He turned his head a little bit and looked at Shen Yan with an ugly expression. "Shen, Teacher Shen, what did you just say?"

Shen Yan couldn’t help laughing and said, "I said I had already arrived."
"How early, how early …"
"Well … just when you were just chased by her"
It’s over! It’s over!
Liu Yuan was stupid when he was just chased. Isn’t that to say that Shen Yan saw his scene like calling Qiling’s mother?
"By the way, you did a good job. When I came in, I carried the recorder with me because I wanted to record the secret situation. When I met the descendants of the silver-level beast, I was still alive. You will be blessed when you go back. The battle camp and the school will focus on cultivating you."
M also has a recorder … I’m innocent!
Liu yuan suddenly want to cry almost a mouthful of asthma not to faint directly.
He couldn’t believe that looking at Shen Yan turned out that the other party was looking at himself Gherardini.
It is obvious that Shen Yan said this on purpose, because even before Liu Yuan’s performance, he felt a little … too interesting.
Liu Yuan suddenly faded like a leaking balloon …
He walked to a tree with his eyes like a walking corpse.
Turn your back on the two people and keep banging your head against the tree, as if it were the only way to make him forget his memory.
Some people died at the age of seventeen, but they were buried at the age of seventy.
Liu Yuan feels that he can save the process of living for 53 years and bury it directly.
Qi Ling wanted him to die physically, but Teacher Shen Yan wanted him to die socially!
Tired, destroy, and hurry …
Chapter 36 Gold pet beast strength
A great man who gave up medicine and went to literature once said that some people died, but some people lived, but they didn’t live.
Liu Yuan feels that she is like this now.
Once let Shen Yan put himself just to Qi Ling for mercy and watch out, one of his own people is not dead, but it is not much different from death.
At the thought of this, Liu Yuan looked at Shen Yan’s eyes and suddenly became’ gloomy’.
For a moment, Liu Yuan thought of a hundred ways to "cover up the criminals and destroy the bodies"
Considering the huge gap between himself and Shen Yan, Liu Yuan finally gave up the idea.
I can’t help it. He also wants to’ leave an innocent person’, but his strength is not allowed!
When Lu Yuan fell into deep self-doubt for fear of social death
After seeing Shen Yan appear, Qi Ling suddenly wanted to kill Liu Yuan again, which was impossible.
She turned and ran without hesitation.
"Want to run?"
See qi clever Shen Yan face disdainful expression.
"A Fire Lava Hell"
The fire orangutan immediately smashed his hands when he heard this.
The five-meter-high fire orangutan on the hard ground suddenly broke into several cracks.
These cracks have been spreading towards Qiling and Shadow Kirin at an amazing speed.
Almost instantly, the enlightenment was completely covered.
Not only that, these cracks appear together, but also horrible magma
In a flash, a lava hell covering more than 50 meters appeared.
In the early lava hell, there was instant inflammation, and another pet animal brought the landing source and Tam to Ann.
Liu Yuan’s face was full of shock before looking at the horrible magma hell.
Change the environment overnight. Is this the strength of the golden pet beast?
The shadow Kirin, which was very powerful in the eyes of the original land source, immediately became weak when facing the lava hell of the fire orangutan.
It tried to escape by spraying magma, but the magma was not only fast but also amazing, which made it have to find a way to resist.
But in this way, its escape speed has also been delayed
"Lu Yuan, do you know the difference between a gold pet beast and his pet beast?"
Lu Yuan was stunned and then looked at Shen Yan’s consciousness and asked, "What is it?"
"It’s the environment"
Shen Yan pointed to the lava hell holding up the shadow Kirin and beat the fire orangutan lightly and said
Lu Yuan immediately looked carefully and soon discovered the uniqueness of the fire orangutan’s fighting style.
That is, every attack by the fire orangutan is even more powerful than the Tam explosive bomb.
But these attacks in the perception of land resources are nothing to the consumption of fire orangutans.
The reason is that the engraved gas contains the spirit of violent fire.
Environment …’
Liu Yuan pondered Shen Yan’s speech.
Shen Yan didn’t disturb Liu Yuan and let him understand for himself.
Soon Liu Yuan’s eyes lit up.
"Mr. Shen Yan, you mean that gold pet animals can change their surroundings and create a battlefield suitable for them, right?"
"That’s right"
Shen Yanxiao nodded his head and said, "This ability is the field in the words of our Golden Beastmaster."
"Only a pet beast with a gold level can create a field."
Hearing this, Liu Yuan’s eyes at the fire orangutan suddenly became complicated.
Field …
It seems that this is more like’ weather tactics’ in Poké mon in past lives than a field.
Help some specific skills to create a suitable fighting environment.
For example, a flying god beast’ sunny day’
I also saw with my own eyes that Liu Yuancai’s white gold royal beast division had such a high social status after the gold pet beast battle.
This destructive power has the ability to change the direction of a small-scale battlefield by itself.
Gold is so horrible. What about gold, platinum and diamonds?
Liu Yuanfa imagined how horrible it would be to pet animals of platinum and diamond level.
Destroy the city by one person? Or ….. One person to destroy a country?
It is also the reason why Liu Yuan finally wants to build walls in major cities at this moment.
If those golden beasts in the wild break into the city, the destructive power is unimaginable.
"Lu Yuan, your potential has been underestimated by everyone. Although this secret land may be a bad memory for you, I hope you can turn this experience into nutrients."