mori jumps out from time to time in her mind. She is very sure that the man is interested in herself.
Plus what she knows about herself
She is a person who is not easily tempted by others.
But since she can book a wedding and laugh, she also took the initiative to kiss Jinze at night. Does that mean that she is very sure that a man will make such a choice for himself? !
Deep in thought