"Qing Yin Xian Shi!"

Li Xun was surrounded by great happiness, which was not the joy of surviving, but just for such a reason. I saw Master Qing Yin Xian and she saved me!
He also wondered why Qingyin happened so coincidentally, but how could this idea be worth the surprise of meeting Iraqis at first sight?
The gas film on the outside soon disappeared, and he didn’t know where he got his strength. He turned over and jumped up. First, he was at a loss for a while, and then he saw that Qingyin couldn’t say anything. His eyes swept over and he knew how to bow down and salute. "Thank you for your help!"
This is very organized. It would be more perfect if his voice was not so shaky.
Qing Yin gave him a slight nod, and his eyes shifted to Li Xun’s deputy spirit to pay attention to her every move. At this time, he looked down her eyes and just saw a disappearing shadow.
Li Xun said bitterly, "This guy is definitely a patriarch, but it’s really inexplicable to sneak around!"
Because there was something even harder for him to listen to before Qingyin, he didn’t say it, and his stomach cursed.
Qing Yin’s glance turned out to be a slight smile and changed the subject. "I haven’t seen you for several years, but it has become unrecognizable!"
Li Xun will talk in the future, and it will be a ring or a sword in his ear.
This sound is not high-pitched, but rubbed into the night wind, and I don’t know how far it drifted to my ear.
In this way, I don’t know where it is, but it’s a dull sound, almost rolling the strings, and it’s far away. Sword songs gently touch the ending and suddenly pick out a clear sound.
Two sound waves are mixed together, and the sword is still stringed but suddenly dumb.
Qingyin shook his head with a slight flash of light. "I don’t want to come to the place to see someone. You are angry!"
Li Xun’s heart jumped, and he quickly made a sword for nothing. It must be Zhong Yin, and his fellow won in an instant.
Is ….. forget the peak is nearly 50 Wan Li from here! Zhong Yin, no matter how strong, can’t see this huge gap?
This question didn’t last long. When these two sound waves eliminated the mountain breeze in Li Xun’s ear, the bursts of pines seemed to be his illusion that the mysterious and beautiful sound just killed the battle.
In a trance, Qingyin gently sighed, "Let’s go!"
Li Xun naturally wants to clap his hands and praise "Zhong Yin Xianshi’s hand is really extraordinary …"
Qingyin glanced at him, and there was an elusive meaning in the radian outlined by the lip angle. Li Xun thought it was a kind of "irony", but she didn’t know who she was targeting.
Anyway, it’s an attitude that makes people afraid to get close. Li Xun hurriedly bowed his head and looked like a good baby. His head hung for a long time and then he felt wrong. When he looked up, he saw figures singing in all directions, and he had gone far before he bowed his head.
Li Jue was dazed for a while and felt very stuffy in his chest. He wasn’t surprised that Qing Yin came and went, but didn’t he want to say hello before he left?
This woman who has given him advice and kindness can be said to be the most eager to get close to several people in his heart-but when he really faces her, he can’t find any opportunity to get close.
Maybe Qingyin never took him seriously?
Li Xun consciously caressed his cheek. He is not an idiot. After the life and death shock of Tiandufeng, if he doesn’t understand anything, it will be really hopeless!
He had to think about such a section. What would happen to Qing Yin’s attitude towards him if he didn’t have this similar face ── although it doesn’t look like it now?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Li Xun’s brain had an idea that flashed by for a while without thinking that Bai Zheng was in a trance and suddenly sighed, "My sister’s sex hasn’t changed. Maybe I won’t see her again …"
"Sixth granduncle?" I don’t know where Zhong Yin came from. Li Xun was surprised. Looking back, he was seeing Zhong Yin walking out of a plain robe with his negative hand from the depths of the forest. He couldn’t see his famous Excalibur. I don’t know how he just uttered that sword.
But what attracted Li Xun’s attention more was Zhong Yin’s inexplicable words.
"What do you mean you can’t meet?"
Zhong Yin looked at her with gentle eyes and smiled. "My school sister hasn’t seen her for more than 900 years. It’s great to see her back today. Speaking of which, I have to thank you!"
