This officer has been sending Orlov to the British army as a line of defense. After Orlov crossed the line of defense, he rushed to the small town yesterday, only to be told that plummer had gone in the direction of Basel, because the Chinese regiment had approached here and had become uneasy.

And plummer’s move to Basel also sends a signal to Switzerland that they will be desperate to prepare to March into Switzerland.
Orlov suddenly felt that the British were so mean and shameful. They couldn’t beat the China people, but they took it out on the Swiss, as if they were going to take all the insults in front of the Chinese Communist Youth League on the Swiss. This bullying and bullying temperament should be spurned by the people of the world.
Orlov hurried to a small town and drove plummer away. This town was already crowded with British expeditionary soldiers. Orlov could see the panic expression on their faces and felt that he was at the end of the road.
In this small town church, Olov saw Plummer, and Plummer became haggard, but his eyes remained calm. In addition, he was accompanied by two other Swiss government personnel. Of course, their identity was secret.
Orlov introduced plummer to his meeting in Zhang Yiping and said, "I’m sorry that Zhang Yiping is very stubborn. He said that he would not stop military action until he saw the British government’s apology and compensation, unless General Plummer could negotiate with him personally or the British expeditionary force directly surrendered his weapons. He could guarantee the safety of the British expeditionary force soldiers."
Zhang Yiping really meant the same thing. He asked plummer to go to his barracks to talk about surrender, of course. Otherwise, how could an enemy commander appear in his own barracks
Plummer said, "It’s impossible. How can I negotiate in the enemy barracks when I’m the head coach of the first army? Surrender is even more impossible. How can our Great British Imperial Army surrender to a group of laborers? "
"Since the negotiations broke down, our expeditionary force and the agreement have to enter Switzerland. I’m sorry to bring you trouble in Switzerland!" Plummer said devoutly
The man in the suit over there said, "Our Swiss government will not agree."
"We British expeditionary forces and agreements * * don’t need your consent to life and death. Please understand," plummer said arrogantly.
"Our border has transferred 500,000 troops," said the man in the suit.
"We have one million!" Plummer said
Olov was furious that the British were so ashamed that they attacked Swiss territory instead of resisting China’s attack. It was a shame to be continued.
Chapter 56 Chinese soldiers
Orlov told the man in the suit what he had seen and heard about the road, saying that the British * * team was a hollow team and was on the verge of collapse. A large number of people were driven by several China soldiers to flee all over the country, and there was not much fighting power left.
The man in the suit turned to another attendant with a full face of surprise and said a few words. The attendant turned and left.
The man in the suit said to plummer, "General Plummer, I very much doubt that you still have one million troops? Even if you have 1 million troops, how many troops can you put into the attack on Switzerland? And as far as we know, the British expeditionary force has become so frightened that it is unable to organize an attack. "
"I don’t deny that we are unable to fight back against the China * * group exhibition, but the Swiss army will try to know it for you! But I hate to see this happen, but I have to "
"I want to tell you that we are the Allies’ army, and we have the backing of the whole Allies’ organization," plummer shouted angrily.
"We are absolutely confident that our country will not be invaded, and the Swiss army can hold on for two or three days if we hold on for two or three days, and your army will be annihilated by the Chinese and German troops. How strong will the Allies organize Europe? "The man in the suit said slowly.
Plummer’s weakness in this blow, if you push the Swiss too hard, push the Swiss to the Sino-German army and let his British expeditionary force perish, will Britain still be able to punish the Swiss?
But beyond that, plummer has no other way to go, hoping to make the Swiss bow by intimidation
"Even if our army annihilates our allies, there are ways to punish you!" Plummer threatened
"Whether you agree or not, our army must do this. This is our only way." plummer said categorically that he could threaten him to negotiate with Switzerland slowly when he had no time.
This is the only way out for the British expeditionary force. He concluded that the Swiss did not have the courage to offend the Allies. Although they may have the ability to stop the British expeditionary force by force, they may not have the courage.
"I have said that the Swiss government does not allow foreign armed forces to enter Switzerland, which is tantamount to aggression." The man in the suit also said solemnly and unquestionably
Olov persuaded, "General Plummer, if the Swiss army guards the mountain pass, it is impossible for your army to enter the Swiss border. Our Swiss army has the ability and the determination. Please believe us."
"I think the only way out for the British Expeditionary Force is to negotiate and reach a settlement with the people of China, General Plummer. I think you should go to the Chinese Communist Youth League and talk to Zhang Yiping personally. I know it takes a lot of courage, but it is the only choice!" Olov said
"China people can’t be trusted when this is a wave," plummer said sternly. "Please stop talking so childish."
Plummer once again sternly warned, "Our British Expeditionary Force will pass through Switzerland. If you stop it, you will be the enemy of the Allies. You must think clearly about the consequences of this."
"You are invading a neutral country, you know? General plummer! " Orlov was furious.
"There is no neutrality. You can either choose us or you can choose the allied side," Plummer said. "I have repeatedly stressed that we are heading for Basel now. I hope you will not stop our troops from entering your country.
If there is any obstruction, it is best to block the chasing regiment for us, so our Allies will be very grateful. "
Plummer went away of cutting.
