Only a few soldiers and tactical mecha are equipped with flamethrowers, and those in black who are burnt to coke by flamethrowers show no signs of resurrection.

But at this point, these men in black seem to be better than eroding the seeds.
Some eagle-eyed soldiers have discovered this. After they "kill" a man in black, they will throw the other person’s body into the fire before the resurrection of the other party. The burnt smell of protein has filled the battlefield and even drowned the smell of smoke and blood.
Stop lifting Koran so fast that it can almost produce ghosting that it pulls out a waist large caliber pistol and forcibly plunges the muzzle into the mouth of a man in black and pulls the trigger.
The bullet directly took away the other side’s second half, splashing blood and brains directly on Kelan’s mask and clothes-Zeluo came to want a barrier to help Kelan block these filth, but Kelan once again motioned for her not to make strength.
"The undead crew will definitely stare at this battlefield and find a way to get to the giant roots. We should pretend to be ordinary soldiers as much as possible," said Kelan, who can only hear the volume.
"Ordinary soldiers don’t have the same reaction speed as you just now," Zeluo said with a straight face.
"Er … it’s normal to have some high-level reinforcement people in elite force, so just don’t be too eye-catching," Kelan said.
Just when the two men kept shooting at the surrounding men in black with their backs, a tactical mecha "Tiger Hunters" painted in a very inconspicuous iron gray tore up the heavy encirclement and gathered around them.
In the first batch of troops, there were no Kelan and Zeluo, and valentina, who was driving this "tiger hunter"-feng han refused to let her come to the pool, but valentina insisted on participating in the assault pool. feng han couldn’t help but she could agree.
Although the shell of this tactical mecha is a "tiger hunter", the real parts of its structure are all custom-made high-end accessories. Leighton has spare time to assemble a "big toy" himself on weekdays. Because the blasphemer’s goal is too obvious, this body was temporarily lent to valentina.
"We are going to move due west," Clan shouted at Tiger Hunter. "There should be a vertical passage for helicopters to land directly on the first apron!"
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-seven Refueling tactics
"Received" valentina boring turning machine shelled and smashed two men who rushed to the near side and tried to attack Kelan with tentacles. Two men in black took the lead in moving closer to the west side.
Koran and ze no two people are followed by valentina mecha to a small-scale "step temple collaboration" while killing nearby men in black and moving towards the target position.
"The three of them finally met." Looking at the battlefield pool all the time, feng han was relieved. "The most dangerous battle plan at this stage is to watch them land successfully during the landing process. I have been hanging on my heart and I have put half of it."
"You’re too early to relax …" The hound shook his head and said that he didn’t agree with Chi feng han’s statement. "These men in black are undead crew members, and even the elite monsters are not troublesome. What’s more, you are not a blasphemer this time as your baby daughter Xiao Na. The mecha is a big toy that Leighton has come up with himself … To be honest, I suggest you prepare yourself …"
"All right, I know you don’t say it … you’re the one who has this mouth and tide wait for no man. You upset people in the army in those days, even if you set up a strengthening company." Chi feng han glanced at the hound and said angrily, "I have a better temper and won’t dispute with you."
"A strengthening company? Then you also underestimate me. A strengthening camp is almost the same. "The hound waved his hand." Don’t think that I am ugly. The truth is not good. It’s all rhetoric … Those people say beautiful things on the surface and sometimes how to calculate you secretly. "
"Alas, you … forget it, your emotional intelligence is too low to talk to you." Chi feng han turned his attention back to the screen again. "Leighton, is your body reliable?"
"I have personally played several times and I can wrestle with mass-produced Augustus. If I can change the new framework, I should be able to press Augustus to fight, but if I change the new framework, I can’t fit into the tiger hunter’s shell." Leighton said confidently, "Even the current military active mecha, even those ace pilots, can’t compare with me in terms of performance and reliability."
"That’s natural. This thing is that your fucking money is piled up … if it weren’t for the cash that has become waste paper, I would have called you a loser." The hound vomited.
"But there is a saying that the number of these men in black is too large … it is simply pouring out, and those men in black who have been killed will become monsters after resurrection if they can’t burn their bodies when they are killed, which is even more difficult than before." Leighton said with a frown.
