"Talking and laughing, how can a group of refugees who don’t eat porridge have a good impression on the ruler? I don’t care what you want against me at all. I think about two points. Are you qualified to sit in that position? Did you do a good job in that position? "

Evil spirits speak very thoroughly, and there is no disguise at all. Even if the workers around them work hard and talk about rebellion, it is as easy as talking about what to eat for dinner.
"So does the evil ghost think we are qualified?" Zhang LAN straightforward way
"I don’t know if you seem to have the ability to get Kunsha 7 to support the former Pojun hero Yi Fang for the princess, and you seem to have an affair? But it doesn’t mean that you are better than that turtle in heaven. I hesitate. Maybe I helped another turtle, "the evil ghost sighed regretfully."
"Has anyone ever let you down?" Zhang LAN tentatively asked
"There are too many people who let me down, and I’ve seen too many treacherous bastards. Look at today’s degenerate street and I haven’t changed since I came here. This is a world where there is no happiness and addiction drugs can temporarily get rid of poverty and forget the pain."
"I used to be able to change all this. I helped him from a small sheriff to a big supervisor. When I was close to Wang, he would fight for a formal identity for us refugees. Do you know what he told me later?" The evil ghost wry smile way "even dogs can’t change eating shit. He told me to love dogs and be measured not to fight for human qualifications for dogs."
The three speakers passed through the industrial zone and came to … It turned out to be a crematorium. Two carts of corpses were piled up. Before starting the boiler, the corpse mover was like adding firewood to throw the corpse into the stove. Black smoke billowed from a chimney as high as 3 meters and turned into a part of the dark clouds in the sky.
And the ashes were shoveled out and piled up by shovels, and another car was towed away and scattered everywhere. This is the truth of the world. Refugees can’t even have their own pure ashes after death.
Every day, a large number of people die in the degenerate street, or street violence or addictive drugs or suicide or illness … This is a hell with an average age of 35, and anyone can become a corpse in a second.
It hasn’t changed for many years, and it has continued to deteriorate.
"Well, I’ll help you become a king, and you let these refugees live through ordinary people." The evil ghost paid his own price.
"I’m sorry, I can’t do that." Zhang Lan almost never thought about rejecting the nightingale and pinching him, and he didn’t repent.
"You said you couldn’t?" Evil faces are all black.
"The composition of refugees is too complicated. It is not that good people want to have a normal identity, but they must also be audited. Moreover, they have been in a state of government for too long, and their lives must be strictly managed to avoid social unrest. The only guarantee is that the government can have enough food, clothing, medicine and fair employment opportunities. Ordinary life is won by their own efforts, not given by anyone." Zhang Lan explained the reasons
"But these people may want you to work hard."
"No, they work for themselves. If they want to change the status quo, they must change themselves first." Zhang Lan insisted.
"You … are better than I thought." The evil ghost smiled instead of being angry, because he saw that Zhang Lan was considering the problem from the perspective of a manager instead of fighting for fame and fortune.
People like that will not be happy for a few days even if they are happy, and they will immediately become more chaotic and miserable than they are now.
"Clothing and food are enough." Evil spirits agreed to "leave opportunities for them to earn their own money."
"I don’t know why Humber doesn’t satisfy you with such low requirements. Do you still want to fight back? " Zhang LAN is also more direct than
"Because they never treat us like people. Look at this and you will understand."
The second push of evil spirits is the only advanced one in which the door of the hall is not big, and there are many life-sustaining machines in the middle of the bed.
A woman lying on her face, her eyes bruised and her face as white as paper, is in her prime of life, but she is like a candle in the wind.
"Who is she?" Zhang Lan is puzzled.
"Her name is DOG. I’ve never seen the outside world in the street where I was born. The girl is also a damn local product of Xiaoyao City." Speaking of this, the evil face is painful and twisted.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Not a person
A street child born in DOG has never seen the outside world, and her mother raised her by the flesh business.
Her dream is to have a full meal one day. When she was one year old, she was chosen by a recruiter. She decided to take her to a town in Paradise Island, which is a project with Xiaoyao City.
It is said that birds and flowers are singing there, which is a land emperor’s ring-level residential area. Even that maid can wear beautiful skirts to wash her face clean.
DOG was happy to be the lucky one, but when she took the special train to Paradise Island, she went to hell.