After a pause, he added, "My sister has been in a bad mood for the past two years. I feel very hard here. I am also relieved that you can come back!"
Li Xun was startled. It seems that these two senior immortals must have a very complicated change, but what about putting him inside?
However, it seems that Zhong Yin’s position in the eyes of his two immortals is quite unusual ── excluding polite factors, Li Xun feels happy in his heart.
But these two came here one after another tonight, which happened to save his life. This …
He couldn’t help but think and didn’t dare to let Zhong Yin see that it was, uh, a bifurcation to this topic. "XianShi, who is this person tonight? Repairing Gao is inexplicable. My brother almost died! "
Zhong Yin smile "you can get away with a life is proud! This man is a master in the mysterious world. It’s rare to strike three times and haven’t taken you yet! With this skill, you will be better than some uncles! "
Li Xun was secretly frightened. It is obvious that Zhong Yin saw the change here clearly, but I don’t know if this can tell almost everything. Did his eyes discover his secret?
With a forced smile, he scratched his head and said, "You beat this man to underestimate his enemy and take advantage of this sonic killing technique … sonic killing?"
Li Jue’s mouth stopped, but the middle section of the brain was instantly connected.
The sound killing technique is so exquisite. Who else will come besides Miaohuazong? A school of grandmasters … Is it a jade scattered person? No, jade scattered people will be stronger! That is …
"The ancient sound of’ Seven Killing Qin’!" Li Xun shouted out
At this moment, he saw Zhong Yin’s face flash away, which strengthened his thoughts. He looked at Zhong Yin with wide eyes. "Xianshi, she is an ancient sound!"
Zhong Yin has recovered from smiled and said nothing.
"She and Yaofeng are a group!" When Li Xun said this sentence, he couldn’t tell what it was like in his heart. It was quite strange in tone, like saying something, like complaining, or a little inexplicable trembling in the end, which was out of tune.
"Maybe? But since people don’t want to show up, I naturally can’t be this little man. "Zhong Yin looked at Li Xun’s incredible face and smiled.
"Since she has come and gone freely, why not go to this peak? You’ll be dazzled when you see it later. Of course, if luck is not as good as it is today, well … just admit it! "
Li Xun’s face twitched a few times. Who is this in front of him? The peerless Excalibur is the most admired and feared figure of the right clan?
This words and deeds are simply more authentic than seeing those amazing masters by ghosts who eat shadows!
But it also said one thing. It’s not the first time that the ancient sound has come to fear the peak.
Li Xun thought of a glimpse of the figure a month ago. What is she doing here? You’re not here to talk to someone, are you?
He was thinking about Zhong Yin can penetrate all eyes moved up and smiled "will think this kind of thing? Everyone has their own plans in mind, but there will be no day when everyone else will count themselves! When the waves, this side is not as good as this … "
For a moment, Li Xun was stiff and looked at Zhong Yin, pointing his eyebrows, fingers and mouth open, but he couldn’t spit out a word.
Zhong Yin took back his hand and smiled again. "Sooner or later, you will use this method to solve the problem. I admit that this is not the best method, but I would rather you do this."
Li Jue’s face barely gave me a smile, but soon Zhong Yin’s eyes were in flight, and the cold sweat behind him had soaked his clothes. At this time, even jade to ward off evil spirits could not stop his violent heartbeat.
What does Zhong Yin know? What does he want to do?
Li Xun suddenly realized that Zhong Yin always knew a little more than he expected.
At this time Zhong Yin lightly sighed "Let’s go".
Li Xun absently replied in his heart, "Go? Where to go? "
"Practice with me!" Zhong Yin said very flatly, "You are too far away from repairing the clan door!"
Li Jue looked up with a shock, but Zhong Yin had turned around to leave him with a back.
Li Xun also wanted to prevaricate because the sentence was not finished, but he couldn’t spit out a word when he saw Zhong Yin curl away.
Li Xun really wants to know what Zhong Yin thinks of him, otherwise he will feel uneasy, let alone concentrate on cultivation.
But soon Zhong Yin told him that he didn’t care-he didn’t have the energy or the time!