"Two hundred dollars!" Lin Jin’s eyes widened. "You can buy a swi*** for another two hundred!"

In the summer, it seems that no matter what I am going to continue to say, Lin Jin quickly turned over and ran to the door to wash and wash.
"This guy" clearly saw Lin Jin’s joy in the summer and shook his head
Lin Jin just likes to say that two hundred dollars is almost enough to buy games, and I don’t know what it’s like to be happy.
He also got out of bed and wore a pair of big shorts, so he strolled outside the health room and shouted at Lin Jin inside, "Do you want me to buy you breakfast? Or should I cook porridge for you? "
"Go buy it!" Is health brush your teeth and wash your face Lin Jin shouted to the outside world.
"That’s fine!"
In the summer, I went to change my clothes without hesitation, and then hurried towards the building.
It wasn’t long before Lin Jin’s personal hygiene problem was solved, and she just came back with breakfast in the summer.
He bought two soybean milk bean paste buns. Although Lin Jinshi prefers to eat meat buns, he changed them to bean paste buns in the summer when he knew that none of the meat buns near the school were with her appetite.
Putting breakfast on the brain table, he sat drinking soybean milk and said, "How about I broadcast live until twelve o’clock in the afternoon, then we go out for dinner and come back for live broadcast after dinner?"
"Go shopping?"
Jin Lin picked his eyebrows.
"Yeah wanda plaza? There is no square nearby. "
"Then I’m fine, and I’m afraid you’re too tired to carry things." Lin Jin smiled and turned to look at him. "Now it will be cold in two months, and I’m sure I’ll wear a thick coat every day. I’ll have to wear a sweater or trench coat in January and February. I have to buy more winter clothes."
Because it’s cold and slow here in Xiamen, it may have snowed elsewhere in January, but in Xiamen, short sleeves and a slightly thicker coat are usually used in January, and it is not necessary to wear thicker clothes until the air conditioning is officially south in February.
However, sometimes the weather returns to a dozen or twenty degrees before February is over.
"Wanda to buy clothes? Very expensive "face a smoke in summer.
Now he doesn’t broadcast live, although the salary for live broadcast has arrived last month, the money for live broadcast big-head gifts has not arrived yet, and although there is a hundred thousand dollars in the previous money, it is the store’s money that dare not touch.
"Why? Distressed? " Lin Jin glanced at him and then cocked his head at him. "Come and tell the live audience what you are, such a stingy guy, and don’t even buy me some clothes?"
"When said not to buy? The problem is that Wanda clothes are a little expensive. "Seeing Lin Jin in the summer seems to be a bit of a tantrum. I immediately lowered my posture." You see that the store needs money to rent a house, money to eat, and money … "
"Do you want more money for dinner? You have one breakfast at the hotel every noon and night, and there are fifteen days every month for me to help you cook or buy it. "Lin Jin is not really angry, but she is thinking about teasing summer, but her tone is very serious." Look at you! At least a quarter of the money made by live broadcast is due to me, right? I can’t spend thousands of clothes even if I buy Wanda? "
"And only spend thousands of dollars a year to buy clothes for autumn, winter and spring!"
In the summer, I carefully calculated the money in my pocket, and the hotel salary will not be paid until the 15th. However, I left 2,000 people to make a living before I saved the money in the store, and the monthly salary of 4,000 on the live broadcast platform is actually enough to buy clothes for Lin Jin.
"That line! Can you limit it to three thousand? " I finally made up my mind in the summer and casually explained, "I’m not a stingy person either. I usually buy you food with big fish and big meat … Although I haven’t sent clothes or flowers, I don’t seem to have sent them …"
He suddenly paused and thought about it carefully. During this period, he was sold by Lin Jin with Lin Jin.
Well, in addition to eating or eating, once again, half of the sales are to buy food and cook for Lin Jin, half of the sales are to buy fast food, and a little is to buy things and eat when playing with Lin Jin.
It doesn’t seem to add up to much …
I suddenly feel like I’m really buttoned up when I think about it … People will send flowers and necklaces when they are chasing girls or in love, or at least a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.
And myself
Summer immediately prepared for massive bleeding.
Chapter 549 545 in preparation
Live in the afternoon and play games in the summer. Lin Jinbian plays video games and reads novels, but it’s too leisurely. At least it’s the most leisurely time in this period.
At this time, she leaned back against the armchair and put her feet straight across her thighs in summer. After finishing, she looked like she was in no charge, and she kept her head down and played the story of Luxinggu on the video game machine.
But speaking of it, Lin Jin has played this game before, but it may be because she is always not careful when playing with her brain, so she didn’t play this game very much. Later, she bought a game console and spent money to buy this game again, only to find that it is really interesting to play this kind of game on her mobile phone.
There is a feeling of playing ranch story before gb
Live broadcast from nine o’clock in the afternoon, hit four knife towers in the summer, and became interested in Lin Jin’s solo play during this period. After wandering around the world, I found that this kind of brain strategy game didn’t seem to suit him.
Former Lin Jin also introduced the game of steel ambition to him, but he couldn’t play it in summer. It’s not that he didn’t have patience. It’s just that this kind of player is a little too hard to understand what to do. What are those buttons for? They can’t even command soldiers to fight.
"What time do we go out in summer?" Lin Jin suddenly paused the game, looked up and asked Xia, "Twelve o’clock? Wanda is crowded at noon, right? Or the National Day is sure to be crowded with people, and it is estimated that even eating will be queued. "
"It’s okay. I reserved a Japanese restaurant for you yesterday. Don’t you want to eat raw salmon? Where can I buy it near our school? You still call me to buy it every day. "
"I asked you to bring me some when you come back, okay?" Lin Jinbai gave him a look. "You are just too lazy to take you to the restaurant for me. Isn’t it Wanda Edge? Just find a shop and pack it for me. "
"It stinks when you pack raw things on a hot day, right?" Xia Nai shrugged. "I’ll go in half an hour. I’ve made an appointment and I’ll just go straight in."
Half an hour in the summer, I didn’t hit the knife tower, but I answered some barrage questions or browsed some recent news and paddled live on the Internet.