Sister said it wasn’t the blood problem. Lin Dong examined it carefully. Besides finding that her body was seriously damaged, she also accidentally found that her body was full of blood, and she was very strong in all aspects, which was much stronger than her former enemy. Several of them had been practicing in the Monkey State for many years.

The Lins’ special curse has been practiced forcibly hundreds of years ago, but it has hardly been practiced in the last hundred years. In those days, Lin Dong’s father was unwilling, but in the end, he had an accident before he broke through.
Before the battle, I didn’t find my sister’s special physical exercise. My sister’s physical strength at this moment is actually not weaker than herself. Many of these changes are somewhat unexpected. If you just enter the Qitian realm from the extreme limit of people, there is absolutely no such strong effect. I thought about Lin Dong and found out that he didn’t gain much. Lin Dong then injected his fetal breathing technique into her sister’s body to form clouds of air to protect some important parts of her sister, especially those drugs wrapped around the firepower. Lin Dong also set up many arrangements.
In this way, even if the medicine fails and there are any problems in refrigeration, I can let my sister support it for a while and finish it all. Lin Dong will let my sister enter the refrigeration state again.
This inspection consumption is not Xiao Lindong immediately went to the lounge to practice quietly and think about the problem.
Sister has done everything she can, but it is always difficult to really understand some problems if she doesn’t do it herself. Now it seems that sister has successfully reached the realm of Qitian, but then suddenly her power is out of control. If she realizes the force of heaven and earth, she can let the force of heaven and earth be slightly controlled. It is simple to make full use of the initial stage and really make full use of the attack class, and then slowly study it.
However, the special power makes the force of heaven and earth pour into the body directly. If so, he has some resources to try to fight. He thinks about Lin Dongwang’s refrigeration equipment in another room. He knows that he can’t treat his sister now unless his strength rises rapidly, and he needs many other special drugs.
It takes more strength to save my sister, and it takes more strength to protect myself. Lin Dong is more determined in his heart to break through the realm of Qitian, so that he can have the resources to fight against the border family and help his sister.
Now that you have made a decision, you should be prepared. Sister has made enough preparations, and even figured out how to deal with her in the end, so that she can know that all this can be used for reference.
What Lin Dong has to do at the moment is to strengthen and break the so-called curse of money and capital. After some consideration, Lin Dong made a bold plan. He first selected many drugs for his sister.
Later, he drew heaven and earth forces into the body again. This time, Lin Dong drew water because he found that it was dangerous to draw heaven and earth forces into the body, but after he survived, his body was tempered, his meridians, his strength and his ability to control heaven and earth forces were enhanced.
Although the previous experience is still painful, the danger is gradually decreasing. After the power retreats, Lin Dong is a drug to help him recover. Now that his body is strengthened, his strength is enhanced and he is assisted by drugs, Lin Dong recovered in three days. As soon as his body recovered, Lin Dong once again pulled himself into the body. This time, he recovered in two days, and then he pulled himself into the body in one day.
Although the recovery speed is fast, the pain has not decreased every time. Lin Dong has been enduring repeated exercises to make this extreme pain exercise method, because he has to face the curse that has been entangled in the Lins for hundreds of years if he wants to break through the realm of Qitian.
Chapter DiErSanSi Reach the Monkey State
He wants his body to reach the strongest state and adapt to the force of heaven and earth to the greatest extent. If others are already dead for the first time, Lin Dong has the opportunity to do this directly for various special reasons. He is trying to take advantage of this.
For a whole month, Lin Dong was able to recover in two hours. At this time, Lin Dong finally felt almost the same. Therefore, his strength has already overflowed to a point where he is close to the state of Qitian, and he may break through at any time. If Lin Dong did not deliberately control it, he might break through one day with a slight operation.
If it weren’t for Sister Lin Dongzhen, all the drugs were already light, and she really wanted to practice for a long time, this practice was too drug-consuming. If she wanted to recover as quickly as possible, it would be impossible without huge drug support. In addition, Lin Dong also knew that those firepower of Sister must be removed as soon as possible, and once they spread, Sister would be in danger.
If these firepower are removed and there is refrigeration equipment, it is no problem to think of a way to treat my sister after a few years.
Theoretically, refrigeration equipment needs energy to run all the time, so people will have no problem, but in fact, this technology is not particularly mature, so Lin Dong will not pin all his hopes on refrigeration equipment.
Before closing for the final sprint, Lin Dong walked out of the door, and the grass was here except at rest.
"Give me your phone," said Lin Dong, reaching out at the grass.
Rui Lin had already told Xiao Cao everything before self-refrigeration. Listen to Lin Dong Xiao Cao’s habit of taking out his mobile phone, but he was just about to hand it over to Lin Dong. Xiao Cao suddenly shrank back.
"You … what are you doing?" Grass suddenly realized that it seemed that the director had done the same thing before practicing. Now Lin Dong also asked her mobile phone to make her feel fear again.
Lin Dong naturally didn’t know these things. Looking at the grass, he smiled faintly. "I knew I wasn’t lying to you. Don’t worry."
As Lin Dong’s hand moved slightly, Grass felt that when the mobile phone was lost, Lin Dong had put a group of words into Grass’s mobile phone.