The man in the suit was livid, while Orlov punched the table and roared, "I have never seen such a despicable person if he humiliated the country and the army;" The British are the most rogue people in the world, Britain is the most rogue country in the world, and the British team is the most rogue army in the world. "
The first British expeditionary force, the treaty team, went to Basel, and the Swiss army also blocked the border. It seems that the border war is on the verge.
In the periphery, there are two main infantry divisions: the 13th Division and the 11th Division. There are 16 divisions in the west, and the German Second Regiment, a foreign regiment, swoops down on the agreement team like a tiger.
"hemp! Ma, come here quickly! " Lu Xiaoyu is limping through the woodland, shouting and pointing warily at the front with a light machine gun.
"Did you see it? There is a woman in this ditch who doesn’t know if it is an English woman. "Lu Xiaoyu pointed to a ditch on the side of the road and curled up a young woman with golden hair.
Because this woman didn’t wear a helmet, she didn’t know whether she was a French or a British regiment. The French and the British were different. The British shot the French on the spot and handed them over to the French Socialist Red Army to help clean up the battlefield. It was also the French Socialist Party that organized the French Red Army.
Of course, it is stipulated that if you meet a French male soldier, China soldiers will usually give them a shot to save a lot of trouble, but if you are a French female soldier, you must handle it according to the regulations and leave it to the French Socialist Red Army.
Ma eyes looked at it and said, "It’s hard to tell if they are all wearing the same gray military uniform, but I heard that French women are different from British women. British women have long and dense hair and white skin. French women have sparse hair and red skin … Why don’t you take off her clothes and look white?"
Lu Xiaoyu laughed, "Come on, if you can hurry up, I can give you a minute."
"Then I am not a fast man?" Ma said, "It’s still a big challenge." As she spoke, she reached out and pulled the woman out of the ditch with one hand. The woman trembled and screamed weakly, and her voice was hoarse.
"She’s scared, and blood is pouring into her head," Ma said. He saw this young woman with a leg injury, tore a shirt and wrapped it in a sleeve. When she turned over her chest, she saw that there were several English words written in her clothes and said, "It’s an English woman."
"What can I do if the English woman is still injured?" Ma said.
Lu Xiaoyu shook his head and said, "Never mind, let’s go! “
The two men continued to walk forward, but the woman took out a pistol from her body and aimed it at Lu Xiaoyu … but a bullet hit her head from behind, and the woman fell to the ground and her brains flowed out.
Lu Xiaoyu looked back and scolded, "It’s really kind to the British … her mother."
A soldier passed by this woman, still smoking, pushed the woman’s body at gunpoint and walked on.
The company entered a village in front, where there were more than a dozen houses. Yu Songyang, the platoon leader, shouted, "Search quickly, don’t delay too long."
Ma hit a shuttle bullet at the door of a house, then kicked it. It was dark inside, so she struck a match and walked into the door, but immediately she jumped out of it like a spring.
There were two dead bodies crossing the door, and after a pause, he went in and searched three rooms and kicked the fourth door, almost without being scared by a strange shout.
"What person?"
"It’s me. I’m Chinese!" An English soldier came out of the room.
Although wearing a British military uniform, this one is Asian with yellow skin and black eyes.
This is definitely not one of our own, because everyone in the platoon knows each other, and although this person is face of china, there is still a difference
"Raise your hand! Hands up! " Hemp shouted huskily, aiming the machine gun at this man and pulling the trigger at any time.
"Go outside. It’s too dark here. If there is any trouble, I’ll shoot you."
"Don’t be such a person of hometown. I’m really Chinese. Look at my skin color and my eyes and hair. I’m here to wait for you to come over. I slept and finally waited until you came to the person of hometown! "said the man is a little less fluent in Chinese.
"Get out! "hemp muzzle flash scared the man a surprised, hurriedly raised his hand and turned away, and his eyes looked at the cold light shining barrel facing him like a demon.
Outside hemp called to get up Yu Songyang and Lu Xiaoyu came along.
"China people? “
"British soldiers? “
"Good China, what are you going to do to help the British fight?"
They said, pointing to the man.
The man shook his throat and made a strange sound-like coughing and sobbing. "I’m really Chinese. My name is Cao Chali. Although I immigrated to Australia, I’m really Chinese. I had to join the Australian army."
"Even the name is a ghost. The name is a traitor!" Yu Songyang said, "In my life, I hate helping foreign ghosts bully China people who are traitors and even worse, helping the British fight."
"Since he joined the British team, that is, our enemy should shoot him whether he is from China or not," said Lu Xiaoyu. "Maybe he even killed our brother in the battle?" to be continued
Chapter 57 Target plummer
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The company commander Zhu Zhiqing came over and asked about the situation. He went to Cao Chali.
"You run!" Zhu Zhiqing said, "Run, since you are Chinese! We have no reason to kill you. We won’t shoot our own people. "
Zhu Zhiqing put his rifle on his shoulder and said to Ma, "Don’t point your gun at one of your own." Then he stretched out his hand and patted Cao Chali’s right arm. His firm moves made Cao Chali feel that his words were very credible.
"We are Chinese too!" Zhu Zhiqing said in a very sincere tone, "What about all Chinese suffering Chinese? Why should we kill each other? You run! " His right hand gently pushed Cao Chali’s shoulder and pointed to the dark forest outside the village. "Through that forest, there is a big road and go south along the road. If you are Chinese here, no one will stop you. If you go further, there will be a town that can take a carriage or a car to the seaside, where there is a port and then go home by boat …"