At this time, the "cat" suddenly shot two red lights through her fingers in her round eyes, shining in Mrs. Yan’s eyes.

It’s frozen at the moment.
Lady Yan can kill this strange girl with her fingers, but when the red light pierces her eyes, her mobility is instantly deprived.
Xiao Ni doesn’t seem to have realized how ugly Mrs. Yan’s appearance is at this time. She smiled and got out of her arms. Her small white hand stuck to Mrs. Yan’s plump chest and her little finger leaned in through a crack in her face and groped naughtily.
Li Jue froze and looked at Qingluan’s lip angle on the spot and went forward again with a cold curvature, and her brain was completely stupid.
Lin’s eyes smiled like a crescent moon. In this smile, she put her whole hand into the crack and suddenly pulled it out …
With Mrs Yan’s miserable cry, the golden mans glittering beads have fallen into Xiao Ni’s palm with faint bloodshot minced meat.
Lady Yan has been stripped of all her strength, but her appearance has been rapidly restored, and her rough, blue and black skin has become smooth and white, and her embossed tendons and spurs have returned to normal.
However, the ground curled up into a ball, and Mrs. Yan had tried her best to get back to the past. The weakness and posture were even more pitiful.
It’s a pity that there are few people who are passionate about jade in the field.
Lin sorrow will throw a throw Kim casually handed QingLuan spin and squat down to tenderly straighten Mrs. Yan’s body and return her hemostatic mouth freely. "Yan Yi, you are too trustworthy cousin. She told you that the Golden Pill was sealed with my big dog Jing Yuan Dan, right?
"But my cousin loves cheating. How can you believe it? It’s not like Dan is sealed and even the big dog is in it! And mother said that dogs are really afraid of cats … don’t you think so? "
The "cat" meowed lazily beside Pan Lin’s shoulder, and it was quite a bit like an ordinary cat. Suspicion in Mrs. Yan’s ear was the most vicious ridicule.
She smiled bitterly and closed her eyes.
"Dong" was a big ring, and the puppet was shot down by the demon phoenix, and fell into the ground several feet deep. When it was still in the middle of the night, the puppet’s body wrapped around the fire clothes and dissipated cleanly, announcing the complete failure of Mrs. Yan.
The demon phoenix floated down and slightly tidied up her clothes. The elders at the altar could see that there were only two islands in the middle of the lake. Li Xun was also staring at this side in a daze.
The situation has been completely controlled. She stepped forward and asked for a golden bead from Qingluan. She smiled. "Gu Yincong was mistakenly given to you by Cong, and it was bad, but she didn’t expect it to help me a lot … Mrs. Yan still remembers your thoughts when Gu Yin first met?"
Lady Yan opened her eyes but looked at the increasingly gloomy sky.
Demon phoenix shook his head and smiled, and was about to say that it was abrupt and induced. Qingluan turned her head and saw the lake float. A tall figure slowly appeared in the dark fire of the altar.
"Yan Yuan-nan, you had a friendship with the ancient sound before the 49 th robbery. After the long-term clear water wiring, the situation has become like this. You even didn’t expect it!"
The voice is hoarse and dry, and the noise of "snoring" seems to be choked by surging sputum at any time.
But it’s hard to say that I was furious, but I went straight into the listener’s heart
"Hey, hey, master, master … ghost teacher younger brother is really nobody after going. There is a litter of waste in Zongmen. I am the leader. The eyes of Qixia Yuanjun and Qingluan Fairy Seven Demons are also full of waste."
With a low laugh, the ghost fire Yamaraja walked slowly out of the edge of the fire and his legs were slightly forked and steady
Bright as the sun, eyes flow from every face, and then he takes a deep breath. The air flow from the abdomen to the chest will melt into a huge wave. generate goes out-
"Do you want to wait for my side to be killed before you fucking jump out?"
When the waves reverberate in all directions, the lake produces waves, and when the trees ring, the reverberation is still strong, and a long laugh drags down the rolling reverberation completely.
The thirteenth hundred ghosts walk at night
The first chapter is playing tricks
"You leave … the emperor?"
