"general manager Liu"

After the discussion, Zhang Yifan smiled and said to Qing Liu, "I, Han Hong and Yun Liu, the three of us, want to collect some money to represent the dragon wine in Beijing. What do you think of the conditions that our department can promise you just now?"
Hearing the name of Yun Liu, Qing Liu was surprised and glanced at Yun Liu curiously. "Sister Yun Liu, do you also plan to invest in one?"
Yun Liu smiled and the whole box seemed to light up. She said slowly, "I can’t make money very hard. I have worked hard for so many years to save these possessions. Qing Liu, my happiness in the second half is counting on you." She chuckled.
"Sister Yun Liu, if you want to say so, then I can really promise to come?"
Qing Liu joked that "the happiness of the second half of your life has covered me."
"Hehe, you want to be beautiful!"
Yun Liu realized that she had just spoken a little vaguely. She glanced at Angelababy beside Liu Qing and said, "Be careful of someone’s mind. Hehe, I said that happiness in the second half is money happiness!"
Angelababy qiao face cried a slight red without saying anything.
"Ha ha Yun Liu elder sister that I can’t give you a guarantee"
Qing Liu hey hey smiled and said, "OK, then give you the agent of Kyoto Dragon Wine. After the annual performance, come to our company and let’s sign a contract."
"Thank you, Mr. Liu."
Zhang Yifan smell speech cried overjoyed. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. He thought there might be some kung fu.
In fact, Qing Liu also has his own ideas. Compared with ordinary people, Zhang Yifan and others have the title of "star". In popular words, this is called bringing their own aura and can also receive some advertisements for Longjing.
In addition, Kyoto city can be described as Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. Zhang Yifan can know that "Dragon wine saves lives" proves that he is also very well informed.
Summarize these scattered clues, and Qing Liu made it and promised to give Zhang Yifan and others the opportunity to represent Longjiu …
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen You have become a shareholder.
This meal is a feast for both sides.
As it was day to rehearse and get familiar with the stage venue, Qing Liu left after dinner.
Angelababy sent him to the outside of the hotel and reluctantly waved goodbye until the car went away, and she still stood there motionless.
"What are Xiao Ni still looking at?"
Suddenly a voice sounded from behind and startled Angelababy.
"Sister, you almost scared me to death!"
I turned around and saw the smiling Liu Yun Yang Ying patting her chest and saying, "You don’t know that people are scary?"
"Ha ha, I know someone has already left, and there is a fool here watching their backs!"
Yun Liu chuckled.
Angelababy Qiao face is a little red, and she Chen said, "If you laugh at me like this, I won’t say anything with you."
"How can I laugh at you?" Yun Liu smile happily came and took Angelababy’s arm and laughed. "Come on, let’s go. It’s so cold. Go back to your room."
Back in the room, it’s warm and warm. It seems that people feel like they’re back in summer. Take off their thick coats. Angelababy stretched out and showed a perfect curve to change clothes. Yun Liu said, "Sister, why do you think of investing in dragon wine agents?"
Indeed, today, Liu Yun’s move made Angelababy somewhat puzzled.
"Why not do anything to make money?"
Yun Liu smiled and asked Angelababy, "You don’t think I can always be as popular as I am now, do you?"
"Why not?"
Angelababy smiled and said, "I think you can be red until you are ten years old."
"Don’t flatter" Yun Liu rolled his eyes and smiled. "Don’t say that you are ten years old, even if you are sixty years old, you will become an old woman. Who else will like it?"
"Who said that?"
Angelababy smiled and leaned over to hold Yun Liu’s arm and said, "Sister, you are so beautiful. Even at the age of 60, you are a beautiful old lady who still charms thousands of fans."
"Yo-ho, has your mouth become so sweet today?" Yun Liu laughed. "What do you think? You feel better when you see your sweetheart? It’s like eating honey. I don’t even know you. It’s like a different person! "
Angelababy changed the subject and said, "Sister, aren’t you afraid of losing money when you invest more than 10 million yuan?"
"Why? Are you so pessimistic about Liu Qinglong wine? "
Liuyun smiled and sat by the bed, smoothed her broken hair and said to Angelababy seriously, "I tell you, Zhang Yifan is not as famous as he used to be in recent years, but this man is very good at investing and doing business, and this guy is well-informed. As far as I know, he has really not lost money on his investment in recent years."
