Chapter two hundred and twenty Impact Yuan Ying Gentiana!
Once again, one minute passes by.
The cooling time of the cultivation simulator has ended, but Qin Genting is not in a hurry to continue a new round of imitation cultivation. Instead, she is waiting for Chen Qianxue to finish cooling and wants to simulate cultivation together with Chen Qianxue at the same time.
This is not because there is something wrong with her certain orientation, nor because she has any strange ideas about Chen Qianxue.
This is simply a competitive mentality.
She returned to the real world after spending two years in the immortal simulator.
While Chen Qianxue stayed for more than 1000 years.
This obviously made her very angry.
Qin Genting felt that she didn’t seem to be much worse than Chen Qianxue, and she could attribute her premature death to her luck.
It’s hard to say anything about luck. Maybe my luck will get better this time by simulating cultivation of immortality.
Qin Yan is very optimistic.
It didn’t take long … She waited until Chen Qianxue cooled down.
First, I watched Chen Qianxue enter the simulator to simulate the cultivation of immortality.
Gentiana entered the simulator.
"I’m not bad this time!"
You were born at the age of! But I don’t know what happened. You haven’t seen your parents since you were born. There is a mysterious person holding you away. This mysterious person has been raising you. You have long been used to this because you met this mysterious person during a simulated cultivation.
[2 years old, maybe this time your luck is really better than the last one. You will die this year. You didn’t die this time, but you came back to life at the cost of … protecting you and raising your mysterious man to die in the hands of the pursuers]
You were thrown off a cliff by a mysterious man and miraculously survived, because the cliff is a swift river and you drifted along it.
You were fished out of the river by a peasant woman, and you were adopted by her.
[At the age of 1, you practiced hard, but it seems that the talent of cultivating immortals in this body is not so good … until now, you haven’t stepped into the gas refining layer]
At the age of 13, everything comes to him who waits. You finally stepped on the road of cultivating immortals and broke through to the level of refining gas.
[At the age of 2, you got a panacea and successfully broke through to the second floor of gas refining]
[The peasant woman who adopted you at the age of 5 died]
At the same time, you have broken through to the fifth floor of gas refining.
Realizing that you can’t practice blindly alone, you decided to join a relatively large force. After much reasoning, you decided to join the imperial court. Although the name of the imperial court in this country doesn’t seem to be particularly good, at least there are cultivation resources that you don’t have, and you need them very much.
During the years when you were 1 year old, you helped the imperial court to do a lot of things, including but not limited to chasing down the magic repair, pacifying the disaster … some shameful things.
But also because you do things neatly, you get a lot of rewards. With these cultivation resources, you have broken through to the ninth floor of refining gas.
[At the age of 15, you broke through to the first floor of the foundation]
[When you break through the preconditions, you get the weight of the local court. At the same time, you are a big shot in this acre of land. Now you have a hundred refined gas hands]
[At the age of 2, you broke through to the second floor of Zhuji]
[At the age of 3, you obviously feel that the breakthrough speed is too fast and slow, and it is very likely that you will fall into an embarrassing situation in Shou Yuan in the future]
[You were drawn to the secondary vocational school in the capital of Dynasty for making a special contribution]
[Beijing has better cultivation resources, and you will soon break through to the fifth floor of the foundation]
At the age of four, you got a lot of chances because of some coincidences. At the age of 400, you broke through to the seventh floor of Zhuji, but because of some coincidences, you were accidentally involved in a storm. If you are not careful, you will probably end up in perdition.
But this time, good luck seems to have happened to you again.
Not only did you survive this storm, but you also got a lot of benefits and were appreciated by some important people. You got a very special elixir, which made you directly break through to the grass-roots construction.
At the age of five, you broke through to the ninth floor of Tsukiji, but it didn’t make you get much growth in Shou Yuan because you were too old.
[Do you feel that if you don’t break through to the realm of then as soon as possible, you may not even live to be 600 years old]
[You can eat and get cards from both sources]
[You have become a great greed]
But it is for this reason that you get more massive cultivation resources, which makes your cultivation progress very fast. In just a hundred years, you broke through to the next level.
[At the age of 6, you have reached the first floor of the elixir, and you don’t have much joy. The scarcity of Shou Yuan makes you feel full of crisis and urgency seems to force you to keep moving forward]
"Damn … how so miserable!" Gentiana was very dissatisfied with her situation.
This seems a little different from what she expected.
Although I lived and lived for a long time,
But the problem is that this life is not good either!
She felt like a busy ant running around and running around for hundreds of years.
It seems that I haven’t stopped for a moment.
Just like an animal.
Oh, no …
At least she hasn’t rested for a long time when the livestock have a rest … Because of that sense of urgency, she dare not rest for a second.
I am afraid that my breakthrough speed is too slow to play with one hand and die.
That death is too humbled
She would rather die in battle.
Don’t die of old age.
"And in the six hundred years, neither Chen Qianxue nor Fu Shuangni seems to have any news to cultivate immortals in the simulator, which means that they must have lived for a long time in the second simulation of cultivating immortals!"
"No, no!" Qin Genting muttered, "This time, you must never be the first dead person. Otherwise, it would be a shame. Although that guy Chen Qianxue didn’t speak on the surface, I think her heart must be laughing."
"Continue to practice! ! !”
[At the age of seven, you were able to break through to a higher level of cultivation. You did everything you could to find ways that challenged your moral bottom line. After thinking about it, you didn’t, but it was enough for you to make a surge in cultivation.]
[Plus, you got a lot of chances in this issue, and you broke through to the third floor of then]
[Years old, but the sense of urgency in your heart still hasn’t lifted this talent for cultivating immortals, which makes you really ignorant. You can pin your hopes on that mysterious and ethereal luck, and getting a chance with luck may help you break your own lack of qualifications for cultivating immortals]
At the age of 1, you broke through to the fifth floor of the elixir, and you suddenly found that your face had a little tiny wrinkles, which shocked you.
[At the age of 12, you broke through to the seventh floor of then]
At the age of 13, you had a bottleneck, which made you more anxious.
[At the age of 15, when Shou Yuan is coming to an end, you finally broke the bottleneck and directly broke through to the then layer, which made you feel a little relieved]
At the age of 17, you broke through the tenth floor of the elixir. Since you broke the bottleneck before, you found that your spiritual practice seems to be smoother than before.
[At the age of 19, you did everything to prepare for Yuan Ying’s realm repair]
[Impact failure! 】
It’s a good thing that this impact failure didn’t cause you great self-attack.
[2-year-old Shou Yuan left the last year when you put all your eggs in one basket and hit Yuanying again! 】
[the impact is successful! 】