Li Jue raised her eyebrows and turned her eyes slowly with the flow of laughter.
The bearer is far away, and in a blink of an eye, the surrounding situation is as powerful as a tiger roaring and brave.
However, everyone estimated that it was a breeze to smile when people appeared in position.
No one?
The altar was ablaze with flames, and the palace Woods outside the island produced several shadows, twisted and twisted to test the acuity of people’s eyes, and it seemed to be a number of sly ghosts.
The contrast between the scenes is so great that it makes people feel suffocated and vomiting blood. Li Xun twitched his mouth and didn’t know whether he was angry or laughing. Look at Demon Phoenix and Qingluan’s face at the moment.
After the awkward silence, all eyes were turned back to the ghost fire Yamaraja.
In the face of such a situation, Yamaraja smiled low and narrowed his eyes, and all the people in the field couldn’t see through his mind.
This ….. If you can’t see through it, you can’t see through it. No.
Li Jue suddenly smiled and twisted his neck. Half of the wound had been cut off by Qingluan. At this time, he had healed. He still had time to pat himself with mud like a colleague.
At present, it turns out that it is still correct to leave one move.
Li Jue’s manner has caused the demon phoenix to have some doubts, but it is clear that the ghost is ill, but his eyes are coming out through the long and narrow eyes, and his face will be swept away before he reacts.
Li Xun doesn’t care what Yamaraja thinks.
When the ghost fire Yamaraja shouted the name "You are far away from the God", it was tantamount to playing a clean trick on the monks of Zongmen.
Demon phoenix at this time will also adjust their pace to come over, her eyes note ghost fire Yamaraja shook his head and said, "secretive and like? Why don’t you worry about yourself? What do you want to do in the meantime? What can I do? "
The surrounding atmosphere suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and the despair of several elders on the altar could not be concealed. They were not ignorant of the ghost fire. Yamaraja was in a state of being lucky enough to be hit by the demon phoenix, which was unbearable.
Besides, there is seclusion …
Ghost fire Yamaraja smiles and affects withered muscles. Bai Sensen’s teeth are rare and ugly. "Thank you, Yuan Jun, for waking up well. This is stolen from the thief God for a moment. Never wave, so let’s get straight to the point."
"Yuan Jun single-handedly caused this situation, whether it was out of scheming or purely venting his personal anger, or it was out of control for our Sect. There was something about starting over or annihilating the difference. Is this what Yuan Jun wanted to see?"
In the heart of Demon Phoenix, her eyes are getting colder and colder. "It’s nothing to ask you to change a patriarch. Don’t let Mrs. Yan ascend to the throne. If you don’t have any opinions, we’ll retreat."
Listening to her words, several elders almost turned their backs, but they were stuck in their throats. They couldn’t keep their eyes on each other for a while, and they hated that they couldn’t keep their eyes on the demon phoenix.
Ghost fire Yamaraja jaw trembling is two laughs "Yuan Regal really wants to come and go, so there is room for others to talk. Besides, I’m afraid I can see the ancestors again. It’s nothing to swallow with my teeth …"
He dragged on for a long time. "There is one thing that I can’t understand. Just as Yuan Jun said, I want our clan to replace the patriarch and find the ancient sound."
"Indeed Yan Yang ancient sound collusion for a long time may get a lot of help, if she inherited the patriarch big ancient sound can also take advantage of it, but the ancient sound handle nearly half the work? As ruined as our clan, she still wants Zhou Zhangtu? Please also show Yuan Jun "
"Mrs. Yan, if she colludes with you to ask, she must ask me?" Demon phoenix rebuffed faintly.
Yamaraja, the ghost fire, shook his head and said, "The ancient sound planning has always been meticulous and cunning. If Yan Yang can know that he is plotting to end up like this?"
Mrs. Yan heard this every word, curled up and couldn’t help shivering. She clenched her nails and saw blood.
Demon phoenix glance is still thoughtfully ghost fire Yamaraja added "since yuan jun to ancient sound will be her cover again? One man is short, two men are long, and if Yuanjun is willing to show the ancient sounds of heaven and earth, no matter how dense it is, it will not be enough for heaven and man to lose. "