"Are you going to make a breakthrough, too?" Grass is a little embarrassed after hearing what Lin Dong said, but after all, she is a professional soldier and speaks to the point.
"If I haven’t come out in five days, please call this message and let her come here to deal with everything." Lin Dong said and returned Xiaocao’s mobile phone to her without saying much and turned back.
I have made so many preparations and my sister attacked Lin Dong once earlier, but I still have some confidence and grasp, but it is impossible to say that it is 100%. In this case, we must reserve some means to attack the other way, but if it is really possible, there will still be someone to take care of the sister.
I didn’t pay attention to the grass behind me and told Lin Dong to enter the room directly. First, I went to the freezer and looked at the kiddo lying inside.
"Elder sister, you have already tried something dangerous in front of you. You want to help us do it first. Now it’s your turn, bro. I’m coming. Look at it," said Lin Dong and turned back to the practice room.
Sit slowly and let yourself calm down quickly, no matter what you do before, what you think, what you consider, and worry that it has all disappeared at the moment. All this has become a spirit in Lin Dong’s heart at the moment, and he will sink into his consciousness.
When my body and mind are integrated, my mind moves and my strength runs quickly. Lin Dong finally.
Lin Dong’s strength, mind, movement and power immediately surge, running like a rolling flood. running all the way’s instantaneous power directly reaches its peak and rushes directly to that obstacle.
"Boom …" Lin Dong felt that the first operation of the body’s shock strength immediately broke through the thin film of the people’s extreme limit and the Monkey State.
Then, more meridians in the body are more spacious, and new body strength changes appear one after another. From the moment when people break through to the realm of Qitian, there is a feeling that a person comes out of the mountain village and sees the city in general, but at the same time, he vaguely feels that the city is just a county seat.
I vaguely know that the world is very big, and it will be even bigger with exploration, but even the county town is much bigger than the former small mountain village.
It’s too easy. Lin Dong himself didn’t expect it to be so easy. It’s just a slight operation shock. He immediately set foot on the monkey realm, but it’s normal to think about it. Lin Dong has a strength comparable to that of the average person at the moment, about seven times, and his body is even more earth than strength, and it contains some heaven and earth forces. It’s not difficult to break through.
It’s too easy to give people an unreal feeling. Soon, the body meridians are stable, and Lin Dong slowly opens his eyes. He has reached the realm of Qi Tian. He has reached the peak and can’t increase his strength. Finally, he has a new display, just like a trapped shallow water dragon returning to the sea. However, Lin Dong’s heart is afraid to relax and enter the realm of Qi Tian. Lin Dong is not worried about the fact. If it is not for that special curse, the Lins can impact people. There are quite a few people.
"Will it be so easy?" Lin Dong said to himself, thinking of what his sister had done, he also slowly raised his palm to trigger the fire of heaven and earth.
Instant fire palm condenses to form a flame.
"Boom …" When Lin Dong drives the earth fertility, the power in the body meridians is like joining a high-power engine, and gasoline is generally directly boiled up.
As Lin Dong’s body strength boiled, Lin Dong realized that his body had undergone amazing changes. His body blood seemed to boil, and his muscles and bones exploded one after another. This was not the most terrible thing, and finally a special force was generated in the new meridians operated by his body strength, which was rapidly operating and constantly absorbing the forces of heaven and earth around him.
"Come" Lin Dong heart move immediately sat down to prepare for the fight.
Surging fire into the body if the average person has long been frightened and scared, but Lin Dong has long been used to it. He has to be cautious when facing the speed and huge amount of fire.
This is two or three times stronger than the usual self-firing, and there is no sign of stopping at present. This is really troublesome, thinking that Lin Dong is trying to control his physical strength, and he will be sure if he can control his own strength.
Good fetal breathing is very special, even if the external forces of heaven and earth are not integrated into the power, it is difficult to influence him. Lin Dong will soon control the riot itself.
It’s like the confrontation between the two armies, and finally there is a soldier here. First, Lin Dong tries to control the firepower that pours into his body, and then he protects some important body organs.
"Wow … wow … Peng Peng …" Lin Dong’s body is like a bomb, and the blood flow has come to a rolling wave, while the changes in muscles and bones have come to explode.
There is also a lot of pressure in this respect, and the body suddenly changes like this. If Lin Dong’s body is not strong enough, the blood impact and physical changes alone will make him lose consciousness, and the force of heaven and earth will continue to enter the body.
The scene of blood rushing like a tsunami and flesh chirping like a thunderbolt is beyond normal imagination. These two changes of the body gradually expand and attract more severe pain than Lin Dongqian’s constant self-torture and the introduction of heaven and earth forces. These changes would have made people faint with pain.
Insist on Lin Dong gritting his teeth, forcibly holding back the pain and abnormal physical changes, and at the same time making his strength resist the incoming fire to avoid being burned to ashes by the fire.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but Lin Dong finally gradually controlled the fire, and the sound of his body finally stopped. At this moment, Lin Dong felt that his strength was running slightly and he immediately rose a lot.
This rising speed is too fast, and the perception of the surrounding heaven and earth forces is much stronger than before. Even if the body firepower has just become stronger, it has become less threatening in front of the body. Although it was dangerous just now, it could be fatal at any time, but at this time Lin Dong knew that he had finally passed the most dangerous time.