At this time, Cheng Shan also identified something in his heart. At Xu Xuan with a smile, a trace of doubt in his eyes was well concealed.

He has naturally done his work these days.
Knowing a couple’s lives, experiences and classes, although it is not necessary to investigate ten generations of ancestors, can generally sum up an ordinary and frustrated outline from some evaluations, except that occasionally some people will whisper how others come to inquire … There is nothing else. If there is any other key information, Cheng Shan is confident that he will not miss it, he will naturally wonder-is Xu Hanwen what he saw really what people call it?
The scene at this time, of course, is that the two sides are enjoying themselves, and it’s still early when things are behind them, but you can’t see it for a while
Yupinglou Tianzi No.1 is elegant, spacious and generous, decorated with celebrity calligraphy and painting on all sides. The tables and chairs are exquisite and elegant. At this time, they are already full of talents. Oh, of course, there are also several women in the west who are dressed up and dressed up. When they pass by, they stop for a while before chanting, which is where they come out.
When the host got up and went to welcome guests, someone noticed that Cheng Shanling came in at this time, and a young student’s simple clothes and elegant style were different, so he was a little curious.
"Who’s this?"
"Let’s introduce one." Cheng Shanduan drew a half circle with his glass right hand. Xu Xuan paused in front of him and then laughed. "Xu Xuan Xu Hanwen!"
No matter before or now, Xu Xuan and these talents have always had nothing to do with each other. At this time, no one knew him. Xu Xuan looked at himself as unfamiliar faces.
"Oh Xu Xiong? I’ve heard a lot! I have heard for a long time! "
I really don’t know what the other person has raised himself, and it seems that it has been a long time, but the surface is also an arch hand. "Ha ha, nice to meet you! I don’t know, brother … ""Oh ~ ~ Brother Wu … who’s that? ""Hehehe, well, Brother Li is good … ""Cool breeze is lucky to see that Fang’s friends are very pregnant … "After a pause, he asked," Who is the one who just sang "Heroes of Heaven come out of our generation"? "
Some things are used to being able to pretend to socialize, but they can still give people a sincere feeling that Cheng Shan is smiling and the wine in his glass occasionally ripples slightly …
"Hehe, it’s Brother Huang!"
Following the eyes, Xu Xuan also saw the expression of Xu Xuan looking at the young man facing the window in the east … Some of them looked like ghosts, and Xu Xuan led the mouth with a smile. "Brother Huang is a great talent!"
"thud …"
The response sound is very simple, too. There is probably a slight ring after accidentally slipping the silver hairpin in your hand and smashing the glass.
Previously, you asked, I answered and I asked, and he said that the harmonious atmosphere was at this time, but the glass was overturned and ringing, slightly abrupt and disobedient, which immediately attracted attention.
Everyone looked at the young man surnamed Huang in succession, and when he picked up the silver chopsticks, he muttered something, probably because he had written a good poem earlier. At this time, many people around him heard it and asked curiously, "What did Brother Huang say? What a coincidence?"
The young man surnamed Huang looked at the man naively and then curled his pie. "What a coincidence that you heard him."
It took a long time to surrender to Xu Xuan’s passive arch "Huang Yusheng …"
Chapter 14 Good or bad
The attitude over there is not very sincere, but I also know that it is embarrassing. At this time, Xu Xuan didn’t care about some things and nodded "good poem" at will.
A little emphasis in this compliment means that if there are white people, they will naturally recognize it, but at this time, many people will naturally not be white and take over the conversation at will. There are many people.
"The wind and cloud come out of our generation yeah …"
"There is quite a legacy of Taibai who thinks he can’t write Xu Xiong. What about you?"
"Well, I can’t write …"
Then the topic was slightly deviated. Someone occasionally asked, "I wonder if there is a poem title?"
Although Gui Li met likui jy somewhat unfortunately, Huang Yusheng’s embarrassed look did not last long.
The young people are all brothers of wealthy families, and their elders have influenced them. Over the years, the scene control ability will probably not be too weak, and the rude behavior will not be too bad. At this time, Huang Yusheng has calmed down after drinking a little wine. Then his eyes occasionally glance at Xu Xuan and think, "Brother Chinese, what do you think is a good topic?" Although I calmed down, some things in my heart can’t be wiped away in a short time. At this time, I was probably lucky, so I made a final test.
