Do you want to have lunch together one day?

I told you not to eat lunch.
He smiled.
It seems that you have met Eliot. I don’t usually eat, because I have a glass of milk and a piece of bread when I am free, but I’d like to have lunch with you.
We made an appointment to meet at the Dome Cafe the next day, first to have a glass of stomach wine and then to find a house in the street. I went back to find a friend, sat and chatted for a while, and then when I turned around, Larry had disappeared.
The next morning, I spent an hour leisurely in the Luxembourg Museum, looked at a few paintings, and then wandered around the garden to recall all the scenes of my youth. Yesterday, I walked along the gravel path in pairs, and had a heated discussion about loving my family. The children were still in the nanny’s care, playing with iron rings, and the old people were still basking in the sun, watching the morning paper and mourning. Middle-aged women were still sitting on public benches, talking about how much the price had gone up. Later, I strolled around the Odeon Theatre to display many new boys. As I did 30 years ago, I was not afraid of the fierce eyes of the clerk. Since I couldn’t afford it, I read a few pages and counted a few pages. I strolled through the familiar dark alley and arrived at Mon panas Avenue and then went to the dome cafe. Larry had been waiting for us to have a drink there, and then walked along the road to find an open-air restaurant.
Larry feels paler than before, so his eyes are particularly deep, but he is still calm, which is very rare among young people, and his smile is sincere and doesn’t hurt. I noticed that his French is very mellow and I praised him.
Actually, I knew a little French before. Aunt Louisa helped Isabel find a French tutor. Every time she was in Marvin, she asked us to talk in French.
I asked him if he was in Paris.
Do you live in Mon panas?
Yes, he hesitated for a long time before answering. I don’t think he would disclose his exact address.
Elliott’s boss is unhappy because you gave him the American Express address.
Pull inside with a smile but say nothing.
What are you doing?
Wander around
Still watching?
Yeah, still watching
No word from Isabel
We don’t like writing letters sometimes. She has a good time in Chicago, and they come to Paris to stay at Eliot’s every year.
It’s good for you.
I don’t think Isabel has been to Paris. It will be fun to show her around.
He was very curious about my trip to China and listened attentively to me, but every time I thought about bringing the topic back to him, it was futile for him to talk about his own affairs. My only conclusion was that he invited me to lunch in the hope that I could accompany him. I was happy, but I was also confused. As soon as we finished our coffee, he came to check out and got up after paying the money.
Well, I have to go, he said
We said goodbye. I still don’t know what he was thinking, and I haven’t seen him since.
The following spring, I was not in Paris. Mrs. bradley, Isabel had stayed at Eliot’s for several weeks before her trip, so I had to use my imagination to try to piece together what happened during this period. Eliot, who was on the Cherbourg coast, always acted carefully and went to meet them after crossing the sea. Eliot proudly said that he had a famous maid to take care of them. Mrs. bradley said that it was not necessary because they didn’t need a maid. Eliot returned without ceremony.
Louisa, if you don’t come here, you’ll be disrespecting the east and the west. Without the maid, you can’t do the scene. I’m Antoinette. It’s not you. Isabel’s me, too. You’re not well dressed, but you’re embarrassing me
He glanced at their clothes and their faces were full of disgust.
Of course you have to buy some new clothes. I want to think about Chanel women’s clothes.
I used to go to Voss to buy, said Mrs. bradley
What she said was tantamount to saying that Eliot didn’t even
I told Chanel to make an appointment for you at three o’clock in the afternoon, and the hat should be the bell hat designed by Ruibang.
I don’t want to spend so much money, Eliot
I know I’m in charge of all the departments, so you can’t let me down. By the way, Isabel, I arranged several banquets for you and told my French friends that your father Myron was a big boy before his death. After all, if you really want to say that he will live longer, he will definitely be promoted, and this title will be louder. I guess no one will ask about it, but just to be on the safe side, I’ll tell you first.
You are ridiculous, Eliot.
It’s not ridiculous, worldly-wise. I’ve seen too many widows, but their status is higher than that of ministers’ widows.