The journey so far seems to be very … smooth.

Chapter 12 Sky Fire
This feeling of’ chatting’ gradually infected the Jade Dragon and the skeleton Longhai. I always thought this way during my journey. When Lin came out, the brain worm also felt very chatting …
Although this is not the case for Lin, Lin also devoured a huge amount of plankton during the voyage of the ark. Lin found many new species that she had never seen before. It is interesting to observe them … It is a pity that other creatures can’t observe them.
"Ga …" Several jade dragons were lying on a rocky mountain. They looked at the clouds and talked about the sky at the same time. "How long have we been away?" "I don’t know" and "I don’t know where I’m going" and "I don’t seem to have anything to do now" and "I wish there were something interesting"
"Hoo …" The Jade Dragons seemed to be chatting very much when there was a roar.
"honk! What is that! " The emerald dragons lying on the rocky mountain got up quickly and saw a light suddenly appear more than 100 meters in front of the ark, and saw an object burning with flames rushing straight into the sea through the clouds.
Boom!’ At the moment it hit the sea, there was a loud noise and echoed in the air, causing waves around it. The jade dragons were scared by this and rolled down the hillside. They quickly got up and fled to the ark floor and shouted, "We were attacked! Attack! "
"Attack?" After hearing this, Susumi immediately ran to the back of the ark, looked around the sea and said, "Where to attack?"
"honk! Just now, there was a big burning thing falling. "
"It burns a lot?" Susumi wondered, "What the hell is that?"
….. What the hell is that? Is it a meteorite? Lynn noticed it a long time ago, but this thing is not very fast and doesn’t feel like a meteorite.
But there is no doubt that it is quite dangerous. Lin needs to find its source.
I think Lin hit three ark back rocky mountains, from which a large number of fliers appeared and flew rapidly to the clouds in the sky. Although Lin used to make a kind of cloud called’ Lighter’ to collect sunlight before, they have all been recovered recently, which requires the fliers to observe and know.
Moreover, Lin’s flying surface has the surface perception ability, so it is better for them to detect it.
"Sure enough, what happened …" Susumi saw a large number of fliers, and it immediately cried, "All dragons are back on the floor. We must …"
At this moment, another huge burning object appeared from the clouds, and this time it happened to appear in the square of the ark where the jade dragons were riding.
Its burning flame almost lit up the whole world, and with a strong roar, it fell vertically to the ark, and the Emerald Dragon immediately fled.
Boom! ! !’ And when this thing is hundreds of meters away from the ark, it suddenly gave a loud noise, and it melted into several pieces, and at the same time, these pieces were completely blown into smoke.
See the ark body on both sides of a large number of barrels for more than ten meters protruding from the shell on the day just appeared "meteorite" position.
"Ga …" Jade dragons breathed a sigh of relief. They did not hesitate but quickly hid in the ark floor.
Lin Shi is a double critical strike mode. Two explosive bombs simultaneously launch one explosive bomb to smash the target, while the second explosive bomb releases a large number of small tracking explosive bombs to smash the scattered fragments of the target, so as to achieve perfect defense, and no creature will be harmed by the fragments.
At the same time, a large number of fliers have flown through the cold clouds, and Lin has seen a world full of charming sunshine, where the light is quite dazzling without cloud cover, but Lin has not seen anything special.
Shout …’
At this time, Fang came again and roared to see a large number of combustibles falling from the clouds. They rushed to the ark and exploded one after another. The combustibles were blown up by bombs and many of them fell into the sea around the ark.
It seems that these things fall from the clouds? Pilots immediately flew into the clouds and searched for creatures in the clouds by sound detection.
At the same time, Lin asked some astronauts to fly to the place where the burning objects fell, and soon found these smoky things in the water. Lin found that this kind of thing seems to be something that is often seen in the mud in the sea
….. Got it!
The fliers found something in the clouds that looks like a target. This creature is quite large and has a length of more than 30 meters. Its shape is very similar to that of jellyfish. The fliers quickly flew to the place where this creature is located. This creature seems to feel something approaching. It suddenly rose in speed and rose to the clouds.
When that fly chased the cloud, the gorgeous sunshine Lin finally saw its true colors.
This is indeed a jellyfish, but it is a jellyfish subspecies to be exact.
Its skin is gray, it has a chubby figure like a jellyfish, and it has many thick tentacles.
Moreover, Lin found that this’ jellyfish’ was secreting some sticky things at the end of its tentacles. It stirred these sticky things together and rubbed them into a big ball, and then the tentacles sprayed something on the surface.
Hoo!’ At this moment, the ball burst into flames, and then the burning ball of jellyfish pine tentacles fell directly into the clouds and smashed through the clouds in the direction of the ark
The original’ meteorite’ is made of this creature? It seems that the purpose of doing this is to prey on the sample. Although Lin thinks that this predation method consumes too much and the hit rate is low, their target may not be the back of the ark … but the whole ark.
And there is more than one such creature near here.
At this time, the surrounding clouds were crowded, and more such’ jellyfish’ flew out of the clouds. Lin found that they were a huge group, and their number was sixty, which almost covered the nearby days.