Li Chengzhu, with tears in her eyes, and the whole celestial world are making difficult choices. When she thought of the majestic appearance of Li Da’s boss that month, her father’s appearance quickly flashed in her mind.

In a flash, the moon has strengthened its choice.
"Be careful not to let them get close to you and kill them if you can!" Yue Shang’s voice quickly went backward into the ears of the hundreds of immortal troops, "Everyone’s rear support must not move forward."
These immortal troops are powerful, but none of them have reached the realm of immortal king.
Although there are more troops on their way to Hongyan platform, there are also 500 thousand angels on the other side! Although I don’t know what they have been doing, it’s enough for them to deal with nearly 20 people of Xianjun level.
A war is imminent, and the ice girl, the king of Lin Bao and the king of Dan have been around Yueshang.
The goblin turned to look around and saw Fluttershy looking at her with some worries. She smiled at her and Fluttershy nodded.
Seeing my sister Yueshang suddenly felt a little warm and secure.
Yueyi has never been seen. It’s better not to show up at this moment. Then it’s better to make a surprise attack. The two sisters have been fighting for tens of millions of years, and Yueshang naturally knows what Yueyi is up to.
The route of the celestial palace has been blocked by the hundreds of immortal troops.
Those immortals hesitated when they saw the Palace of Heaven, but the Imperial Beast and the Qinglong abused and shouted, which quickly made them firmly stand and attack.
The big hole in the celestial palace has never been repaired, and the reiki leaked badly. Now the royal beast is possessed by ghosts. He refuses to retreat and tries his best to get close to the bow, but he is always beaten back by the immortal troops. The loss of reiki in the celestial palace is more serious. This is beyond the Nine Immortals’ weapon theory, which greatly reduces the defense or attack power, which makes the royal beast feel distressed than.
Boss Li blinked his eyes and fell like a corpse.
Li Chengzhu heart drop of blood He clearly saw three arrows out of god through his body and then shot into the ancient exquisite abdomen. In the middle of the sky, a green mountain broke out again, and the ancient girl was completely enveloped. Then the arrow out of god made a turn and didn’t reach the small head directly.
Boss Li sighed and it’s over. It’s all over.
Eyelids are heavy and heavy! Li Chengzhu has an idea of just going to sleep.
The falling body suddenly paused, and a familiar aroma jumped into Li Chengzhu’s nostrils. Boss Li felt that he had fallen into a gentle country and his body was soft.
"Master?" Mei Kailin’s gentle voice entered Li Chengzhu’s ear, and the breath that she spit out smashed Li Chengzhu’s face. "Are you okay?"
"I’m dying." Boss Li looked at the close-by beauty angel hair with a wry smile. "You can finally get rid of it and go back to your angel world. Don’t let it affect your pure heart."
Mei Kailin blinked her eyes with a aura of her own. Li Chengzhu walked again with a puzzled face.
"Pure is so fucking good!" Boss Li sighed that the sound was weaker than a dying look.
"Master, please forgive Lin Lilin for feeling that you are weak now, but there seems to be no danger to your life."
Looking at Mei Kailin’s pure leisure, there was still a little confused face. Boss Li was startled.
Li Chengzhu was surprised to find that he didn’t have any scars all over his body, and that Longshan, which should have rioted, was suppressed by a light green aura.
How is that possible? Li Chengzhu surprised than they really feel out god bow shot through his body, how could it be that there is no injury at all?
That ancient and exquisite?
God’s knowledge spread out instantly, and a feeling of weakness rose from my heart again, just like the feeling of dying just now
To Li Chengzhu’s surprise, Gu Linglong seems to be breaking through the realm of his pick Jin Xian, and the little smile next to her is even more amazing. At this moment, the fluctuation of gods’ knowledge has risen to such an extent that people dare not face it squarely.
What kind of divine knowledge is this?
Boss Li’s mind whirled rapidly, and the sense of weakness was true. However, at that time, despite the outbreak of Longshan, it was definitely a sense of weakness afterwards. Now Longshan has been suppressed, and it has to be said that it is the light green aura.
Isn’t it killing people to destroy the bow?
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Baby, baby
Isn’t it killing people to destroy the bow?
Boss Li was pleasantly surprised by this sudden idea.
Just as Li Chengzhu wanted to verify some time, the surging of Longshan, which was a sequela, was suppressed by the green aura.
It’s not that Longshan Reiki is not as good as the green Reiki, but that Li Chengzhu didn’t send out many Longshan Reiki at all.
This is equivalent to a baby competing with a puppy. Generally, if you wait for more than ten years, the puppy will definitely not be an opponent when the child grows up.