There are already several places that can’t bear the pressure,’ Ivan said.’ The proportion of casualties in the army has exceeded 30%. Now, either put all the troops together to help Kelan and them make a breakthrough; Either invest in the second batch of troops. "
"Can’t (so no! ) ….. If all the troops are in the middle of Kelan’s side, the goal and intention will be too obvious. "Hound and Chi feng han unanimously rejected the first proposal. The two men looked at each other, and the latter continued to say," Now we can refuel the tactics and put down the troops in batches to fight a war of attrition with those men in black as much as possible to stabilize the position and then try to break through from multiple directions, so as to cover Kelan’s actions. Secondly, we can collect more information to pave the way for the subsequent general assault. "
"Oil tactics …" Ivan bit his lip and didn’t continue to talk.
Many non-professional "Civil Tactics Forum" refueling tactics have always been regarded as "one of the stupidest tactics". The so-called refueling tactics are to divide troops into small-scale units and put them into the battlefield in batches. Before a batch is almost consumed, putting it into a batch is like constantly refueling oil lamps, hence the name.
There is another nickname for refueling tactics, which means "Huluwa saves Grandpa", which means queuing up one by one to deliver people’s heads. Literally, refueling tactics really belong to the taboo.
In modern war theory, there is a differential equation group called Lanchester Equation, which is specially used to calculate the changes of the strength and fighting capacity of the warring parties and their influence on the trend of the war situation. It takes a lot of words to explain this equation group, but if we want to briefly introduce the language to sum up a conclusion, it is that "the superior forces in finite sum can strike the enemy with decisive advantages and accumulate these advantages continuously, thus leading the whole war situation to victory"
Even if there is a big gap between the total strength of the warring parties, such as 1 million to 500,000, if these 500,000 people can find ways to gain their local battlefield strength advantage by sneak attack, ambush, etc., it will have a significant impact on the whole battle-whether it is from the strength difference, logistics materials, position division or army morale, the balance of victory will gradually tilt towards the side that achieves a small-scale tactical goal.
When this influence accumulates to a certain extent, quantitative change will lead to qualitative change, thus giving birth to the miracle of "weak wins over strong"
The famous "Guandu War" in the Three Kingdoms period in the old era is a very typical example.
However, it is not a stupid choice to refuel in all cases-sometimes it will become the optimal solution of the battle plan.
Just like now.
The energy shield gap is not very big, and the platform of the ruins is wide, but many places are blocked by the firepower of men in black. It is necessary to break through those lines of defense by weaving in a roundabout way, knock off the firepower points, and invest a large number of troops at one time. Not only can it not help the superior forces to defeat the men in black, but it will also be limited and the troops of the exhibition will be attacked by the other side’s heavy firepower weapons
As the situation plunged into a state of anxiety, the crew members’ meeting also put "heavy weapons" into the battlefield-in addition to those cannon fodder men in black, there were many giants with heavy armor and a height of more than ten meters who joined the battlefield
These giants don’t wave sticks and tomahawks like giants in online games. They have a 25mm caliber air cannon, seven 100kg bullet chain boxes hanging directly from their belts and carrying a large bundle of rocket launchers behind them … It’s a humanoid tank!
After these giants joined the battlefield, the casualties of the troops dropped sharply. Several places had been firmly settled and the positions were taken back by the enemy. The remaining soldiers were able to fight and retreat and slowly move closer to each other.
"Things are a little bad," whispered Kelan. "This is the opposite of our tactical goal …"
Ke Lan’s plan is to disperse all the descending troops and attack them everywhere. The center of the landing site will be pushed in all directions, and the positions coming out from behind can be reserved for the second batch of descending troops to exhibit. But now the first batch of descending troops should be radially exhibited, but their activities are still getting smaller and smaller, and they will be surrounded by the enemy.
Kelan, the three of them do have the strength to break through the encirclement, but if all of them are suppressed, the three of them will be killed on a roll, which is a bit too conspicuous. Even if the undead crew are stupid, they can see that there is something wrong with them.
"What should I do? Are we going back to the friendly forces? " Valentina asked.
"Huiyuan" Kelan nodded. "Give priority to those giants!"
Two people a mecha suddenly slowed down the speed of advance and soon disguised as a pair of blocked appearance slowly back.
The last "outstanding point" of the first batch of troops also shrank back, and the whole landing position was gradually squeezed into a circle.
A giant threw away his ammunition, and the aircraft gun strode towards the position of lowering troops. As it ran, it picked up the rocket launcher behind it without aiming, so it pulled the trigger in a general direction, fired one shot and lost one, and it took less than half a minute to light up the rocket launcher behind it.