It is also said that Sanqing has its own position, and Shengdeng Yuqing is really clear and immortal.

But later, when Shengtang was destroyed, there was a catastrophe called Yuanji catastrophe, which changed greatly.
Sanqing was a staunch supporter of Shengtang, and this catastrophe was a heavy blow.
The Taiqing Gate was inexplicably dissipated and withdrew from the Jiutai position after the catastrophic disaster of Jiutai.
Jade Qing Jianzong is also a statue of one yuan, which happened inexplicably after the catastrophe and disappeared completely.
Only the Qing emperor Zongyuan survived the catastrophe.
But gradually lost contact with us, no longer allies.
I checked a lot of records of Zongmen, but it seems that someone deliberately concealed the right and wrong.
Their evaluation of that immortals in the Qing dynasty
Immortals are not immortal, ghosts are not ghosts.
It’s really not clear
Then he ordered Zongmendi to avoid contact with Qing Tianxian Zongdi immediately when he met her.
What exactly happened can’t be found! "
Yang xiu gasped. What is this statue? How do you feel that this is a strange den in a magic cave?
Weird. I want to turn my head and leave at the thought of weird Yang Xiu.
But the lingshi has been spent and can’t walk!
Go on, be timid and timid. Suddenly Yang Xiu saw a monk fleeing ahead.
Far away, seeing each other Yang Xiu hesitated. The monk also saw Yang Xiu but ignored him. He immediately accelerated his flight.
The other party’s realm is not high, but the preconditions are also common. Yang Xiu shook his head and followed silently.
As he flew more than a hundred miles ahead, he suddenly saw a stone stage.
The stone stage has collected dozens of people. Yang Xiu nodded and looked right and went straight there.
Stone platforms are all Buddhist monks who are not old enough to be over 60, so they all wait silently.
Yang xiu is also here to find a place to sit and wait silently.
Not far away, two monks whispered to each other, not knowing what to talk about, and then one monk was satisfied and left smiling.
He came straight to Yang Xiu.
This man is tall, thin, handsome and handsome, wearing a crown and a face like a white jade nose, hanging into a daring instrument, and wearing a colorful robe. At first glance, it is faintly shrouded like fog, fog, light gold and thin light!
When I saw this excellent sales, I came to Yang Xiu and saluted slowly. "This Taoist friend is invited!"
Yang xiu looked at him and said, "be friendly!"
The two men looked at each other, and both sides were surprised and touched inexplicably, feeling that they were communicating with each other
Yang xiu is one leng. What is this?
He looked at each other and looked at him in surprise.
"And you are?"
Yang Xiukou asked!
The man gritted his teeth as if to say something, but he said, "Fang Lingbao Zhai Liu Yifan!"
Then he was surprised and said, "How could I tell the truth!"
Yang Xiu looked at him and suddenly asked, "Who are you, Liu Fan?"
"Ah, Liu Fan, that’s my ancestor of Zongmenshan!"
Yang Xiu suddenly met Liu Fan when Bai met Liu Fan, and Liu Fan said
"If there is a chance to meet my younger brother, he will automatically have a good impression on you and will not deceive you."
This is Liu Fan’s younger brother Liu Yifan!
"Liu Fan predecessors when I met him, he said that we can trade on an equal footing without being cheated?
His younger brother may be you! "
Liu Yifan wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it.
"I should lie …"
"So the ancestors took the job for me!
Indeed, I’m Liu Fan’s younger brother, Daoyou. May I have your name, please? "
Yang Xiulai also wanted to say a fake name, but he opened his mouth and said, "Yang Xiulai!"
He also understood Liu Yifan’s feeling in English.
If two people face to face, neither of them can tell lies, but they must tell the truth.
The old liu who stay banned …
Two people look at each other is ten words.
Yang Xiukou asked, "What are you doing here?"
"It’s a trick to cheat one person and sell others into the Qing Dynasty!"
Liu Yifan wry smile this but can’t live, meet this little ancestor can tell the truth.