"What’s the matter?" Hu soldier’s ears are still buzzing when he picks up the communicator, and he can’t hear anything even if he shouts next to his companion.

He didn’t know that all the equipment of the team broke down, and at the same time, the wilderness of the team suddenly screamed sharply, and then several black spots flew from far and near at an extraordinary speed, which cut the team in different directions.
Then there was an earth-shattering explosion, and huge fireballs rose and released amazing shock waves, which made the magnetic energy chariots turn over like toys blown down by the wind or the whole chariot turned upside down!
Suddenly the wind is full of hot and anxious smell.
Fortunately, the soldiers struggled to climb out of the chariot, and at the same time, there were two huge gas fields in the motorcade, accompanied by two day order congressmen, who broke the door or car body by various means, and then rushed to the car with Hyperion on it at the same time.
At this moment, a bird suddenly sounded near the vehicle, and a raven flew over and entangled a member of parliament.
The senator roared, a star burst into armor, then pulled out his double swords and set off a sword light all over the sky to strangle and smash these suspicious ravens!
At the same time, a figure flashed from time to time and rushed to another member.
The congressman quickly squatted with his hands on the ground and shook two rock golems to the ground and held the size of a chariot.
Fist mercilessly toward the rushed to figure.
The figure flashed, but after two rock golems, the member of the rank of "Element Heart" saw that the attacker was a masked man, and the other party released its own atmosphere, making all the faces around it look the same.
On the other side, day order’s "God of War" was wrapped around. The ravens called back and spun like a cloud. A man came out of that dark cloud. He wore a pair of dark circles as if he hadn’t slept well for days.
His hands were full of black gas, and out of this dark atmosphere rushed a big black ape and a black bear with red claws.
Then there were several poisonous snakes on the soles of the feet, which gathered like a tide to form a rolling turbid stream and rushed to the opponent.
The man with dark circles rubbed his hands and produced a doll with black breath. The doll looked just like the senator of the rank of "God of War". He threw the doll out and the black bear next to him roared and tore it with red light and claws.
At the same time, the members of the rank of "God of War" were fighting with each other, and their armor shone brightly, spewing out several strings of sparks as if they had been torn apart by the black bear.
"Yeah, the rank of" God of War "is really troublesome …" The dark-eyed man said in a low voice.
As for the motorcade, two members of parliament were entangled by experts, and a group of soldiers had already taken the escort car to disable the collar, but they were still locked by the hydraulic lock. Hyperion was taken out and was about to transfer.
Suddenly, the sharp roar sounded a series of bloody swords, and the soldiers were pierced, leaving them dead or injured.
The soldiers quickly turned around and saw a figure rushing over. It was a middle-aged man with meticulous hair. There were bloody sword lights floating around him. When he charged, those bloody sword lights kept shooting like machine guns, slamming all obstacles in front.
Every time a sword light disappears, another one will be generated, and it will last forever as if it were endless.
Although the soldiers fought to the death, where was day order’s opponent? When the man came to Hyperion’s side, hundreds of soldiers were either killed by the sword light or couldn’t get up.
"Finally, I didn’t miss it." The middle-aged man raised his hand and there was a bloody sword light walking around Hyperion, which would limit his various instruments to cut.
After Hyperion regained his freedom, he shook his hands and feet before looking at the middle-aged man. "Chen Hu, your actions are too rough."
The middle-aged man smiled slightly. "Don’t mind us. After all, it’s not that you can’t plan too delicate. Besides, we succeeded, right?"
There was another roar in the sky, and then a figure fell on the rollover chariot. It was a man in a black robe with a mask on his face. Behind him, a pair of ejectors were retracting, and the whole person looked heavier than if it were made of alloy.
"Welcome back, Hyperion," the man said, looking up and facing the square.
Tianyang, the fortress of God of War, received news that many convoys of the Golden Court were attacked. "Twelve"-Hyperion has been rescued.
Then he received a private message from Lin Jianbing informing him that there will be a flying ship to Lieyang Fort in three days, and then he will be taken to the Golden Court to attend this year’s court meeting!
Seeing this news, Tianyang immediately joined the fortress and let Ah Dao.
Husband and others sorted out some information.
Dark empire data in No.2 inverse boundary
It’s another dusk
All the buildings in the Sky Castle facing the west are dyed with gold, which makes this floating fortress cast like gold.
The moonlight on the terrace of the’ White Ivory Tower’ library area is staring at the clouds and the sea breeze blowing, making her clothes hunt and make a beautiful curve.
Her breath has changed a lot.
She has been promoted.
Now she is day order.
Although Tianyang warned her not to be promoted rashly, day order received’ enlightenment’ and became a lamb at the table.
