However, Tang Chuan’s figure also bypassed Mr. Firm’s palm and went straight to his palm around his chest

Raise my hand and cut a bone blade to the hole in Mr. Strong’s chest.
Hum! !
Hard to eat Tang Chuan’s blow, Mr. Firm trembled all over, and Brota Shield seemed to have a tendency to collapse immediately
However, what made Tang Chuan suddenly uneasy was that he seemed to catch a glimpse of Mr. Firm smiling from the corner of his eye.
Extreme warning in my heart, Tang Chuan’s body suddenly retreated
Behind him, two generous arms went straight to the bosom and hugged Tang Chuan’s whole body tightly.
The picture of a five-meter-tall giant holding a one-meter-tall little man in his arms is very strange.
Tang Chuan was suppressed by this extraordinary force. Only his head and feet were exposed in his arms, and his face was buried in Mr. Firm’s chest.
"Cheat rao (you cheat old) …"
Tang Chuanyin is so dull that he can make up for what his cheeks are twisted into.
Mr. Sturdy looks honest and honest, and as a result, he has other plans from the beginning, that is, he has overdrawn to the limit and Tang Chuan has no chance of winning again.
And his first strong body can still be borrowed.
Sturdy, strength, elements, and truth all burst out in him. Yu Chaodong’s team members also tacitly urged all kinds of things to gain Mr. Sturdy.
"No, I didn’t lie to you. You die or everyone dies together!"
Mr. Sturdy’s voice is as dull as a bell, with a hint of tragic and madness. His chest overflows with golden light, and the overflow part makes the blockade cover rumble. It is conceivable that Mr. Sturdy will suffocate Tang Chuan’s strength in his arms after all.
"Brota Shield was destroyed by guarding Brota and seeking benevolence!"
Mr. Sturdy roared and said, "Call the World Eraser!"
He finally sealed Tang Chuan in his body at his own cost.
Tang Chuan inspired the golden light to cut through the door of his face, revealing a huge gap shaped like a huge coffin.
But Mr. Sturdy’s generous arm turned into a coffin lid to seal his body.
I can see in his eyes that the golden light is fading away.
The mighty truth force has crossed the blockade and there is a blessing of truth force, which has not hindered this force.
Wow ~
There is a circular gate that runs through the dimension in.
Suddenly, Mr. Lucky on the ground, his mind rang.
Somehow he realized that it seemed to be a wrong decision.
Somehow, his mind seems to have an extra memory.
Mr. Lucky quickly withdrew his power of truth and wanted the door and said, "Truth just told me …"
"It’s late!"
Mr. Sturdy opened his mouth and spit out a golden light that ran through the sky.
A round door suddenly drops a white sticky substance like a non-Newtonian fluid, but it has some toughness.
This thing falls on Mr. Firm’s shoulder like a pool of mud, and the door closes with it.
I don’t seem to be familiar with the new environment, and I seem to be confused about my sudden extrication.
White material condensed a strange twisted face and looked at everything around him.
He made a slight move and Mr. Wang gave a painful roar.
See white material action that a small area suddenly erased from this world generally appeared a hole.
Fengrui King Kong spurted out of the cave and hit the World Eliminator, constantly surging and screaming.
This is clear. No matter how suddenly you get out of trouble, if someone hits himself, just erase him.
Snow, snow ~
The world eliminator fell directly down this hole, and when the aggressive golden light touched him, it suddenly disappeared and generally disappeared.
Mr. Sturdy made a coffin.
Just now, Tang Chuan was in the coffin, and now he has entered a world eliminator.
The final outcome of the coffin can’t be much better, but one of the two bears will definitely die if they compete.
No matter which one dies, it is very good for the overall situation.
If the World Eraser dies, then Tang Chuan will definitely have to pay an unimaginable price, and Mr. Lucky and others are doomed to be less difficult if they want to fight him again.
The other outcome is more likely, that is, Tang Chuan was erased from this world.
Because the world eliminator has been interested in all the forces in the world so far, he has not found anything that can eliminate the force.
If Tang Chuan is erased, the disaster that the world eraser can bring will be much smaller, and he will not bring the other half of the truth to the enemy of marine literature.
The Super Team had his experience, but there was no truth and luck at that time, and this time he must be much less harmful than Tang Chuan.
Seeing this scene, all people are solemn and stirring with a trace of expectation.
Only Mr. Lucky watched the coffin fall and the solid coffin fell into a dull state.
Chapter 291 When tampering
"Unexpected partners …"
"Opportunities always pass by …"
"Maybe it can change everyone around you …"
"The boundaries between enemies and friends are sometimes blurred …"