Gu Qingshan also told the purpose of the spacecraft.

He can keep thinking and thinking.
A few hours later.
Lola came out of the cabin and sat beside Gu Qingshan.
She tilted her head and secretly went to see Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan’s eyes were covered with a piece of black cloth, and his lips were pinched tightly, and his thumb was bent against the bar.
He is still thinking.
Lola got up and left silently when she saw him like this.
Three hours passed.
Lola came back again.
This time, instead of stealing her eyes, she faced Gu Qingshan squarely.
Gu Qingshan still kept moving forward without any change.
He still thinks.
Lola secretly sighed and poked Gu Qingshan with her hand.
"eh? Lola? " Gu Qingshan seemed to be awakened.
"What’s wrong with Gu Qingshan?" Lola avenue
Gu Qingshan looked at the lovely little girl before and suddenly remembered something.
"Oh, by the way, Lola, do you have any treasures that can help you find something?" He asked.
"Of course. What are you looking for?" Lola happy way
"Order? Isn’t the devil’s preface you? "
"I want to find his order."
"… I’ve never heard of looking for order treasures."
"Well, to be exact, it is a card that contains order-think again, after all, you are the person with the most treasures," Gu Qingshan said.
Lola shook her head and sighed, "It is very rare to find treasures. The real essence is mysterious. The artifacts need to meet various specific preconditions before they can be launched."
Seeing that Gu Qingshan is very urgent, Lola thought for a while and said, "Most of these things can be found in kind-and what you are looking for is cards and order, which is out of the general physical category. I want to think about it unless a certain mysterious treasure-hunting ability has its own wisdom-don’t look at me, I can touch treasures and won’t treasure."
Gu Qingshan listened to Lola’s explanation and suddenly remembered the colored rooster-
Colored cock is attached to the intelligence of God of War, and it also has some wisdom as Lola said.
Maybe the cock can find the water god?
Unfortunately, the day is not over yet, and the colored cock can’t be activated yet.
Gu Qingshan simply ask ares interface directly.
"God of War interface, I want to find the water god brand colored rooster. Can you reveal some clues?"
A crisp sound
The interface of Ares replied, "It’s a pity that Ares information can be collected in 900 million layers of the world, and you don’t have the function of finding things."
Gu Qingshan nai sighed.
Then Lola looked at his gaunt face and couldn’t help but turn her mind.
She shook his arm and said, "Don’t think about it yet. I’m hungry. I want to eat your cooking."
"all right"
Gu Qingshan said well.
Lola was happy.
She skipped to greet Zhang Yinghao and Ye Fei to help move the tables and chairs.
Gu Qingshan took out pots and pans and set the seasoning table one by one.