They saw what information it was at that time, and now they know that they saw it and then they did something.

They went to … kill the virtual bus cubs.
They carried all kinds of weapons they had made before, arrived at the residential area of the virtual bus and attacked a smaller cub.
This kind of attack is based on suicide, that is, they rushed and then blew themselves up … and it didn’t work.
In fact, they blew up the walls of the cub’s house, and the explosion impact slightly affected the cub, but there was no harm.
These two individuals also died in the attack. This group of creatures is completely … extinct.
After that, another thing happened
This incident … seems to have nothing to do with the assassination of the cub, but it came from the assassinated cub.
At some point, both the captors’ warships and the virtual buses have a … weird feeling.
This strange feeling comes from the assassinated baby, which has been sending a message to the surrounding area at that time.
This gives the virtual bus and the captors a sense of wonder, but it has a great influence on all kinds of creatures living here
They suddenly went crazy at that time.
They regard the rule that they can’t attack each other. They make weapons and keep fighting.
Of course, they not only fight each other, but also attack the captors, even if they can see the target. Many of them have mutated.
It’s like the swelling monster mutates into a completely abnormal creature
Then the captors disposed of them all.
Dealing with these crazy creatures has made this warship construction community become like this.
However, there are still a few individuals alive, and the captors have to introduce many new creatures because of their small number.
And the captors are also very interested in investigating the source of this incident through the virtual bus cub. They found that it seems that the source of this crazy information mainly comes from that thing in the distance …
Which is water polo.
Water polo seems to have some wonderful way to make their creatures crazy and mutate, so the captors made such a decision at that time …
Attack water polo
The captors’ aggressiveness becomes very strong, which is different from that of peaceful state, but they don’t attack so casually, but constantly study things related to water polo.
They mainly … increase their understanding of water polo by making other creatures.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-seven Calculation error
The captor … left his original position after that incident.
They were afraid that water polo would have a lasting impact on them, so they left their original position and went to a farther place.
But their lives have not changed because of this, and they continue to capture many personality creatures to make them live as warships.
The captor of the assassinated virtual bus cub put it in a special treatment room for treatment.
Later, the cub will soon stop sending out the signal that makes the sexual creature crazy, as if everything is back to normal.
But the catcher is already very interested in water polo at this time.
They try to study water polo in various ways. What they do most is … observe the water polo war.
Occasionally, some creatures approach the water polo, and then the captors take the opportunity to observe the contact between these creatures and the water polo.
In fact, there is no special contact. If anything approaches the water polo, it will destroy them.
Water polo always makes a very special way to destroy things close to it. They never attack, but every group of creatures close to them seems to have destroyed themselves.
They always explode and collapse one after another at a long distance, and the powder is destroyed in various ways … it seems that no matter what structure it is, it is meaningless.
No creature or creature-made thing can get close to the water polo.
At first, the captors just observed how these creatures were destroyed and then recorded their destruction process.
They occasionally put records in the library so that creatures living in warships can know what is going on outside, but because there is no explanation, the creatures usually don’t know what these records are about
Later, the captors were not satisfied with observation but wanted to take part in these battles.
Sometimes they will try to join the biological forces that try to get close to the water polo, and the captors will try to communicate with them and then say what they want to join.
Most creatures don’t want captors to join them, but some creatures agree to let captors join them, so that captors have a better chance to contact water polo.
After the captors joined, they also officially realized the power of water polo, and their troops would be destroyed together.
But some things will not be destroyed, that is, virtual buses are occasionally mixed with virtual buses in the army of virtual bus catchers.
These buses are all hundreds of meters in diameter, and they are still young buses. The captors took them to participate in the operation of approaching water polo.
When the surrounding troops are destroyed, these virtual buses can always escape in time without any harm.
However, the captors have not worked out what virtual buses are not harmed.
Even if they are made of almost the same material as virtual buses to make aircraft, no virtual bus can escape.
And the virtual bus has nothing special to say about it. They left there when they felt danger, and they don’t seem to know much about it themselves.
The captors can study these things by themselves.
In this way, the captors slowly passed by and participated in many water polo battles.
In the process of continuous contact with water polo, they gradually understand how water polo destroys everything around them.
But they also encountered some problems …
It’s that creatures living in their warships occasionally mutate and go crazy. The captors find that … the actual water polo has stared at them.
After the actual catcher first touched the water polo, the water polo had noticed the catcher and stared at them.
That’s what the captors think
Because of the continuous occurrence of warship incidents, the captors think that water polo may also study them.
However, the water polo did not destroy them immediately, which caused some impact by accident.
So the captors decided to continue to study water polo according to this influence … Their research continued until some time.
Long-term research has made the captors slowly understand how the water polo attack is going on, and at the same time, how the virtual bus escaped.
They combined various methods to create new aircraft, new weapons and other things. After the manufacture, the captors decided to attack the water polo.
Did their attack succeed?
As a result, Lin has seen it.
The captors’ troops, the aircraft they built, have destroyed this huge warship several times. Although it has not been completely blown up, it has also lost its vitality.