A year ago, the head of the Tianguo Island project, Grant, would take a big truck to the degenerate street every month to pick the youngest and most beautiful women and take about five people to the Tianguo Island, but those who were away from the girls never sent back video messages, and regularly sent back a message of peace.
"I don’t understand why this project needs so many girls who are construction projects but never recruit men. So last month, I arranged for a group of brothers to pull the train to the island of Heaven, and then … one of them brought DOG back to the island of Heaven alive. The destination of the train is hell." The evil ghost rattled with a pair of iron fists.
Zhang Lan could feel the anger contained in the old man’s remorse, and his body trembled slightly.
From understanding, Zhang Lan walked slowly to the front of the hospital bed and looked at DOG, who was in a semi-coma state. She wanted to hold her hand and give her some comfort, but Zhang Lan found that the girl’s hands and feet could not be cut neatly by the laser. This process takes one second to complete, but the pain after burning will be forgotten for several days.
"What on earth did they do to you?" Zhang LAN can’t imagine
Staring at the strange man DOG’s swollen eyes and tears, his lips trembled slightly. Zhang Lan leaned over to listen to her and said, "Kill me … Please … Kill me …"
Heaven Island is not a place. The so-called maid is also a fabricated position. All the girls who were chosen to leave the fortress train suffered inhuman beatings and violations until they were fully accepted.
Grant sold them to the exclusive semi-protoss research centers of various regiments. Because of the need to cultivate semi-protoss, the sacred stone dust should be constantly used to stimulate human receptors until the metaplasia is found and then transplanted into artificial Petri dishes to continue the breeding process.
However, scientists have found that the success rate of natural carcass has greatly increased from the past 11 to 11, and the personality of naturally conceived children is more complete, resulting in fewer physical defects.
Although it is strictly prohibited by federal law to do this kind of experiment in vivo, seven groups are all doing it behind the scenes, but this gray transaction cannot be done face to face
A trafficker like Sogelang is born. He is a famous black market businessman, and he can sell it to you except his own rich father.
In recent years, Xiaoyao City’s financial situation is extremely tense. He took the initiative to communicate with Xiaoyao Wang to create this extinct business. Every girl’s life may be worth 5 yuan a night, but after a change of hands, it immediately became a high-end business worth 30,000 yuan.
Five a month is as high as 150 thousand black market income, which is also a lot of wealth
"We are not free and unfettered city captive pigs, nor is it him. God can sell untouchables at will. We are displaced and come here to pay a fortune to get a seat. We are willing to work hard to earn a living, but we don’t really sell ourselves." Evil spirits gnashed their teeth.
"If it was once upon a time, I would say that it is the greatest happiness to be born in a dark cloud and have so many requirements to live and eat, but …" Zhang Lan couldn’t help but hang his forehead. "It is better to live than to die like this."
All the girls sent to the semi-protoss research center will be amputated first, and their hands and feet will be tied like a piece of meat. The neck of the special breeding bed will be filled with special nutrient solution input pipes and drainage pipes to make them into "mothers" manually, and then the carcass will be implanted with sacred stone dust.
Poor people will be rejected on the spot and die, while others will suffer for months and then die.
Even if it is confirmed that the matrix can be transformed into a semi-protoss, the mother will enter a state of collapse because of the strong matrix and a lot of nutrients. No mother will be born with a semi-protoss, and the final result is another way to die.
"What do you need me to do?" Zhang Lan looked at the evil spirits.
"Let the dead in the fallen street live like people," the evil ghost affirmed.
"I meet your requirements. There will be no such business after the new management is established," Zhang Lan solemnly promised.
"Ok, this is the goods outside you before I help you. I will have the best craftsmen to help you process them into extremely powerful weapons, but this needs to be charged separately." Evil spirits agree with each other, but the sale must be clear
"Fine, I won’t give you a dime less for how much processing you want." It’s really not so bad that Lan Night Team’s existing Anle Pavilion is a financial sponsor.
"Don’t have the money to help me run an errand and send something to Xiaoyao Wangfu." Evil spirits have long thought about the settlement method.
Then Zhang Lan’s hand added a beautifully carved metal square box. The evil story said that this box was a gift that Grant was going to give to heaven. Later, it was given to Q by a third-hand child in Fallen Street.