"So powerful?"
Angelababy stared at her beautiful eyes and said in surprise, "Then why does he come out to perform if he makes so much money?"
"I mean he didn’t lose money and didn’t say he made a lot of money!"
Yun Liu cried and said, "He has been involved in the investment industry for a lot in recent years. Although he didn’t lose money, he didn’t make a lot of money. It can be said that he made some small money. However, this person didn’t make a lot of money because of the wrong time. In addition, I am very optimistic about Liu Qinglong wine."
"Former Jinlong wine is said that the market has always been in short supply and is out of stock. I have long heard Zhang Yifan tell me that he had seen it in Weibo before. I once recommended him to Liu Qingqing Jing Xiang Shui. Qing Liu and I were good. Before the award ceremony, he asked me privately to contact him and Qing Liu to see if I could get a dragon wine agent."
"You also know that I don’t know Liu Qinggen very well or I didn’t know him until you did, so I refused Zhang Yifan’s request. Later, Qing Liu asked me to invite some friends, and I thought of Zhang Yifan’s opportunity to let them meet and talk about this matter."
"I made an agreement with Zhang Yifan before, and this time I also want to buy shares, because Qing Liu went to CCTV this time and took the advertisement of the famous king. By the year, I think the reputation of Longjiu can definitely be further improved, and I think this business should not lose money."
With these words, Yun Liu took a long breath, touched Angelababy’s face and smiled. "Sister, in the eyes of ordinary people and fans, we look radiant, but in fact, in private, we know our own situation. Artists make money, which is the most popular in recent years. After these years, they really can’t make any money. It is also the day after tomorrow to find an investment to make money."
"I see."
Angelababy nodded, and it is true that Yun Liu said that it makes sense to get ready before spending a hundred days.
Yun Liu thought carefully and said, "I know you like Qing Liu, but you are too shy. If you like it, you should take the initiative to pursue it boldly. You can’t always wait for others to take the initiative! Especially Qing Liu, a young man who fought with his bare hands, I don’t know how many women took the initiative to chase him. You have to hurry. "
"Sister, what are you talking about?"
Angelababy qiao face cried the red embarrassed bowed their heads and said, "I won’t take the initiative …"
"All right, then. Whatever."
Liu Yun smiled and said, "Sleep if you are sleepy. You have to go to the venue for rehearsal tomorrow."
Lying in the dark for a short time, Angelababy heard Yun Liu breathing evenly next to her, but she tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Her mind was full of Yun Liu’s words just now, so she should take the initiative to pursue boldly and wait for others to take the initiative. That can’t be done.
She admit in her heart that Yun Liu was right.
But if Yang Ying takes the initiative, she doesn’t know what to do.
In a daze, I don’t know when I slept. The next day, Yun Liu woke her up. "Get up, lazy pig. We’re ready to clean up and go to the venue for rehearsal."
"So early?"
Angelababy rubbed his eyes and yawned.
"It’s getting late."
As soon as Yun Liu’s words fell outside, there was a knock at the door. "Are you ready, Miss Yun Liu?" It’s a feminine sound.
Angelababy hurriedly jumped out of bed and cleaned up a dozen doors slightly. There were two young girls outside.
"Hello, Miss Angelababy"
Chen Xiaoyun said with a smile, "I’m Shenlong Company, which is responsible for receiving you this time. Chen Xiaoyun, this is our company’s manager Wang." She pointed to Wang Jing beside her, highlighting her identity. She specially added, "Wang is always the only shareholder who owns shares in the company except Liu Zong."
"Is it you?"
Angelababy looked at Wang Jing and was stunned. He immediately came to his senses and smiled. "Wang Jing, do you have shares?" It is better for her to chat with Wang Jing and Mu Yurou at an annual meeting. What I remember is that Wang Jing has been a shareholder for a long time?
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen What
"Hehe, all shareholders are forced to give me shares by Qing Liu."
Wang Jing walked over and said, "It’s been a long time since Angelababy. You are getting more and more beautiful. I also went to the cinema to watch the performance. It was really good." She took Angelababy’s hand affectionately.