Although Bai Yifan and Du Hongyi are the same type of men who like to play tricks on people, compared with Bai Yifan, Du Hongyi’s face is more cold and there is no room for it.

"It’s a game to stop when it’s too good. Don’t be serious." Bai Yifan, who felt embarrassed to return to Rui, advised the host.
However, Du Hongyi’s face showed no signs of relief, and his face became more and more cold and hard. "Since ancient times, I have been willing to gamble and lose. If I can’t afford it, then don’t come."
Gui Rui was so wronged that her eyes turned red. She felt that her eyes were so harsh and she felt so humiliated now. Why can’t this man leave some noodles for her?
Suddenly, a soft hand grasped the returning hand and pulled it out to escape from this place where the sword was in full bloom.
Gui Ruirui’s mind is swinging with crystal tears in her eyes at the moment. She doesn’t know who took her away from there. She knows that she is temporarily relieved. She knows that now she can’t bear to shed tears.
"Why did he do that to you?" Looking so weak, I feel incredible. Is this the one she knows who is not afraid to return to Rui?
This return to the core makes Xunruliu see her former shadow. Can women who fall in love become so trampled upon?
Return to send Rui raised tears Yan hazy eyes hard to pull the corners of the mouth, "thank you if Liu"
"You haven’t answered my question yet. Why should he do this to you?" I know Gui Ruirui doesn’t want to say it, but she still wants to ask and her tone is very heavy.
"I don’t know if Liu, I really don’t know if you don’t ask, okay?" Laixin was very wronged and sent to Rui, who was found if Liu pressed her. The whole person collapsed and she burst into tears.
Because she doesn’t want to say, because she and Du Hongyi are employers and park people, she can’t say that she is Du Hongyi’s mistress now, let alone 20 thousand. She sold her body and her heart
Chapter 4 Heart Sound
"If you love so tired that you have no dignity, do you think you are still like the original you?" If you look for Liu, your eyes will be fixed on the return of Rui, but if you look for Liu, your eyes will flash and you will not dare to look up.
Suddenly, a furious man interrupted them. "We don’t want you to take care of our affairs."
To send Rui’s injured eyes to look at such an angry man can’t help but be shocked. Before she came to respond, she was dragged away by Du Hongyi mercilessly to sting and hurt. She opened her mouth and wanted to make a protest, but she just couldn’t.
Looking at the back of Guiruirui, I find that there are some nai. She shouldn’t interfere with other people’s emotional problems, but looking at Guiruirui now is like losing herself three years ago.
"Go back to dinner if they leave things to them to deal with." I don’t know if I have been looking for the season behind Liu slowly.
At this time, it is already the twilight of the west and the west, pulling the two figures for a long time. The body pretends to be inadvertently looking for the body, but it is deliberately far away from the season.
After a full meal, a woman meets in a kv in Chinatown, where kv decoration is similar to that in A city. The luxurious and bright black decoration makes people feel mysterious, bright and blurred, and the lights seem to make people wear masks.
Bai Yifan booked a luxurious presidential box. Several men drank wine and talked about some things about life or work, while women sat around a table.
"Let’s play cards." Gui Jirui has regained her vitality and told everyone excitedly. Then she added, "If you lose, you have to drink."
Everyone didn’t object. It’s to take care of Xiaoyou and play the simplest estimate. I don’t know what it is. Every time I lose, I always send it to Rui, and every time I drink it at once.
It turned out that this was all because she was looking for a drunken disguise. After looking at each other, Liu and Linda both pretended to be unlucky. They took turns drinking wine, but it was even worse to return to Rui, as if they were deliberately looking for a loser and had several drinks in a row.
Suddenly, a mellow male voice sounded above their heads, "Do you mind if men join us?"
Du Hongyi put his hands in his pockets and his eyes were a little sloppy, but his eyes drifted to his face and blushed. As Du Hongyi fell, several men joined the corresponding team. This move made the ladies present feel early and premeditated.
Smelling the faint smell of tobacco, she knew that Ji Yu had been sitting beside her. Although the smell was very light, she was still smelled by the sensitive nose of Xunruliu. But on second thought, this man was rooted in her. What does she care if this man smokes or not?
A strong arm force at the waist makes me feel like a willow. I cringe. This hand is very warm and warm, and it is very safe. However, this fake face hides saltiness and filth.
