The bones are crunchy at the first moment.

Xia Qi’s figure stands still, but the opposite quasi-emperor looks miserable!
A * * front Xia Qi suppress quasi-emperor!
His strength is shocking, shocking!
This statue of the quasi-emperor is in the wind, and several bones are broken, but this is not a big problem for the quasi-emperor. He looks angry and roars and kills again.
But this time Xia Qike was not interested in the wave with this statue of quasi-emperor. He confronted each other with a punch and then flashed directly into the crowd in the holy land of Zi Xia to find the jade bell.
"Don’t escape!"
This statue of the Emperor-to-be wants to kill Xia Qi.
A figure like an iron tower stood in front of the quasi-emperor, blocking his pursuit of Xia Qi.
Golden crown snake!
The great realm holds the black ghost gun of the emperor!
At this time, the golden crown snake is not the top emperor, but the ordinary emperor can’t take advantage of anything in front of him!
A statue of a quasi-emperor appeared in front of him, which was suicidal!
"Don’t bite off more than you can chew!"
The golden crown, the ghost snake, the cold one, disdained to look at this statue of the fairy king, even disdained to move the black ghost gun and directly bombarded it with one punch and touched this statue of the quasi-emperor magic weapon
This statue of quasi-emperor magic weapon was directly smashed by one punch!
Moreover, the attack of the golden crown and the ghost snake does not stop there!
After the fist broke the magic weapon, the fist of the golden crown snake didn’t stop, but it was as fierce as ever and directly collided with the chest of this prospective emperor!
Blood donation is crazy and the body is flying backwards!
The fist of the golden crown and the ghost snake runs through the chest of this quasi-emperor, which makes this quasi-emperor’s body fly upside down, and the bloody person will completely fall halfway!
All this happened in a flash. In the summer, the capital just entered the holy land of Zi Xia and saw the trapped jade bell and white.
"Xia Qi!"
"He is Xia Qi!"
"The Great Emperor!"
"This is a great emperor!"
"How did that happen? The second day, the entry of the Great Emperor’s root method is even impossible to enter in the world treasures of Gankun. How can there be a great emperor? "
"There was the emperor appeared! Is there a genius who broke through to the realm of the great on the second day? "
"This is the day to die my holy land in Zi Xia ….."
Panic, sorrow and alarm are ringing in the blink of an eye.
The arrival of the Great completely destroyed this group of immortals in the holy land of Zi Xia.
At this time, no one has paid attention to jade bells and small white, and they are all in fear.
"Little girl … little white …"
Xia Qi also forgot a group of younger brothers in the holy land of Zi Xia who first appeared beside Jade Bell and Xiaobai and put their arms around Jade Bell and asked earnestly.
"Brother Xia Qi …"
Jade bell showed a sweet smile and called Xia Qiyi affectionately, and then she was pale and fell into a coma directly.
"Have a good rest and everything will be fine."
Xia qi holding the jade bell gently mouth.
And beside Xiao Bai, she was also in such a coma. In the past, she was also covered in blood and her white fur looked extremely miserable.
However, fortunately, Jade Bell and Xiaobai were in a coma in the past, not because of any danger, but because they used to consume too much, and now they are relaxing with one breath.
Xia Qi brought Jade Bell and Xiaobaidu into the physical world and built wood in the physical world to help Jade Bell and Xiaobaidu recover.
Do all this. Xia Qi’s eyes are cold as a knife and he looks at the brother who is running away from the holy land of Zi Xia!
He has a murder in his heart and needs to vent! !
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-six Surprised news
The elite of Zi Xia Holy Land has entered the second place except Feather Day, the strongest one. Nine achievements have been made here, and there are several statues of quasi-emperors alone.
But at the moment, such a large group of elite is like a SangGuQuan is desperate to escape!
Even a few statues of the quasi-imperial capital are trying their best to escape from others.
In the Golden Crown Ghost Snake and Wu Xiaqi, many visions besieged the holy land of Zi Xia, and there was no chance to fight back. You either fled or chose to die!
The fact is that you choose to escape. It’s only for a while to save your life and live longer. There is a statue of the emperor, the Golden Crown Ghost Snake, who can escape from the roots of the holy people in Zi Xia!
Screaming one after another, the people in the holy land of Zi Xia are suffering from a massacre, and there is no way to resist their upcoming tragic fate!
"None left!"
Xia Qi’s cold eyes swept all the immortals in the holy land of Zi Xia.
He wants to kill!
Zi Xia Holy Land people wanted to kill Jade Bell to make him angry. Now Zi Xia Holy Land failed to kill Jade Bell, but it succeeded in angering Xia Qi!
His anger burns the sky unstoppable! To provoke all this, Zi Xia Holy Land is bound to bear Xia Qi’s wrath!
"Feng Jian!"
Xia Qi holds a long sword with a strange and smooth body like a column, which is just beyond the quasi-emperor’s weapon. There is a slight difference between the quasi-emperor’s weapon and the powerful treasure sword!
A sword cut I sword light covered the sky like thousands of swords hanging around madly swept away. More than a dozen Zi Xia holy brothers were actually shrouded in this sword light!
Among them, there is a quasi-emperor!
Although in a bad situation, Xia Qi’s rampant behavior still makes a group of brothers in Zi Xia Holy Land become angry from embarrassment and follow the quasi-emperor to kill Xia Qi directly!
"Caught Xia Qi! If we can catch Xia Qi, we can all get away safely! "
This statue of quasi-emperor drinking attracted the attention of many immortals in the holy land of Zi Xia, and several statues of quasi-imperial city gave up their escape, but rushed towards Xia Qi like light.