Chapter six hundred Lafite destination

The Lord is awesome! A virtual nightmare roared in my heart, and a pug ran quickly and stared at the six gods with excitement and said, "They have already lost consciousness, and they can leave the violent way to me! Give them all to me and I will take care of them and never make a mistake. "
Excited and trembling in my heart, the god deity! One god’s dream has more power than one world. Now there are six gods. Doesn’t that mean that I have six worlds to give me endless power? Wow, hahaha ~ It won’t take ten thousand years for me to advance to the middle of the Lord God, and then I will occupy the magic tower of the Lord God’s Town and confess my sins day and night ~
Li Pingan frown murmured "lost soul? How did the dark temple do it? "
The nightmare suddenly asked, "Lord Tao, did you just say the dark temple?"
Li Pingan nodded and said, "They are the servants of the elders of the Dark Temple."
Nightmare heart rises a bad feeling carefully asked "the dark temple elders? If you kill his servant, he will come back for revenge. "
Li Pingan said vaguely, "The Golden Dragon Thunder Titan Anoos, the Golden Dragon of the Saint of the Temple of Huang Jinlong, is not an opponent of being original. How dare he come to be original alone?"
Nightmares are shivering all over my mind, and everything is boring. What occupies the world and imprisons the Taoist is a thing of the past.
Li Pingan handed the deity to Nightmare and said, "They are all yours. Don’t make mistakes in the magic tower of the town."
The nightmare tentacle holds the deity respectfully and says "Yes!"
Li Ping-an’s figure faded and disappeared, and his voice echoed in the dream world. "Nightmare will transform the dream world as soon as possible, and being original and choosing a day will put the dream world in the wilderness."
Nightmare straightened up and looked at his elaborate dream world. I had a convulsion in my heart and I had to change it again. Let me know if you have any requirements! Now that I’ve finished my design and transformation, I have to start all over again. Do I really use my great false evil spirit as a slave? Do you really think I have no temper? I swear in the name of the great false evil nightmare that I will never change today!
Li Ping-an’s figure, Sanqing Guanfang, is now sitting on the bed, and his fingers are flying out in a flash. In front of him, a godhead is now showing the head of the night goddess.
The goddess of the night said gratefully, "Thank you for saving my life!" "
Li Pingan asked, "What are the plans of the lay man in the future?"
The goddess of the night turned gloomy and said, "Of course, I will try my best to practice and go to the eternal gods to settle accounts with that bitch in the morning."
Li Pingan looked weird and said, "The layman’s wish may not come true."
The night goddess frowned and said, "Does the Lord mean that I am better than that bitch in the morning?"
"Dawn is dead!" Li Pingan faint said.
The goddess of the night stared in shock and cried, "What? That’s impossible. She’s the king of gods. Who can kill her? Is it Huang Jinlong’s hand? Or did the Pope of the Temple of Light shoot? "
Li Pingan said, "It was not being original that defeated her, but it was someone else who killed him."
Others? The goddess of the night hurriedly asked, "Taoist, what happened when I slept in the past?" Who killed the morning Lord? "
"Killing her is the ancient gods’ rebellion against the Buddha," Li Pingan said strangely. "The reason is that the virtual quicksand domain is the dawn when the ancient gods sleep. Du Jie, the king of the gods, destroyed the virtual quicksand domain and the ancient gods will be killed when they wake up."
The night goddess slept with a blank look in her eyes. The ancient gods revived and the king of God died in the morning. Suddenly I feel so dangerous outside. Is this still that I am familiar with it? !
Li Pingan asked again, "Is the layman going to follow in the future?"
The goddess of the night came to her senses from a daze and immediately asked, "Taoist, do you need anyone here?"
"What does the layman mean?"
The goddess of the night said with emotion, "The night gods ruined my country and died, and the people dispersed. It’s not good to bring it. This time, I was almost killed by that bitch in the morning. The outside world is too dangerous. There are many old silver coins that can’t be prevented. I plan to take some remaining gods to take refuge in the Taoist Lord and ask him to take them in."
Li Pingan said seriously, "All creatures are welcome in the wild, but there are laws and regulations in the wild, and the laws are strict and insurmountable. But do you want to understand?"
The goddess of the night nodded and said with emotion, "The Taoist Lord has experienced so much during this period, and I also understand that the Lord God is really nothing. I have no ambition, so I plan to support the elderly in the wild world and ask the Taoist Lord to take me in."
"Being original welcomes lay people to come to the moon, and lay people can go to find the moon."
"Thank you, Master Tao!" The goddess of the night deified a light and flew out of the room.
The war in the outside world was broadcast quickly. First, the four major gods fought Li Pingan at the peak, then the king of God was achieved at dawn. Finally, the king of God died at dawn, which caused great waves. Therefore, the Taoist master with innate artifacts entered the eyes of major forces. The most shocking thing for major forces in the war was to slay a statue of the king of God just after he was born.
Especially in the dark temple of Huang Jinlong, it is everywhere to spy on Ao Ming.
Just when the undercurrent was raging outside, Sanqingguan Li Pingan closed his eyes and sat on the bed to meditate. The rich fairy aura penetrated from the wall, and the fairy spirit filled the air. The center of Li Pingan formed a whirlpool, which generally devoured the fairy spirit and refined it into chaotic spirit.
It stands to reason that such a large scale devours the aura of heaven and earth, Fiona Fang and Wan Li will soon be swallowed up, and a vision will be born in the low tide area of aura, but everything in the outside world actually fluctuates as usual.
When Li Pingan meditates, he can’t help but recall in his mind that the laws of heaven and earth are so powerful that they are almost impossible.
As I recall the feeling of joining the Tao, Li Pingan’s soul force also spreads over the whole pale mountain range, the Tang Dynasty empire, the celestial world and the whole universe. The mind continues to expand. The magic world, the ancient world, the mysterious world, the jade world, the mainland, the Austrian law world and the Qingfeng world, the mage world … More than 1,300 plane worlds are printed in the mind, and the mind is like a virtual world, and the shining plane world slowly rotates.
Chapter six hundred and one The law of integrating the world
Li Pingan suddenly has a strong intuition, as if he can link the laws of the world with each other and do what he says, just follow his heart’s thought. The laws of the magic world rush out of the world and radiate towards the virtual world, and the farther away they are, the weaker they will be. If there is no accident, they will dissipate the virtual world soon. But that’s how the accident happened. The same law of heaven and earth spread in another direction, and the two laws came into contact with each other, and one plus one is greater than two. The law spread rapidly in the region, and the power of the law was produced for the first time in the huge virtual world.
After the first success, it was easy to merge the laws of the world into a huge virtual space. Finally, more than 1,300 plane laws merged into one, and the virtual space was covered with powerful laws and forces. Hum ~ In the virtual space, gorgeous colorful laws bloomed and the heavens celebrated.
Two teams of heavenly soldiers are on duty behind the stargate.
A mountain soldier glanced at the outside, suddenly stare big and wiped his glasses on his sleeve.
A teenager across the street frowned and shouted, "Keep your military posture. Are you scratching your head?"
The mountain soldier immediately shouted excitedly in the previous step, "The general has changed! We seem to be able to go out after the virtual change. "