"…" Aoqing

"Qing Er, you don’t want your father and mother to have grandchildren before they die, do you?" The old dragon king has a heavy face. "As you imagine, we don’t want this matter to bind you, but now there is nothing we can do to see you go your own way."
Aoqing was silent for a while.
Looked at the old dragon king know his daughter has been somewhat shaken continued
"So you can meet them first. If there is no suitable father, you don’t have to force it … if there is … or if your fate has arrived?"
"What do you say?"
"Well …" Aoqing can barely nod. "But I don’t meet everyone … so … I just brought some fellow initiates from Shenshan Mountain. They are all my spiritual strength."
"I’ll see you again if I can beat them."
"Qiong Qi, are you outside?"
"Did you hear that? Try those guys. Give me a try …!"
"No problem!"
The old dragon king frowned slightly. It’s really no worry for this daughter to grow up.
"This is my Dragon Palace. They are all invited …" The old dragon king coughed. "We’re not asking people to fight … we’re the host. Why don’t you do this?"
"There’s nothing wrong with it," Aoqing said. "Those Terran monks are just interested in my Dongling Dragon Palace power. How sincere can they be? Since it’s here, isn’t it just right to try their strength? "
"What about you?"
Aoqing wanted to think about it, and with a gentle touch of his palm, he became an ugly dragon lady.
Aoqing waved a hand and a water mirror appeared. Looking at herself in the mirror, she nodded her head with satisfaction.
"Daughter, are you so bad?" The old dragon king buckled his head and his horns were numb. "Who is watching you like this?"
"It turns out that my father is also a man who values skins. I’m going to tell my mother," Aoqing said.
"That’s not what I mean …"
"Your mother is here …" A middle-aged woman with the same dragon horn in the distance walked over angrily. "Don’t tell me. Didn’t you scare them all away like this?"
"Then I won’t come out first," Aoqing said. "Nobody knows me anyway. I’ll pretend to be a maid to look at them first."
"Eh … where did you learn all these moves?" Middle-aged men and middle-aged women look at each other with the feeling that their daughters are so difficult to deal with.
Aoqing opened his mouth …
I learned from the Great Immortal Body …
Daxian dressed up like this when she told her story …
But it’s not easy to tell your parents.
Outside …
"There are so many people …"
Aoqing walks outside.
The main hall of the Dragon Palace has been piled up with countless visitors.
"This little guy eats his heart …"
Aoqing glanced at a glance and saw the little shark lying on a table.
She came back this time with Daxian’s brother.
Daxian is naturally ignoring this brother when he is in a critical moment. He usually practices with her, and now he naturally brings it back to travel and learn.
"These humans are quite disciplined …"
Aoqing looked around and found that his father’s eyes were still good. The Terran monks who could enter the Dragon Palace were probably selected, not to mention less temperament and appearance.
"I just don’t know?"
Aoqing wanted to think and went out with a pot of Dragon Palace special fruit.
The main hall is Dongling Hailong Palace, where there are several top-ranking forces in Jiuzhou to entertain visitors. Naturally, there are still rules.
In the main hall, some rare and rare seafood dishes are put into the human world, and it is also rare to practice resources. All kinds of seafood that can increase qualifications are covered with half of the main hall
Compared with all kinds of grotesque sea people, this aspect is indeed superior.
It’s more important for the Eldar of heaven and earth, such as Zhenlong.
Demons value blood.
Of course, the real dragon is the strongest Eldar bloodline in the world. It doesn’t matter whether the other side is heavy or not.
"Daoyou, this is my Dragon Palace specialty Yuhai Frost Dragon Fruit. Would you like to try it?"
Aoqing walked in front of a Terran friar with a tray.
"Scare … why do you dragon maids look like this?" The terran monk turned around and broke out in a cold sweat. At present, the maid’s eyes are almost long to her nose, and her whole face is half twisted and scary.
"I have been suffering from a bad disease since I was a child …" Aoqing Road "Scared Taoist friends?"
"Let’s go … don’t pollute my eyes … I’ll have to wait for you Yincui gorge …" The Terran monk gave a gentle hand.
Aoqing walked by himself.
I tried several terran monks in a row, and even she seemed to dislike the fruit in her plate.
"Why is it him?"
Aoqing walked and found something. "What’s he doing here? Hum big fairy is close … But he became his brother’s companion … No wonder this man is so playboy that he was put into the bottom of the sea when he sealed the mountain of God … "
"Now I’m coming to the Dragon Palace. Do you still want to be a horse in the Dragon Palace?"
It’s funny to think of Aoqing.
Yes, the corner of the male corner in the line of sight seems to be looking down.
Looks like she didn’t remember correctly. It was the one who came to seal the mountain of God and gave it back to Daxian Zhunan. Although Daxian never said that he still kept him in Biyou Palace.
But in terms of those days when the mountain was sealed, Aoqing concluded that this man must have a very close relationship with Daxian.