"It’s very simple. It’s not a device. It’s not a scalpel, a shield or an arm … Since human hands can be regarded as’ devices’, what’s not an artifact?"

Bad day listen to one leng one leng "are you serious? A psionic power can build a real life … Is this really something you can do with a mere six or seven psionic powers? "
"I think so."
"I don’t think so"
Bad day some worries look back "to tell the truth … are you really out of control? I don’t think it’s strange that a demon can do such a thing at level 9 or level 10. "
"You don’t underestimate Russell’s rotten family children … hiccups-"
On the contrary, some artifacts are not willing to hear this.
He knocked down half a bottle of iced coke and then burped for a long time.
Then he breathed a sigh of relief and looked relaxed at ordinary times. Russell made no difference.
But when he looked back, he realized in a flash that he was not really Russell.
-because it is a kind of monster eyes.
A kind of arbitrariness that belongs to the devil … If you want to do it, you can destroy the casual and temperament of things.
Human beings have compassion for their kin, so they will feel sad about human death, which is a kind of empathy for death;
Humans are more lovely and more in line with human aesthetics for mammals, and there will be some slight sadness when animals die;
But if ugly animals, lower animals die more than plants, they will not feel sad.
I can’t understand the death of machine things-for example, the collapse of snow-capped mountains and the death of the sea. Their "death" will think that they are still going on, which is another form of expression.
For the devil, human beings are more distant than machines, just like when two robots communicate, the real communication is a program, not a shell. In the devil’s cognition, they are like that, and human beings are like that.
Information does not produce empathy for matter, which is also the reason for the devil’s "cruelty"
The bad day and the "rotten day" have been together for so long, and naturally they have learned such a secret from the rotten day.
But he saw the same feelings from Russell as normal Russell …
"That’s because I don’t pretend to be human."
Artifact reveals a frank smile.
Russell’s face will look particularly cute with such an expression. "That means I treat you as one of my own, doesn’t it?"
"… your playing mode is different from Luo Su Huanjen’s"
"That is true, no matter what I play, I will always be me. I can’t be anyone but me … because I am a’ vessel’, not a’ mirror’. No matter what I hold, I can’t change my attributes."
"Russell" shrugged and took up the previous topic "but are you too underestimate Russell? He rewrote his subconscious … Do you know what that means?
"He is much stronger than me, but he is bound by the chains of reason. Unlike you, he is the one who is heavier than me."
"I’ve never heard such a thing. How come you never told me?"
Suddenly I heard something unexpected. The real Russell couldn’t help but say, "Aren’t you my demon?"
"It is, but it should be a derivative of Artifact-1?"
The artifact is not concealed.
He turned to the godfather and said with a smile, "Now that the rotten day has been said, there is still another artifact in your body, and you can recall it sooner or later …
"The so-called" artifact "is there are two ways, the artifact created by God in the other things.
"I’m not the former, I’m the latter.
"You didn’t come into contact with the real demon at that time, but you thought you should have such a demon, so I was created by you. You thought I should be the illusion gesture in your cognition … but have you ever seen a bad day whispering to someone around you?
"In other words, I’m just the devil in your imagination, so I can be shown so easily without tools."
Artifact shrugged his shoulders and gave a bad taste smile to his creator. "In other words …
"You might have been crazy. Oh, my creator
"A little common sense … normal human beings can’t rewrite their personality so easily. You must have known for a long time that because I knew it, you pretended not to know it … disguised yourself as an ordinary person.
"-since you can do that easily, how can you be sure that your previous personality has not been rewritten by yourself?"
Chapter 44 Blessing on a Bad Day
Russell was silent.
As the artifact words touched the memory that he had remembered before, but he deliberately forgot it again, it suddenly surged like a high tide.
Being "another self" directly told the hidden truth face to face … Russell can no longer deceive himself.
He didn’t expect that the first thing he did after he made the artifact was to hurt himself …
Although it won’t bite itself, it will tell the truth to hurt itself.
Artifact words defeated the false paper wall in Russell’s heart …
That was Russell’s long thought, but he deliberately ignored it and pretended that it was not part of him that was deliberately dishonest to face that part of himself.
Although Russell has some special features, some are slightly beyond mortal talents.
But when I was a teenager, the specificity brought by those things was just "something special"
By means of contact, dialogue, learning from each other, careful investigation of materials, private practice, etc., we gradually copy the particularity of others, become the other person’s position, and then gradually replace the other person’s communication and interpersonal resources …