Ah, this idea …
Xu Xuan Gherardini saw his one eye look a little confused "oh? Brother Huang doesn’t know? "
This question and answer is somewhat abrupt. It was a warm time, and everyone’s mind would not put aside the problem of Huang Yusheng for urgent matters. Although some people would feel a little strange, then they would take a closer look at the raw blue shirt and some things would not be considered. Then the lively atmosphere of the banquet boomed over to explore the mind and was diluted.
"Know know"
After determining some things, Huang Yusheng’s mentality is relaxed, and this life is not like being investigated.
"Just call it …’ Jianghu of Life’!"
The poem was decided, and then everyone smashed it, which made them feel good. Although others thought it was possible, they also wanted to consider it a little bit. First, they were encouraged by the warm atmosphere, and then they echoed it together. Some things must be serious. Everyone … It’s good to be a literati. This routine is probably also very common.
The number of paragraphs seems very general … Xu Xuan smiled in his heart and then gave Huang Yusheng a slight hand.
Some things, well, let’s just leave it at that.
At this time, the maid stepped forward, and then Xu Xuan was introduced into the wine category in front, and then she was also presented. The maid was elegant and decent, and her manners were also very courteous. A smile would not make people feel abrupt or restrained, but more light and comfortable.
The maids in Yupinglou should have been trained with great care-you can see it by handing a blue and white porcelain lamp and moving a lot of things slightly.
The amber liquid lights are slightly radiant with brilliance, and the window near the water surface is open. Occasionally, when the wind blows in, it also carries water vapor, moonlight and noisy atmosphere, which is a peaceful scene.
After sitting down from the ground, I thought about Cheng Shanmu Xu Xuan, of course, but I didn’t think about it for long in my mind. Then I skipped it. After all, there were some things to really meet when the time came. Then I gently raised the exquisite wine lamp and took a sip of it, reflecting the fire in front of me.
There are also a few people who probably know something. At this time, they saw Xu Xuanyiran’s posture and looked at each other.
The wine can’t be named, but it can be judged from its color and aroma that it should be a very good wine, but the gap between the times can’t be erased after all. At this time, even the best wine Xu Xuan seems to be very limited
However, the atmosphere is still good anyway. At this time, there is nothing unacceptable to rush to the stomach after drinking too much on weekdays. So I narrowed my eyes slightly and touched it, which is also worthy of a good night.
When everyone raised their glasses together, the geisha gently dialed the lute "clank" and sounded twice. After the intonation was confirmed, the songs in the lute began to ring.
Nowadays, the music is still generally four-cavity single route, and even the Huangmei Opera of later generations has not heard the tenor of the original boat at a distance by the water’s edge, but it still feels a bit melodious. At this time, it is closer and closer, and it tastes a little strange after listening carefully.
Of course, it’s not true, it’s not pleasant to listen to. I’m used to listening to modern music, and I’m really not used to it for a while. Nowadays, singing with red teeth is just like a person who often eats bear’s paw. Even if he occasionally eats fish, he may not be willing to listen to it, and it’s not just music. He is like the lunar calendar, writing habits and the like-some things are really necessary to accept.
However, at this time, the music is still audible. It sounds like occasionally taking a few small dishes and drinking two small wines to look at a river view. What fun is also full of it?
I will also look at Cheng Shanxin’s heart and guess that although there are some, I still think it is a bit funny to do so …
Cheng Shanxing seems to be listening to the music seriously. Occasionally, when he is satisfied, he nods and smiles. A toaster comes over and needs to shout several times in a row to pull him back from a certain artistic conception. When he is interrupted, he will not be annoyed and stunned, and then he will lift the glass to the elegant gentleman in the past.
The wine lamp is crisp, colliding with the bosom, drinking and following the literary talents in succession …
Occasionally see Xu Xuanwang Cheng Shan also nodded slightly to him. At this time, the atmosphere is harmonious.
Although talented, but some things are not so pure identity and status, it is not easy to ignore such things when you want to finish.
Cheng Shan is the master, so let’s not stop. Except for him, there are two people who have the highest position in the outfield. One is sitting by the window and being born in white. Since Xu Xuan came in, he has been smiling without saying a word. Someone will take wine to worship him from time to time, and he will also respond lightly. Then his lips will be lightly touched with the edge of a wine lamp, and then he will put it back, but no one will say anything.