At that time, even if there were no nonhuman dark red armor people, their chances of breaking through were very low

However, at this time, seven black-robed Christians were suppressed and one was killed.
She opened her eyes wide and her mouth slightly.
But her face is still dignified, and Medisha knows very well that the greatest danger has not come.
Boom !
A broad sword fell from the sky and cut blood. The red sword awn tore the buildings.
The figure in dark red armor came out of the fog with a drawn broadsword, and he walked forward step by step. He let the broadsword bounce off the armor and bang sparks. With a wave of his hand, the flame and frost broke instantly.
Even the blade of Shi Yun stream is as devastating as this broad sword.
Seeing this scene, the cold sweat on Mei Tisha’s forehead has been flowing from the side of her cheek, and the sweat on her jaw has been dripping.
She still dare not move her eyes and stare at the dark red armor not far away. She is full of heavy pressure.
Mei’s Sally can’t find a chance to make moves, and she will die if she doesn’t … and she will die if she doesn’t!
The fighting situation reversed in an instant.
Black-robed cultists roared forward, and the dark red armor that came step by step seemed to crush the psychological defense of human defenders.
Eyes reflected in the shadows, Mei Tisha gritted her teeth and motioned Shi Yunxi for several people to fight, but they didn’t seem to see her eyes. Mei Tisha was in a hurry.
The earth shook suddenly, and Mei Tisha was surprised only to find that there were not many people in Shixi Yunxi who were walking slowly in a panic, and the dark red armor man stopped and looked up slightly.
Mei’s head slightly tilted to look back.
Can’t help but open your mouth.
"That, that is …?"
"This is our camp guardian, Lord Qingliu."
Dozens of meters high ancient trees came alive at this moment, and the blue willow vines danced like the whole world was angry.
The potential of twining and strangulation of vines and willows is heavy.
In an instant, I will fight with the dark red armor.
Although that broad sword can cut off the rattan, rattan and willow grow and spread faster, flying around the sky and the earth for a while, and the evil minions and nonhuman people actually fell into the wind.
This …
Mei’s Sally stare big eyes.
Glanced at the eye from the top of the head over the rattan willow and looked at the side of Shi Yunxi several people she swallowed.
"No … you have nonhuman level the strong? !”
"Yeah, otherwise, our whole camp would have left long ago. Why would we stay here?"
This seems to make sense, and Medisha thinks that the law refutes it.
No, that’s not the problem at all!
A statue of a non-human strong man. Why are you all so calm? Do you know the gold content of inhuman environment? Damn it!
The thought that the blue star world is a cute new world may really make her want to cry.
But people don’t know anything, and even if they are lucky, it’s fate!
If I remember correctly, the leader of blue star power is the mentor.
At the thought of this, Medisha couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. What a fairy and new world this is! If this power is not destroyed, a big oasis level is certain, and it will develop for decades in the future, and there may be some opportunities to promote the super oasis power!
She doesn’t think it’s enough bait to take out now
It is necessary to increase the chips of the United College!
Mei Tisha’s thoughts whirled and her body didn’t stop at the same time. She was following Shi Yunxi’s several people back and suffered from nonhuman fighting waves.
Sand and stones are flying in the distance.
From time to time, the green vines and willows flashed across the red mans, and terrible shock waves spread far away. Several people blew their cheeks and blew their sweat and hair.
"This willow is inhuman and strong!"
"It seems that the situation should be stable."
Mei Tisha’s idea just came out with a loud bang when the rattan willow broke and another minion appeared.
The bearer is dressed in armor, darker in color and darker in hand, with a black epee cut out in the roaring noise, and a black torrent seems to be a black torrent charged by several soldiers.
The torrent washed the vines and willows
Dark red armor deceives people.
This is … Two inhuman statues!
Meidisha dumbfounded herself again. What kind of crow is this?
"What should I do now?"
She looked at Shi Yunxi.
Shi Yunxi is also surrounded by water, but he can’t find a chance to play out.
Seeing the vines and willows getting thinner and thinner, sweat began to drip on her cheeks.
The vines and willows gradually recede
The aftermath of that rumble battle moved toward the central area of the camp.
The dark red armor man wore a mask of "Jie Jie Jie" and laughed at him. He threw the rattan willow that had been formed by sparse method and strode towards the core of dozens of meters high ancient trees
Shi Yunxi’s eyes are fixed.