However, in order to do what I have to do, Moonlight still risks promotion, and I am lucky and have not failed.
These days, she is still used to the power of day order. Because she has just been promoted, she is still able to control the power of day order freely, and it is still difficult to converge.
But it’s not a big obstacle to what she’s going to do next.
The footsteps sounded and the moonlight didn’t look back, but Sun Sun’s figures were outlined in her mind, and then she heard the girl’s voice.
"Boss, you really are here."
Looking back in the moonlight, I saw Sun Sun, Liu Ya and Pang panting, and they seemed to come in a hurry.
Sun Sun took a breath and then took the first two steps. "Boss, you have gone too far! We didn’t even know you were going to take part in the moon landing if we didn’t just meet the elder Gao Hanghu. You’re going to throw us to the Moon Palace Castle! "
Moonlight pinched her nose angrily and said, "Why did I lose it? It’s like I’ll never come back once I go."
"Recently, the Sky Castle is going to send a batch of materials to the moon to the Moon Palace Castle. It is said that my ancestors came out to imagine their descendants. I think it is necessary to have a look."
Moonlight grabbed Sun Sun’s shoulder and said, "I’ll be back in a week at the most. What’s your hurry?"
Sun Sun pursed his lips and said, "But our Bai Yueguang Hunting Group has rules. We swore that we would go wherever the boss went."
"Yes, boss, let’s go with you?" Fat follows.
Moonlight shook her head. "Not for the time being. There are strict restrictions on the number of people going to the moon. If Elder Gao hadn’t fought for me and been promoted to day order, this quota wouldn’t have fallen on my head."
"Besides, even so, I have to participate in all kinds of training, and now it is too late for you to participate in training."
Sun Sun suddenly became discouraged. "Well, I still want to visit the moon. I don’t know what it looks like to build a moon fortress."
"Eldest brother, you said there would be no evil on the moon, right?"
The moonlight glared at her "crow mouth"
She went on to say, "No matter how the gods evolved, they did not have the ability to travel deeply, and even if they had the ability to fly, they could not fly out of the atmosphere."
"I have read the report of the evil gods. Up to now, all the body structures of the evil gods have been developed from the planet, and they have not developed deep structures."
Chapter 1476 Court Meeting
A porthole reflected the figure of Tianyang, and he saw a sea of clouds through the sealed window.
At this time, a flying ship belonging to the Golden Court is running steadily in the stratosphere, and Tianyang will take it to the headquarters of the Golden Court to attend the annual court meeting.
There are too many detailed information about flying ships in Tianyang’s hand board, and Tianyang can’t understand the technical terms, but the basic information is understandable.
The flying ship of the Golden Chamber adopts anti-gravity technology, which can make the flying ship get rid of the gravitational force of the stars to be suspended or fly with inertial compensator, so that the flying ship personnel will not be crushed by gravity when maneuvering at high speed.
The flying ship sensor array can analyze the surrounding environment and identify threats and dangers. It has a variety of scanning instruments, which can reconnaissance the surrounding areas in different ranges and feed back the information to the computer for processing.
This is much safer and faster than observing the environment with naked eyes.
In terms of weapons, the combination of various caliber star light cannons and solid missiles gives flying ships excellent fire suppression ability and poses a strong threat to ground units.
However, limited by technology and some expensive equipment, flying ships are still produced in large quantities. Only some world organizations such as super fortresses or gold courts have different types of flying ships.
As far as Tianyang No.1, the headquarters of the Golden Chamber, knows, now he is far away from the main land flying ship, and the automatic balance system of the hull has reduced the height, so that the passengers can always stay in a horizontal sitting position, but it will not change because of the angle of the flying ship.
A moment later, Yang saw outside the window that the sea was exhausted, and a blue whale spewed water and flew over the ship sea quickly, as if the end point was still far away.
But the sky felt that the flying ship was slowing down, and it seemed that the golden court had arrived.
A moment later, Yang saw a light suddenly appearing and flashing outside the window, and then looked out of the window. He saw a huge metal platform on the sea.
It’s like an island made of metal in the sea. Tianyang saw that there was a tarmac, a runway, a communication tower and a spacious road leading to the depths of the platform.
There is a magnificent building complex in the center of the platform, which is like a small city highway with four interchanges, and a three-dimensional traffic network is constructed.
Every building has a towering antenna, a lightning rod and an anti-signal lamp.
The most striking thing about a building is that its outer wall seems to be made of gold, and its whole body is golden and brilliant 3.
"That’s the headquarters building of the Golden Court". A court guide who is responsible for picking up Tianyang smiled. "The court will be held on the day. After we land, there will be a special car to pick you up and take a rest in the exclusive reception building."
Of course, if you want to visit, you can contact me at any time.