He doesn’t know why he wants to come to the palace to drink, and he can drink it at home.

What is he expecting?
Looking forward to meeting her here, he did meet her today, but his heart was even worse.
If she had just told him that the photo was fake, she was not with Zhuang Weiren.
He would have believed her, but she said the photo was real.
Lu Yichen’s eyes were red with Sue’s love affair "What?"
Sue’s throat is a little blocked "because I don’t love you"
"Don’t love me now? Or … never loved me? " The last few words are a little difficult for Lu Yichen to ask.
His eyes were tightly locked with Sue’s pale lips.
"I …" Sue knows that Liu Yichen is watching her, and she really wants to tell him that all this is a misunderstanding. Those photos are not true, but she can’t say anything after all because she can’t let Liu Yichen lose everything.
There are not many people who are really kind to her in this life. She can’t be selfish and let her lover lose everything.
"You what?" Liu Yichen waited for half a day without waiting for the answer and asked anxiously
"I’ve always benefited you, and I’ve never loved you." Now that you’ve decided, let’s be thorough.
Hate her. Don’t let her go again. Lu belongs to him.
Liu Yichen waved his body and touched his forehead with one hand and smiled gently. He was really drunk and asked such a stupid question.
Father said yes, look, she admitted it herself.
It’s really good for him to return her love for him!
Liu Yichen stood up and walked out holding the table without finding that Sue was in tears at night.
Sue wan Qing stretched out her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from crying, and her eyes were blurred, looking at the body that had brought her warmth, getting farther and farther.
Li Ling came to Yan Muqing Bao after the performance, and saw that Sue was drunk and busy at her desk. She went over and helped her sit on the sofa and watched it for a while, but she didn’t find Liu Yichen.
Did he leave Sue for the night?
No way. How can Lu Yichen love Sue so much?
But that’s the truth.
Li Linghao returned to her apartment with Sue’s late feelings.
Sleep till midnight and hear Sue talking in her sleep.
Li Ling is busy playing bedside lamp. Seeing Sue blushing at night, she puts her hand on her forehead, which is very hot and scary. She is busy playing 12.
At the same time, I also called Yan Muqing and asked him to inform Liu Yichen.
Liu Yichen and the ambulance came together, parked the car in the building without saying anything, sat in the ambulance and went to the hospital with Sue.
Li Ling was also sitting in the ambulance. Although Lu Yichen didn’t say a word, his eyebrows were worried.
There are some doubts in my heart. What seems wrong between two people who love each other?
And how can Liu Yichen leave Sue alone tonight?
Suddenly Sue’s mouth opened and closed, but no one heard what she was saying because of her low voice.
Liu Yichen crouched down and put his ear to Sue’s lips.
"Yi Chen … I love you …"
Liu Yichen looked at Sue with surprise. She stretched out her hand and held people in her arms for a second.
"Ah, ah … the patient is uncomfortable and let her lie flat." The nurse quickly shouted beside her.
Lu Yichen’s eyes were a little red when she looked up at Su Wan.
Li Ailing glanced at it and looked at it again. The corners of Sue’s mouth were slightly raised.
Is this reconciliation?
Before the ambulance stopped at the door of the private hospital, Lu Yichen greeted the dean. At this time, there were a lot of people at the door.
Sue was sent to the intensive care room directly, and the dean followed.
Liu Yichen and Li Ailing sat in the chair outside and no one spoke.
Forty minutes later, the door of the emergency room hit Liu Yichen, and her eyes were fixed on Sue’s love affair.
The dean walked up to Liu Yichen and respectfully said, "Mrs. Lu always has a little fever, so it will be fine to rest for a few days after the fever has gone down."
"When will the fever go away?"
"Er …" Dean squeezed his hand mask "I should be able to return it today". He doesn’t know when it will be returned, but he can probably guess.
"Good" Liu Yichen sip lip got up and followed the nurse to Sue night ward.
The nurse hung up the needle and left.
Liu Yichen saw Li Ailing coming from washing her hands with a towel and reaching for "You go home and I’ll take care of her."
Li Ailing glanced at Sue’s love affair. What she needed most at this time was Liu Yichen.
I took a look at Liu Yichen when I was leaving with my bag. It was enough to gently wipe her face.
Section 321
Li Ailing walked out of the hospital and put on her coat. It’s really cold in winter in the early morning.
I took a taxi back at the hospital gate.
When she went downstairs, she took out the key and prepared to open the door. When she saw the figure at the door, she almost forgot that she had a boyfriend.
"Just working?" Liu Yang frowned and asked if she was not playing a song at ten o’clock, but at eleven o’clock at the latest. It’s almost two o’clock in the morning.
Thinking of her going to Yan Muqing’s house for the night and now working in his site class looks even worse.
"It’s not that I … have something to do." I want to tell him about the late love affair, but if I do, he will definitely go to the hospital to see her immediately according to his feelings for the late love affair.
Liu Yichen is here at this time. Let them be alone.
"Stay with Yan Muqing," Liu Yang said sarcastically.
Li Ailing opened his mouth and said nothing.
Since she was drunk and stayed at manager Yan’s house, Liu Yang would satirize her like this from time to time.
Before, she would explain, but today she doesn’t want to explain.
Especially after watching Liu Yichen’s feelings for Sue, she didn’t want to explain it.
Sometimes I wonder if she and Liu Yang are in love?
Maybe not. It’s all her wishful thinking!
That time, I kept Liu Yang. She cut her wrist and committed suicide. Now I think about how stupid I was at that time!
Keys jingle in one’s hand