Waist hand tightened from time to time and rubbed against her waist from time to time, which made her whole back stiff and her heart beat unconsciously.
A group of men took their positions and sat beside their girlfriends. Tam was alone.
If Liu Gang wants to break her waist hand, but the return card has been handed over, "If Liu Jie has your card"
After drinking some wine, I returned to send Rui Yin, which was a little ethereal, because she was kind enough to wake up when she saw that Xunruliu had not received the card for a long time.
"Oh" if you find Liu, some people are asking for less than half a beat to take over the brand.
"What brand" Ji Yu pretends to be very curious, and commits himself to finding a way to find a willow.
If Liu turned their eyes, he said angrily, this man will really take advantage.
"What cards can be said casually?" Du Hongyi could not help joking, but his eyes were still mocking. Then he added, "I don’t mind if you look at Ji Yu and tell us all that if you want to get drunk tonight, you guys can be you."
"Who’s drunk and I don’t know yet?" If Liu Nu made signal with the lips, she replied that it was a game. She didn’t know what made her feel uncomfortable because of Hony’s jokes.
When did she become so haggle over every ounce? She must have been bullied by Hony, a man, and now she is a little angry with him. If Liu secretly finds herself abnormal in her heart, she will find a way out.
"Well, since my sister-in-law said so, let’s play it up. If the number is two times different from the number, the wine multiple will also be increased by two. If you can’t drink it, you don’t mind playing the truth once." Du Hongyi’s eyes are full of ponder and his face is eager to try. The expression is straightforward
"No, do you bully me in single dog?" One person, Tam, immediately issued a protest. What is bullying him? People are stupid. They are paired. He is lonely. It’s really unfair that he is still one to two now.
Tam stamped his feet with anger. He shouldn’t have come here. He was shot lying down anyway.
I don’t think much about the word single dog, and Tam will also say something from his mouth. Everyone found it particularly interesting. Everyone at the scene laughed because of Tam’s words
"Tam, I wish you can take off the bill this year and remember not to be too picky." Bai Yifan smiled with a card at Tam Road. Bai Yifan’s mouth is comparable to arsenic’s trick, but now he is calm and a lot. This great change surprised everyone.
Tam pie pie dissatisfied way "come, come, come, I lay down my life to accompany you tonight, don’t get drunk and don’t return."
Ji Yu clings to Xunruo Liu’s body and smells her body with a faint fragrance and taste. It’s really satisfying, but this kind of satisfying welfare is not available every day.
Because a game was lost by Xunruo Liu, Ji Yu said a number in Xunruo Liu’s ear, and the hot steam swept through Xunruo Liu’s ear. At this time, her ear felt burning and her whole body could not help shivering.
"45" didn’t know that she seemed to hear a spell and shouted out the season domain to the number, and her voice actually had a trill.
In the eyes of outsiders, they are really a loving couple, but Ji Yu knows in his heart that the love maintained on the surface is short-lived. He hopes that it will be slower and slower later today.
Looking for Liu’s family is to send Rui. Of course, she also wants to help her look at the cards, but to send Rui doesn’t want to give Du Hongyi this opportunity to coldly say, "I don’t need your help if I lose."
"6" returned to send Rui Gen to listen to Hony’s advice and still act according to her own wishes, even if she lost and was fined, what would she like that man to do?
"You’re the one who won the card," Tam said neatly. It’s unambiguous.
Everyone measured out the cards, and finally, as Ji Yu said, the number of 45 points is exactly the same, which means that Guiruirui will be drunk, and the difference between 6 and 45 is 15 times, that is, 27 times, so Guiruirui will drink 7 glasses of wine.
Gui Jirui didn’t make a hullabaloo about because of this result. She poured the wine into the cup and drank it all at once, and then poured seven cups in a row. She drank a lot of wine because she drank too fast, and she had some flatulence. After drinking it, she couldn’t help but burp.
"If you can’t drink it, you deserve it." Hony leaned on the sofa. Although his heart was as uncomfortable as a fire, his mouth was still full of people.
To send core gave him a cold look and didn’t want to take a reason.
Soon, because of the huge amount of alcohol fines, everyone was very cautious about calling numbers in this game, but after a circle of numbers, it was the turn to find a willow.